What are dbrand Skins and Slickwraps Skins made up of?

Have you wondered what Slickwraps skin and brand skins are made up of? Well, you are certainly not alone. All of the Slickwraps skin and dbrand skins are made from premium Vinyl film material, the same material used to wrap cars. 

While both dbrand and Slickwraps use Vinyl film, only dbrand mentions which Vinyl film they are using on their skins. Specifically, dbrand uses 3M vinyl film on their skins. Let’s learn about it in detail.

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What is dbrand skin made up of?


dbrand skins are made from 3M vinyl film material. Thanks to the huge selection of designs and patterns, you can get dbrand skin for phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles in hundreds of variations.

Currently, you can get dbrand skin in the following designs:

  • Matrix
  • Swarm
  • Camo
  • Dragon
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Stone
  • Leather
  • Matte
  • Metal
  • True color
  • Wood

These are the different designs of skins that dbrand offers at the moment. In addition to that, there are color options available in each of the different designs. 

So, with dbrand skins, you have a lot of options available. That’s not all, though. From time-to-time, dbrand comes with limited edition skins for phones and gaming consoles. At the moment, you can get special edition Tear Down skins in collaboration with Jerry Rig Everything.

With dbrand skins, it’s not just vinyl skin that is special. The company uses patented adhesive which sticks to electronics surface really well. And when it wears or when you feel like changing it, the process of removing it is just as easy. On top of that, the adhesive used in dbrand skins is not toxic in anyways. Also, you won’t have to deal with glue adhesive with dbrand skins.

dbrand is one of the largest skin manufacturers for electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, phone accessories, and gaming consoles. As such the brand is constantly coming up with new patterns and textures for their skins. However, no matter the texture or the design option, the material used in the making of the dbrand is always 3M vinyl film.

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What material is used to manufacture Slickwraps skins?


Slickwraps skins are made out of vinyl films too. Based out of the US, all the Slickwraps skins are made in the US. Unlike dbrand where you have limited option of customization (although the options available should be more than enough for most people), you get even more options with Slickwraps skins.

Using Slickwraps DESIGN YOUR OWN feature, you can make the design of your skin your very own. Here are the following things that you can design with the Slickwraps skin configurator:

  •  Custom Photo
  • Text
  • Unique ready-made Stamps
  • Background color
  • Mix &Match

If you think this is going to be too much of a hassle, there are a plethora of options to choose from- a lot more than what dbrand has to offer. Here are the various designs that Slickwraps offers at the moment:

  • Naked Series
  • Apple Retro
  • Oil Paint
  • Iwrap series
  • Camo series
  • Marble series
  • Sticker Bomb
  • Snow Digi
  • Transparent
  • Iron Man edition
  • Anniversary edition
  • Carbon series
  • Wood series
  • Metal series
  • Color series
  • Leather series
  • Glitz series
  • Honeycomb series
  • Woven Metal series
  • Stone series
  • Share series
  • Deep Space
  • Forged Carbon
  • Charred Robot skin
  • Matrix skin
  • Slate Skin
  • Green Glow

If you think this list is a little too much, you will be surprised to learn that there’s more. Most of the aforementioned designs for different color options available. I really doubt that you will not be satisfied with what Slickwraps has to offer.

What makes Slickwraps unique is the skin manufacturing process they go through. Unlike other skin manufacturers who produce their skins in China, Slickwraps does it all in the US. All the products that Slickwraps produces, including most of the raw materials, come out of the US itself. So, they are able to maintain really high-quality control.

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What actually is Vinyl wrap used in phones and other electronics?

Interestingly enough, vinyl wraps used in phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices is the same material used in wrapping exotic cars. Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride is a type of thermoplastic that can be processed using heat. Vinyl Sheet or Vinyl Film is a thin sheet of vinyl that sticks and takes the form of electronic devices to which it is attached.

It’s also worth noting that Vinyl wrap is economical to produce and is more durable compared to other plastics. It also offers higher resistance of abrasion compared to other plastic materials.  It has multiple applications including:

  • Making phone, tablet, laptop, gaming console skins
  • Designing floor and wall graphics
  • Used for window decal
  • Used for wall art
  • Industrial application for creating labels
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dbrand vs Slickwraps: Who makes better skins?


There’s no doubt about it. dbrand and Slickwraps are two of the largest skins manufacturers in the world. You won’t go wrong with choosing either.

However, it’s worth noting that Slickwraps has a lot of skin designs and colors available. On the other hand, after-sales customer support isn’t all that great. With dbrand, you get better support but the selection of 3M vinyl skins isn’t as large. In the end, go with the brand that offers the design you really like. The price of skins from both brands is very similar. For the money, buying high-quality skins is definitely worth the money.

We also have an in-depth dbrand vs Slickwraps article where we have discussed the pros and cons of each skin brand. You may want to have a look at that before making your skin purchase.

With that we come to the end of our article on – What is the material that is used to make dbrand and Slickwraps skins? I hope you got the answer to the question you were here for. If you think this post helped, please don’t hesitate to share. Thanks for reading!

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