Will my Macbook Pro 15 sleeve cover fit MacBook Pro 16?

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is something we had all been waiting for a very long time now. It’s Apple’s top-of-the-line MacBook who is targeted for power-users who mostly use their laptops for work. Since most people are upgrading from MacBook Pro 15 to the MacBook Pro 16, you may be curious whether the MacBook Pro 15 Sleeve Cover will fit the MacBook Pro 16? The answer is yes. The MacBook Pro 15 Sleeve Cover will fit well with the MacBook Pro 16 without an issue.

Will the MacBook Pro 15 Case fit the MacBook Pro 16?

macbook-pro-16-fit-macbook-pro-15-sleeve-case-bagskingdomBut if you have a case that is designed specifically for the MacBook Pro 15, it will unfortunately not work with the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro 16 has a different physical dimension and also has a different keyboard design. So, if you had a case for your MacBook Pro 15 (2016-2019), it won’t fit the MacBook Pro 16.

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However, if we are talking about sleeves and covers, all of them should fit just fine. The MacBook Pro 16 isn’t all that larger than the existing MacBook Pro 15.4. So, unless you have a sleeve that is extremely tight already, you will have no problem fitting the new MacBook Pro 16 in your existing sleeve.
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Will Apple sell new MacBook Pro 16 Sleeve?

Definitely! Apple sells official Leather sleeve for MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pro 16 is not going to be left out. Just be aware that these MacBook Pro sleeves from Apple will cost a fortune ($200 for a sleeve).

Is the official MacBook Pro 16 sleeve from Apple worth the money? Probably not. But if you are already spending $2500+ on a laptop, you may just go ahead and get the sleeve from Apple. While expensive, the official MacBook Pro 16 Leather sleeve looks and feels premium. And they are definitely high-quality and better than most of the 3rd party laptop sleeves and covers. There are no two ways about it.

Will a 15-inch Laptop Sleeve fit the MacBook Pro 16?

You will find that there are a ton of 15-inch laptop sleeves and covers available on the market. However, there are only a few 16-inch laptop sleeves available on the market.

Fortunately for you, yes, 15-inch Laptop Sleeves and Covers will fit the MacBook Pro 16 just fine. The thing is, the chassis of the new 16-inch MacBook is similar to that of a regular 15-inch laptop. It’s just that the bezels on it are smaller making room for a larger screen. So, a smaller laptop sleeve will fit your new laptop just fine. You don’t need to necessarily need to have a sleeve that is specifically designed for 16-inch laptops.

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