Do Laptop Sleeves Really Protect Your Laptop?

Just got a new laptop? Great! Thinking about getting a new laptop sleeve for your laptop? Well, read along. We will let you know if laptop sleeves really protect your laptop through our case study.

I won’t waste your time and cut to the chase. I really think that you should get a laptop sleeve for your laptop. And yes, laptop sleeves do protect your laptop. No matter whether you are getting a $200 chrome book or a $3000 MacBook Pro, it’s always a good idea to use a sleeve for your laptop. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a laptop sleeve for yourself:

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Protect your laptop from scratches and dings!

laptop-sleeves-protect-your-laptop-bagskingdomLet’s face it. It’s just the first 1 or 2 months of the purchase of your laptop that you are going to take uttermost care of it. After that, you will have it in your laptop backpack and forget about it. Toss it around and not bother to keep it safe. No matter how many times you say that’s not going to be the case, trust me, it’s exactly what’s going to happen.

If you have bought a cheap laptop under $500, chances are, it’s made out of polycarbonate or any other form of plastic. Don’t be surprised if your new laptop gets lots of scratches in a matter of months. If you are using your laptop for work or school and have to carry it daily, it’s highly recommended you get a sleeve for your laptop. When you keep your laptop alongside other materials on your bag, it’s normal to get your laptop scratched.

If you have bought an expensive laptop- say a MacBook or the Dell XPS 15, you shouldn’t skimp on the laptop sleeve! Sure, these expensive laptops are made really well with materials like machined aluminum and carbon fiber. But the moment you drop them, these laptops will leave permanent dents on them. And you really don’t want that to happen. Do you?

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Laptop Sleeves are cheap often costing under $20

laptop-sleeves-protect-your-laptop-dropFor me personally, buying a laptop sleeve is a no-brainer. The laptop sleeves cost so little that you shouldn’t be thinking twice to make this purchase decision.

Even good ones can be had for that price. In fact, if you buy the Amazon Basics laptop sleeve, you can it for $10 or so. And they are really well bad too. They are well padded so that even if you drop your laptop, you don’t have to worry about having a dent on the housing.

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Protection from Impacts and Shocks

Having a sleeve on your laptop protects your laptop from hardware failure in case of a drop because the sleeve absorbs the impact and not your laptop. The sensitive components of your laptop like the motherboard, SSD, and RAM are prone to damage if your laptop bangs against a wall or when you drop your laptop bag on the ground with the laptop on it.

When you have a laptop sleeve, such shocks are significantly absorbed. Sure, most of the components on modern laptops are non-mechanical (for example, modern laptops don’t have CD-ROM and neither do they use Hard Disk drive for storage), but still a big of an impact can damage your laptop components permanently.

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Keeping your laptop clean

laptop-sleeves-paddedIf you are someone who likes their laptop clean, a laptop sleeve is a must! If you travel a lot with your laptop, it’s a good idea to get yourself a laptop sleeve.

I bought a Dell XPS 15 sleeve for my laptop and my god has the laptop been clean after that. No matter how much you plan to keep your laptop bag, it’s going to get dirty real quick. Once you have a laptop sleeve, you won’t have to worry about dirt getting inside your USB or your charging port.

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Extra compartments for your laptop peripherals

laptop-sleeves-compartmentsThere are all kinds of laptop sleeves out there. Gone are the days when the laptop sleeves only provided protection to your laptop. Most laptop sleeves today have compartments where you can store laptop accessories like USB cables and even laptop chargers.

I recently bought a laptop sleeve that had a handle on it! And before you say it looks ugly, I should note that you can hide the handle when not in use. You won’t even know that the sleeve has a handle on it! Sweet, isn’t it?

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Who shouldn’t get a Laptop sleeve?

While I think most people should get a laptop sleeve, there are a few people who can get away without buying a laptop sleeve. If you already have a good quality laptop bag (here’s a list of brands that make excellent quality laptop bags), you can avoid getting a laptop sleeve. Just make sure that the laptop bag has enough padding to protect the laptop even in case of a drop.

Some high-quality leather laptop bags do a good job at protecting the laptop too. So, if you have any of such laptop bags, you can just keep aside the idea of getting a laptop sleeve.

And if you are someone who changes their laptop all the time and don’t really care about its resale value, you may not want to get a laptop sleeve either.

For everyone else, I think that getting a laptop sleeve is the best way to go. There’s no doubt that laptop sleeves protect your laptop. Do you have a laptop sleeve for your laptop? And more importantly, do you think it is necessary to have a laptop sleeve for your laptop? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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