6 Reasons to Invest in a Good Laptop Backpack

I see a lot of people invest in expensive laptops but when it comes to choosing a backpack, they end up buying a really cheap one. Here are 5 Reasons why you may want to invest in a good backpack for your laptop.

1) You won’t have to buy a Laptop Sleeve for your laptop

When you invest in a backpack that is specifically designed for laptops, you won’t have to buy a separate sleeve for your laptop. Backpacks designed for laptops have dedicated compartment for keeping your laptop which is already padded.

reasons-buy-laptop-backpackThis way you don’t have to buy a separate laptop sleeve for your laptop. The padded compartment on your laptop bag will provide just as good cushioning to your laptop as a laptop sleeve would.

Using a laptop sleeve has its pros but at the same time, it can be cumbersome sometimes to zip/unzip the sleeve every time you want to access your laptop. I have seen people buy a laptop sleeve, use it for a month and completely stop using it.

When you have a padded compartment on your backpack itself, you don’t have to worry about carrying an additional sleeve everything you go out!

2) Good laptop backpacks last a long time!

I bought the Incase VIA Backpack for $180 three years back and the backpack is as good as new even today! When you purchase a high-quality laptop backpack, you won’t have to worry about getting a new one for years.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of high-quality laptop bag packs. Materials like Ballistic Nylon are used which ensures durability for the years to come. In addition to that, the straps are well padded such that you won’t have back or shoulder pain while carrying the backpack with a laptop for an extended period.

3) Quality laptop backpacks are water-resistant

laptop-backpack-laptop-water-resistnatYou definitely don’t want water pouring in your backpack getting inside crucial components of your laptop. Luckily, backpacks designed for laptops are water-resistant.

Laptop backpacks have water-resistant mesh in them and they are coated by water-resistant material which prevents water from getting in. However, remember it’s just water resistance and you should not dunk your backpack inside water in any circumstance. Further, most of the water-resistant backpacks only resist light0rain. When it rains heavily, there are chances of water getting inside.

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If you live in an area where it rains all the time, you may also want to consider buying a laptop backpack with a built-in rain cover.

4) Laptop Backpacks have compartments for your favorite tech gear

Unlike regular backpacks which have generic slots and compartments for placing things, the bags that are designed for laptops have special compartments that are made specifically made for storing things like a charger, portable power banks, tablets, and a laptop charger.

In addition to that, many specialized laptop bags come with built-in power-banks that charge your laptop using a USB-C cable. It’s also not unusual to see a laptop bag with a headphone port extension such that you can place your phone inside the bag and connect your earphone to the backpack which is connected to a phone.

Such laptop bags help you stay organized and also makes your bag look neat- from the inside.

5) Comfort and proper back support

laptop-backpack-back-supportCarrying a laptop on your back all the time can be quite a strenuous task. And if you have a heavy gaming laptop to be specific, I can really feel your pain. Thankfully, if you get a well-designed laptop backpack, you will have a lesser issue carrying the laptop with you all the time.

You will be surprised how much of a difference the design of a bag can make in carrying a backpack. It’s not just about the padding on the strap or the padding on the back of the backpack. A well-engineered backpack has a structure that supports your body instead of burdening a specific part of your back.

6) Safety

The last reason why you may want to invest in a good backpack for your laptop is for safety. Did you know that premium backpacks have locks on them that will secure all the goodies inside your backpack? There are a lot of backpacks which have digital locks that prevent anyone from accessing your stuff without going through you.

Even basic laptop bags have compartments which cannot be accessed while you have your backpack on. This small implementation prevents anyone from stealing your laptop from the bag without you knowing.

Also, laptop backpacks made from nylon and other resistant materials are hard to cut. So, the chances of your laptop being stolen from your bag will be really slim.

Verdict: Buying a High-quality Backpack for your Laptop

There’s no question on whether you should get a reliable backpack for your laptop or not. Backpacks are a long-time investment and you definitely don’t want to cheap out in this department.

Wirecutter has a list of some really good laptop backpacks that you may want to check out. It’s a safe bet to get laptop bags from reputed brands and bags with good user reviews.

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