9 Types of Camera Bags for Mirrorless & DSLR Camera

If you are looking to buy your first camera bag or if you are looking to try new styles of camera bags, you have come to the right place. Here, we explore the 9 Types of Camera Bags for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras.

These are the most popular types of camera bags photographers carry. You should choose your camera bag on the basis of your requirement and definitely not by looking at the design of it. 

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Shoulder Bags


The shoulder bags are the most common types of camera bag you will find. These bags are built to carry a camera and a few lenses. There are several options to choose from depending upon your usage style and the number of accessories that you want to carry.

The shoulder camera bags are usually big and can accommodate a few accessories like a flash and a charger. These bags are quite sturdy and can withstand shock, moisture, and dust.

Most of these bags are water-resistant. Also, the interior is made of Ripstop Nylon. This protective interior lining makes it tear-proof. Along with the tear proofing material you can also find a soft polyester lining that protects the bag contents from any scratches. Also, these bags come with several padding that would protect your camera from external hits and drops. 

Most of the common but great features in the shoulder bags are the tie-down strap which secures the items in place during transport. Almost all of the shoulder bags come with a zipper pull enclosure that ensures a proper fit. Also, this zipper provides protection from dust and dirt that might dirty your camera and lens.

The price of the camera shoulder bag can vary from $20 to $200. In order to choose which one would be the best for you, just ask yourself what are you going to use the bag for. Is it only the camera you wish to carry or do you plan to carry a couple of lenses too?

If you want to carry more things then this bag might not be the perfect match for you. Overall, these bags would be perfect, if you want to carry around the camera with two lenses and is practical for everyday use.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Camera Enthusiasts
  • 1st-time camera bag buyer
  • Short Distance Traveller

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Professionals who need to carry a lot of gears
  • Frequent long-distance travelers
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Holster bags


These kinds of bags are the most common ones for photographers who want to travel light. It is designed to carry your DSLR along with the lens attached facing down, which also looks similar to the shooting position.

These bags usually have a water-repellent exterior with a lining of polyester that helps to prevent any kind of scratches. And to support your gear, these bags come with two-touch fastener strips.

Shoulder straps come as a default case option when you buy a new camera. As such, you will find many of the manufacturers make such bags. This allows you to easily carry the triangle-shaped bag. The bag has a rugged zipper that would not only protect the camera from falling off but also makes sure that no rain or dust enters the bag.

The padding on these bags is also really good. Thanks to the good cushioning, the bag can also protect the camera from damage in case of a drop. It also absorbs shocks quite well. In these instances, you don’t need to worry about the camera.

The bag can withstand small hits and bumps. This type of camera bag is preferred by street photographers and also by casual shooters.

You will also find that some of these holster bags have an extra pocket where you can keep your memory card as well as a charger. Prices usually range from $50 to $100. This bag is the best for general purposes as it allows quick access to your kit.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Lightweight travelers
  • Anyone looking for a lightweight bag

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Anyone will a lot of gears to carry
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Camera Backpacks


You can get some decent backpacks for your camera without having to break the bank. The best thing about backpacks is that you can carry your laptop alongside your camera gear. There is plenty of room for small items as well.

Also, the internal dividers are modular which means you can fit in the camera any way you like. If you feel that there’s an extra compartment that will never come to use, you can just remove it from the bag without any fuss. It will help make larger spaces in a specific compartment.

My best feature about backpacks is that you can carry all the camera gear you like and still be able to carry our laptop. This way, you will be able to shoot and edit shots on the go. You can also carry some extra gear in these backpacks like tripods or monopods.

The backpacks also enable you to be more organized. While not all, you can find a few backpacks that are water-resistant too.

The two shoulder strap on these bags is quite a lifesaver when you need to travel a long distance to get that “perfect shot”. Many manufacturers include some pouches for you to keep your items like keys, phones, and chargers.

