Which backpack does Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) carry?

mkbhd-backpackIf you are wondering which backpack Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD dailies, you are not alone. Unless you have prying eyes, chances are, you have missed the backpacks he uses (mostly featured in his ‘What’s in my Tech Bag’ YouTube videos). However, rest assured that we have got it covered. In this article, we will be going through the backpack that Marques carries, the price of the backpacks, their features, and more. So, let’s get to it.

As a Tech Youtuber who carries thousands of dollars worth of gear in his backpack, it’s not surprising to assume that MKBHD carries expensive backpacks. Thankfully, that’s not always the case. Some of the backpacks he carries are quite affordable- for general people like you and me.

When Marques is out for a short trip where carrying a lot of camera gear isn’t necessary, he gets away with just a Hershel backpack. However, if he is attending events such as CES, he carries a larger backpack- a Think Tank backpack to be specific.

MKBHD Backpacks of Choice

  • Hershal Backpack
  • Think Tank Photo Backpack
  • Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2

In addition to carrying a Hershal backpack and Think Thank Backpack, Marquess Brownlee also uses the recently launched Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2. He loved the Peak Design backpack so much that he explicitly said that the V2 version of the Everday backpack is his favorite backpack of all time.

Now that you know what bags MKBHD actually carries, let’s know a little more about the backpack themselves. Let’s start with the Hershal Backpack.

Hershal Backpack


Source: MKBHD Twitter

If you loved the Herschel backpack that you see in MKBHD videos now and then, you will be very glad to know that it isn’t all very expensive. In fact, it’s quite cheap considering that it’s a backpack from a reputed brand.

The exact model of the backpack that MKBHD carries is Pop Quiz Backpack. This backpack is priced under $80 and is available in a whopping 51 color options. A few of them have design patterns too.

The backpack has a minimal unisex design. If you are a tech guy/girl, you will be happy to know that there’s a padded laptop compartment on the inside. Thanks to this feature, you won’t have to carry an extra laptop sleeve on you.

This MKBHD approved Herschel backpack can house a laptop up to 15-inch. However, the 16-inch MacBook Pro fits in the backpack without an issue. In addition to that, you will be able to store all your laptop accessories in the backpack comfortably. An iPad Pro 12.9 can also fit inside the laptop compartment alongside the laptop.

One of the reasons why Marquee went with this backpack has to be the detail in internal organizers. There’s a front pocket with clever organizers as well as a key clip. There’s a dedicated sunglass compartment too. This compartment is fleece lined.

That’s not all. You will also find a dedicated pocket (with a headphone port) where you can place your smartphone.

Given all the features and minimal design, it’s no wonder why Marques Brownlee chooses this Herschel backpack over the rest.

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Think Tank Photo Airport Security 3.0 Carry On

Unless you are a photographer or a videographer, you really shouldn’t be looking at this Think Tank Carry On. This backpack is strictly designed for travel and is too large for everyday use.

MKDHD uses this Think Tank Camera bag specifically for traveling when he has to attend events such as CES and Mobile World Congress.

If you are wondering what all this backpack can hold, we have got you covered:

  1. Two Full-Frame DSLR with grips attached
  2. Two-Four additional full-frame lens
  3. 16-inch Laptop and 11-inch iPad Pro
  4. Notebooks and other smaller accessories

As was the case with Herschel backpack, the Think Tank backpack also features a padded laptop compartment- a feature you mostly find in dedicated laptop bags.

Not only that, but the company also has a dedicated padded compartment for storing your iPad too. Neat!

As this carry-on is designed with travel in mind, you get a TSA-approved zipper lock for the main compartment. So, you won’t be needing an extra TSA approved lock while you travel.

And for creators such as Marquess Brownlee, there’s a tripod mount pocket on the side which can house even larger video-camera tripods.

This backpack is quite modular. It features user-replaceable retractable handles, wheel housing, front foot as well as replaceable wheels.

While all of these features sound great, you will have to understand that you pay quite a hefty price to get all these features. As of today, you will be spending north of $400 to make this MKBHD certified Think Tank Camera bag yours.

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Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2


The Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2 is the latest backpack in Marques Brownlee backpack arsenal. It’s also his favorite backpack of all time. And it’s one backpack that you will see a lot of tech Youtubers carry. In a minute, you will tell why.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is specifically designed for easy access with superior protection in mind. The bag revolves around the idea of proper organization and use of space.

One of the reasons why MKBHD likes the Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2 has to be its interior organization features. The backpack can house most 15-16″ laptops with ease. There are 3 configurable FlexFold dividers that help divide the backpack into multiple compartments. You won’t need a dedicated laptop sleeve for your MacBook or any other laptop as the laptop compartment is well padded.

It’s not just the features, though. Marques Brownlee endorses the Everyday Backpack for its extremely versatile design. It’s just as comfortable to carry. And since Marques carries a lot of gear in his backpack, it’s important that the backpack is comfortable. On the back, there’s a vented mesh for proper breathing. There’s good padding on the shoulder straps too.

The backpack is also weatherproof. This has to be the single most important feature because of which the entire tech industry uses this backpack. The backpack is made out of recycled 400D nylon canvas which resists water exceptionally well.

Combine all these features and it’s not hard to see why Marques Brownlee uses this as his daily backpack. However, if you are planning to buy one, it’s worth noting that this backpack doesn’t come cheap. Currently, the Peak Design Backpack v2 is priced at $260.

So, now you know. The Hershal Backpack, Think Tank Photo, and Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2 are the three bags that Marques Brownlee uses for work and travel. 

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