Can I use a Phone Skin and Phone Case Together?

We cover a lot about phone cases and phone skins in our blog. And one of the common questions that we get all the time is- Can I use a Phone Skin and a Phone Case together? And the answer is yes- you can use a phone skin and use a phone case on top of that. And it’s quite common for people to use both a phone skin and a phone case.

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Do you need a phone case if you already have a phone skin?


If you already have a dbrand skin or a Slickwraps skin on your phone, you may opt-out from getting a phone case. However, if you are like me, it makes more sense to have a spare phone case in some events. For instance, when I am going out on a run with my phone or when I am trekking, I like the extra protection that phone cases provide.

And in case you are wondering- no, phone cases don’t damage the phone skin. If you didn’t know already, phone skins are made out of 3M vinyl material which is highly resistant to scratches. So, you shouldn’t really worry about damaging the phone skin just by putting on a phone case.

But it’s worth noting that, if your phone case has a spider-web design on the inside part of the case, it may leave an imprint. This happens when you put your phone inside a phone for a really long time. If it’s just a couple of hours, you shouldn’t be worried.

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Does using both a phone case and a phone skin make your phone bulky?

Nope. If you are asking this question, you probably haven’t used a phone skin. A phone skin is really thin and barely adds bulk to the phone. So, even if you put on a phone case on top of a phone skin, you really shouldn’t be concerned. Just make sure to use a slim case while using phone skin and you are good to go.

The best combination you can go with is- a phone skin + transparent case cover. This way, you will be able to protect your phone while making it look aesthetically good.

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Should you get a Phone Case, a Phone Skin, or both?


If you aren’t able to decide between a phone case, a phone skin or getting both, this section of the article should be of help.

Who should get a Phone Case?

If you are one of the following people, getting a phone case is your safest bet:

  • Protecting the phone is your highest priority
  • Choose protection over design
  • Don’t mind the added bulk that a phone case adds

Who should get a Phone Skin?

You should be getting a phone skin if you fall under the category of people mentioned below:

  • Choose form over function
  • Don’t have a messy hand
  • Don’t link thick bulky phones
  • Like the original design of the purchased phone
  • Likes to customize the phone they carry

Who should get a Phone Case and a Phone skin?

Most people get away with just a phone case or a phone skin. However, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a phone case on top of a phone skin. I too do it’s sometimes and it’s certainly worth it.

If you are going outside your phone and don’t have any ways to protect a phone, a phone case will come very handy then. But when you are in an environment where you have total control, putting on just a phone case makes sense.

If you ask me, it all boils down to personal preference. Getting a phone case of a phone skin is a subjective matter. So, buy whatever suits your need. You can’t go wrong with getting just a phone case, a skin, or even have both of them on.

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