This bag costs between $40 to $200. This bag is a great choice for photographers who travel a lot and want something solid and accommodating.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Semi-professionals and professionals
  • Photographers who need to carry a lot of accessories
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Rolling Cases


The rolling cases for cameras can be usually seen being used by professional photographers who are always on the go. If you plan to travel a lot with all your camera equipment, you might just consider this type of bag.

You will find that rolling cases are one of the best selling camera bags at Amazon. And it’s not a big surprise. For one, these cases are also water-repellent, and more importantly, they can take a lot of beating without damaging your camera one bit.

Most of the rolling cases have also have dedicated padded compartments for laptops as well as a tablet. Most will also have a tripod mount on the sides. The dividers in these cases are built surprisingly strong, to carry heavy gear and maintain strength over time.

The retractable handle on this case is very handy if you are roaming around in coffee shop airport terminals or even the shooting location. Weighing anywhere between 10-16 pounds, this type of camera bag is one of the heaviest on our list. Zipper enclosure on this beast is very rugged ensuring a very strong barrier between camera gear and the outside world. These types of camera bags are valued by professionals.

It is the most expensive case in our list which would cost you around $500 per piece.  So, its quite a bit of investment. The case looks like a piece of luggage- the ones you often see in airports.

And talking about airport standards, this case has managed to fulfill airline carry-on requirements. Don’t worry about your luggage while at the airport. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Frequent travelers
  • Anyone who goes to the airport with camera gear
  • Anyone who needs rugged construction and ultimate construction

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Any person who has very few camera gears to carry
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Fashion Camera Bags


Fashion bags are good options if you want to rock the street with style. Camera bags are generally black and kind of boring or maybe in a casual setup make look too intimidating. With fashion bags, photographers can have their work done in style.

The best part of owning these bags is that you can use it as a purse. Ladies, especially, will love it. You can get fashion camera bags in all kinds of designs.

The removable divider that is for holding an extra lens can be perfect to separate the camera from the rest of your items. The adjustable shoulder strap would free your arms giving you the opportunity to shoot while carrying an extra lens in your bag.

Most of these bags are made from Italian leather, which is a very premium material. So, it will definitely not feel cheap while carrying and the feel is very satisfying.

These fashion bags are mostly really expensive. Some will cost as much as $250 a piece. It’s definitely not for everyone. Weighing around 3 pounds, the fashion camera bags are quite light and easy to travel with. If you want the style and steal the show on the streets with your new look, I would definitely recommend you getting a Fashion Camera bag.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • A fashionable person
  • A stealthy photographer

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Anyone looking for a rugged camera bag
  • Anyone looking to store a lot of camera equipment
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Waist Packs


These waist packs are quite popular among the tourists- they call it the fanny pack. Most of the tourists use this case for their point and shoot cameras as well as small handy camcorders.

It one of the handiest cases that allow quick access for the camera. One of the major advantages of these cases is the versatility of the bag. You can use it to carry your camera as well as important travel documents if you are traveling abroad. These types of camera bags can usually be seen as being used by tourists.

These bags provide a zipper enclosure to hold your items in place. There is only one disadvantage, you can’t store many items as well as big items like a telephoto lens.

The pricing of Waist bags for cameras varies severely. You can find these bags for as low as $10 but a good one will cost somewhere between $30-$40. These cases are extremely comfortable when worn around your waist.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Street Photographers
  • Travelers/ Tourists
  • Lightweight photographers

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Anyone who has a waist-pain health issue
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DSLR and Mirrorless Fitted Cases


These cases are popularly used by consumers who want to customize their camera looks while adding an additional layer of protection. Some people prefer a leather case and others tend to use the rubber case. These fitted cases look cool and stylish.

It also provides protection from greasy hands as well as dust. More importantly, when you drop the camera, your body will be protected (but remember, not your lens).

These DSLR and Mirrorless Fitted Cases do a great job of casing your camera. These cases are made to last and are mostly rugged.

The major disadvantage for these cases for cameras is -you can only use it with one specific model of camera. There is no flexibility in size to fit more than one sort. So when you upgrade your camera, which we are sure you will, you will need to buy a new camera case. Due to such issues and because of ergonomic issues, these types of camera bags are slowly losing their charm.

