Why are Luxury Designer Handbags so Expensive?

Anyone who has checked the prices of luxury designer handbags must have noticed that these specially crafted handbags don’t come cheap. If you thought your $300 Michael Kors was expensive, wait till you check the prices of handbags from top designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. In this article, let’s find out exactly why luxury designer handbags are so expensive. And more importantly, is it even worth spending your hard-earned cash on these handbags.

why-designer-handbags-expensive-bagskingdomDesigner handbags from luxury bag brands are costly for more than one reason. But it’s not just the brand name that makes these designer handbags so expensive. You have to realize that these companies don’t compromise in any way when they are designing a new handbag. The designers are paid extremely well and the raw materials come from the best of sources.

And you also pay for exclusivity. Would you buy a Chanel or Hermès handbag if everyone around you carried it too? Certainly not! When you buy a designer handbag from a luxury brand, you can rest assured that your neighbor next door won’t be carrying it too.

While many of you may not be aware, many designer handbags appreciate in value over time. And even if yours doesn’t, you can rest assured that your designer handbag will last for a very long time and will commend a really good resale value.

Here are 5 reasons why Luxury Designer Handbags are so expensive:

1) Brand name and Exclusivity

why-designer-handbags-expensive-high-price-bagskingdomI can give a thousand reasons why designer handbags are as expensive as they are. But the No.1 reason why they are so expensive is because of the brand name. It may sound stupid to you but people prefer designer handbags from brands that are really expensive.

When people shop for designer bags, they want it to be exclusive. You don’t want to buy a designer backpack and later find that everyone in your neighborhood has one too! The simplest way to make handbags exclusive is to price them high- like really really high! That way, the customers of such premium handbag bags can stay assured that only a select few will be clinging those handbags with them.

In the luxury designer handbag world, it is not unusual to see limited-edition handbags being offered by big brands. Such handbags are made in very limited numbers and carry a very high sticker price. And these are the kinds of bags that sell really well! The buyer can not only flaunt about her bag being exclusive but also resale it at a very high price. Currently, one rare Hermes bag is selling for a whopping $125,825.

2) Use of High-quality Authentic Materials


When big-name brands make designer handbags, they don’t skimp on quality. The brand value and reputation are way more important to these brands than shaving off $2 or $3 here and there. So, when they manufacture a designer handbag, they make sure all the materials used in the making are of high-quality.

Unlike cheap handbags that are produced in mass quantity in China, these designer handbags are handcrafted (at least a portion of the process is hand-done) and are checked for quality in various steps of the manufacturing process. The raw materials are tested and validated before they are put to use.

The stitching in these handbags is precise, the zips are of the best quality and the leather used is almost always 100% genuine leather. The most expensive handbags use leather from rare animal skins which further raises the cost of the handbag.

Brands are very selective and they only pick designers that are the best in the business. You will have to understand designers who make handbags for brands like Gucci and Prada are paid a lot! A lot of that cost is transferred to the customers. No wonder that designer handbags are so expensive.

3) Luxury handbags appreciate in value

A lot of you may not know this but designer handbags appreciate in value! Not all of them but many of them do. I remember my friend sold her Gucci (bought for $1500) for $1700 after using it for 3 years! You might not be so lucky but unlike 99% of generic handbags that end up in a landfill after you are done using it, designer handbags hold value even after years of use!

And if you own a limited-edition designer handbag, chances are, you will be able to sell the handbag for more than you paid for it originally. Be sure to check for deals on handbags so that you get a better value when you finally decide to get rid of it.

4) Customer support and Aftersales service

One of the perks of buying a designer handbag from a luxury brand is the excellent aftersales support. Have any issues with your fancy new purchase? Just talk to the customer representatives and they will have your issue sorted in no time.

Have a read to this reply from Kate Spade bag which I found at bradsdeals.com. The author wasn’t satisfied with her new purchase and wrote a mail to the company and this is the reply she got.

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for writing to us. We are terribly sorry for your disappointment with your kate spade new york bag.

Unfortunately, this particular item is no longer in stock to replace for you. Our sincere apologies.

In this case, we would be happy to offer you a kate spade gift card for $223.10.

I have heard such stories before and it’s completely believable. Brands who really value their customers go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. For example, just a year ago, Apple replaced the screen and the housing of my MacBook Pro 2014 for free just because I called and told them I had taken complete care of my laptop and had it in a laptop sleeve since day one. They didn’t question my reasoning and quickly started the replacement procedure without taking a penny from me.

In conclusion, big brands will offer good customer service that will leave you satisfied with your purchase long after you pay for it.

5) 100s of years of Elite History

louis-vuitton-history-expensive-handbagsBrands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Cartier were established long before we were even born. These brands, when founded, served the French royal court and supplied bags and accessories to an elite group of people.

Later, the fashion house artisans made such bags exclusively for notable and wealthy American families. Unlike today where most handbags are treated as mere fashion accessories, back in the day, these bags once bought would be used for a lifetime.

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The designer handbags from premium luxury brands are more than just a fashion accessory. They reflect your sophistication and elitism. All these things considered, people are willing to pay a premium for these gorgeous designer handbags.

Where can I get deals on designer handbags?

This is one question that we get asked all the time! And the answer to this question is a little tricky. There are so many brands that sell designer handbags and everyone has their own discount schemes. And a few don’t have a sale on their products.

You should bookmark your brand of choice and check out its official website frequently to get deals and updates. If your brand of choice is offering a newsletter, make sure to sign up for that. Many times we see brands offering sample sale of their new products. You can grab great deals if you are able to get items in one of these sales.

However, don’t expect exclusive handbags from a premium brand to ever go on sale. These brands don’t want to disappoint the customers who have already bought the handbag and definitely don’t want to make their designer offering ‘common’. Luxury designer handbags are expensive not only because brands want them to be expensive but also because customers want the same.

Should you buy designer handbags in full-price?

If you are buying an expensive designer handbag, yes, it’s worth buying it in full-price. However, it will be smarter to see if the item you are planning to buy has even gone on sale before. If it has, it’s better for you to wait. If not, just go ahead and buy it! We have seen Kate Spade and MK go on sale but brands like Prada and Gucci rarely go on sale, especially for their high-end premium bags.

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  1. Where can I buy one of these bags in second-hand market?

  2. I also want to buy bags in second-hand market.

  3. Most of the designer handbags are overpriced because of their brand name. You can easily buy a high quality leather handbag from any other reputable shop or outlet. I got a leather handbag from Raviani 2 years ago and it is still in good shape

  4. Correct, way overpriced. Not worth the cash. Ridiculous. Even though i can buy one of these brands, I refuse to pay outrageous prices. It does not make me happy to buy a Gucci bag.

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