6 Best Madison Beer Handbag Collection [Top Pick]

If you have been following Madison Beer for some time now, you may have noticed that she has a really good collection of handbags. She is young, glamorous, and has a really good sense of fashion. Ever wondered which all bags she carries? Thanks to the internet, it’s not really too difficult to keep up with her handbag collection. In this article, we will list out the Top 6 of Madison Beer exotic bags collection, reveal the price tag of her bags, specify the bag models, and more.

As a celebrity, carrying nice luxurious bags is a most. Celebrities spend a lot of their earning updating their wardrobe and also their handbags.

If you have come here to know all that Madison Beer carries, you have come to the right place. However, it’s worth noting that the bags that she carries are pricy! So, for an average consumer like you and me, the price maybe a little too hard to swallow. Madison Beer can be, oftentimes, seen in L.A. with trendy designer bags. In this article, we check out 6 of the Best handbag from the Madison Beer Handbag collection.

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Christian Dior Boston Trotter Bag

There is a lot of noise surrounding this bag currently. It’s not just Madison Beer who is seen with this luxurious bag. A lot of high-profile celebrities seem to be endorsing this Christian Dior bag.

This medium hand-carry is quite easy for any girl to keep their essentials while in a run. Looking at its color and design, it can be said that it goes well with any outfit. It’s a good choice when you don’t want the attention of prying public eyes This bag is definitely a hit- not a big surprise as a lot of celebs are talking about it.

And here’s the great news- this Christian Dior bag which Madison Beer seems to be really fond of isn’t too expensive. When in stock, one of these run for around $245. Unfortunately, it’s been near-impossible to find them in stock of late.

From Kylie Jenner to Rihana everyone seems to flaunt this cute bag.

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Chanel Iridescent Quilted Caviar Mini Classic Flap Bag

This classic masterpiece is undoubtedly the most loved designer bag in the world. No wonder Madison Beer owns one of these. The quality of leather and the excellent design has caught the attention of Madison too. If you ask any girl who is into fashion what’s her biggest dream is in terms of future purchases, there’s a big chance she’ll reply with the following words: a Chanel bag. So, for anyone who wants to enter the glamour and fashion world, this purse is a must.

We frequently see Madison Beer with her Chanel bag on Instagram. And it’s not the only Chanel bag she owns. On her Instagram account, she has shown us various bags from Chanel. It looks as though she absolutely indulges in this classic bag.

One of these Channel Vintage Flap Bag which will cost you around $250. However, it can be hard to keep track of the most updated prices. You can check the most recent price of the Chanel Classic Quilted Caviar Flap bag here.

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LOUIS VUITTON Bumbag- Monogram Canvas backpack

Known for her funky street style. Madison Beer has lived up to that reputation when she was noticed enjoying a sunlit stroll in Los Angeles on a Sunday. Recently, Louis Vuitton teamed up with luxury fashion houses to bring back a popular trend from the 80s – the bumbag (also popularly known as a fanny pack).

The Louis Vuitton Bumbag is compact but can house a lot of necessity items with ease. For example, it can fit the basic daily necessities such as a phone, some cash, keys, a packet of tissues, car keys, and a few other small items.

This Louis Vuitton bumbag can be a great solution if you have a no-pocket outfit or are looking to carry a bag handsfree with the belt strap.

As it is a Louis Vuitton, you can imagine that it isn’t very cheap. You can check out the updated price of this Louis Vuitton bumbag here.

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Madison Beer Givenchy Antigona Studded Bag

The Givenchy Antigona Studded Bag is one of Maddison’s favorite bag. She is often seen carrying this bag. Launched in 2012, the bag, today, costs around $3000. This studded bag is made out of semi-textured black leather. This is certainly one of the best Madison Beer handbags she owns at the moment.

Thanks to this texture, the bag isn’t as prone to scratching as the shiny variant of the bag. That’s not all there is to like about this bag, though. The bag also features gold stud details that extenuate the design of the bag. As with Beer’s other bags, this bag goes with a lot of outfits, can be worn on various occasions. And on top of this, it is neither seasonal nor trendy, so you can wear it at all times.

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Madison Beer Louis Vuitton ‘Palm Springs’ backpack

If you had assumed that Madison Beer owns just one Louis Vuitton bag, you would be very wrong. Recently, Madison has invested in another of Louis Vuitton handbag.

Unlike the Bumbag she previously owned, her new Louis Vuitton backpack is large and can fit a lot of stuff in it. Sure, it’s not a leather laptop backpack where you can fit in a lot

The bag is a good blend of both form and function. The Palm Springs Louis Vuitton is functional but at the same time is very stylish.

The bag is made out of monogram print with a calfskin leather cut. The shoulder straps are also really high-quality. You can also use custom zipper pulls with this backpack. Even with a lot of items in this Louis Vuitton Backpack, you will be able to carry it for quite a while before feeling fatigued.

This bag is minimal and can be used as an everyday backpack. It goes really well with summer outfits. It is certainly a good bag to carry if you are going on a short trip.

There are more things to love about this Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack. The bag is very versatile and has a lot of space for storage. Sure, you won’t be able to carry a large laptop on this backpack but a smaller iPad will just fit in fine. You can adjust the straps to wear it cross-body. Or even better, you can remove the shoulder straps completely and carry it using the top handle.

This also happens to be my favorite bag from Madison Beer bag collection. The black leather on this bag also looks amazing. No wonder this is Madison Beer’s pick from her handbag collection. If you want this, it will cost you around $1800.

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By Far Rachel Patent Leather Bag

Last in our list of Top Madison Beer bag handbag collection, we have the By Far Rachel Patent leather bag. Being the street style queen she is, this 90s trendy bag goes exceptionally well on her. Given her sense of fashion, the bag looks really good on her body. This Rachel bag from By Far is exceptionally popular among celebrities and is endorsed by hundreds of influencers and celebrities.

It isn’t too expensive either. You can get one of these luxury leather bags for under $450 as of now.

There you go. These are the Top 6 Bags from Madison Beer handbag collection. Are you planning to buy one? If so, which one will you go for? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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