But you know what they say its good to have something than nothing. If you are looking for basic protection, these camera fitted cases will do the job. Also, these cases can be yours for under $50 most of the time. In my opinion, I think the price is quite reasonable.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Anyone looking for ultimate protection to the camera body
  • Anyone looking for an additional layer of protection

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Professionals who consider ergonomics to be the key
  • Anyone who is planning to upgrade their camera
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Totes and Carrying Bags


It’s similar to the ladies’ bag we see in the stores. As you can see in the image, this bag isn’t going to be everyone. This is one of those types of camera bags that is targeted to a niche audience.

It is quite handy but it fails to provide the protection that some of the other bags do. These tote bags have compartments that help separate camera from the lens and other items.

These bags aren’t as durable but a cheap and go-to solution. One of the major flaws with this camera bag is that it doesn’t provide a rugged zipper enclosure and the storage is kind of limited. Having said that, if you are a woman, who has to carry the gears while looking fancy, you have to check this one out.

Depending on the size you go for, the totes camera bags can carry a lens alongside a full-frame camera with ease.

These bags can be used as regular bags as well. It would be ideal for most of the ladies for carrying their necessity in the bag other than just a camera.

These bags are easy to carry but you won’t get the freedom of your hands while carrying an extra pair of lenses in the bag. While you might be able to get one of these tote camera bags for dirt cheap price, a good one will run you down $150 or so.

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Sling Bags


Its the photographer’s go-to camera bag. If you are a run and gun type of photographer who likes to travel light, you will love the sling bags. They are one of the most loved types of camera bags for more than one reason.

It is small, however, it can carry almost all the essentials. Most of these sling bags have two dividers giving you three slots to keep your items. These dividers are velcro so you can adjust the compartments according to your needs. It also has some pockets which you can use to keep your phone, keys, batteries, SD cards and chargers.

The exterior is really well made. It utilizes the Kodra fabric along with water-proof DWR Coating. Shoulder straps work fantastically. These shoulder straps are so quick to loosen and tighten for quick access to your camera gear.

It can also be used as a drone bag. While it won’t be able to accommodate the Phantom series of drones, smaller drones like DJI Mavic pro can easily fit. And you still would have some space left over for a small camera. The zipper enclosure on this makes sure that the items don’t fall when you are running through the hills to get that perfect shot of the sunset.

The padding on the bag helps to retain its shape and provides the durability and shock absorption capabilities as well.

These bags would cost you around $800-$180 which is not cheap by any means. But considering its compatibility with most of the photographers, no doubt it sells like hotcakes. These bags are perfect for those who don’t want their heavy gear with them at all times.

In my opinion, sling bags are perfect for new and enthusiast photographers looking to get a good and well-built bag.

Who is the Shoulder Camera Bag for?

  • Anyone who wants quick access to the camera
  • Light Traveler

Who shouldn’t get the Shoulder Camera Bag?

  • Anyone who travels a long distance frequently
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Conclusion: What’s the Best Camera Bag for you?

You are looking for different types of camera bags that suggests that you are looking to buy one for yourself. If that’s the case, by now, you have a pretty clear idea of what kind of camera bag you want. If not, here’s our advice.

First, make a list of all the camera gear and accessories that you plan to fit in the camera bag. Also, see if you plan to add any of the accessories to your arsenal in the near future. Do you carry other accessories gaming consoles? This way, you will be able to decide on the size of your camera bag.

Next, see if waterproofing is really important for you. If it is, get a bag that can resist a waterfall without any issue.

Also, calculate how far you will frequently travel with the camera bag on. If you usually cover a short distance, a one-sided camera bag such as a shoulder bag should suffice your needs. However, if you usually cover 2-3miles+ distance with your camera bag, it’s best if you get a two-sided bag.

These are the technical things that you will have to see while making your purchase. Things like the design, the color of your bag, and the shape of the bag itself will depend on your personal taste, of course.

Of all the different types of camera bags, which one caught your attention? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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