Is Keyboard cover bad for your laptop?

It’s not a rare sight to see laptop keyboards protected with keyboard covers. Especially after the Apple MacBook keyboard fiasco, we are seeing more and more people use keyboard covers for their laptops. And here’s one question that I get asked a lot. Is Keyboard cover bad for your laptop? Should you be worried about overheating if you use a laptop keyboard cover? Does the keyboard cover leave marks on your display? We will find all that in this article.


I will cut to the chase here- It’s best not to use a laptop keyboard cover for your laptop. Unless you are extremely messy, it’s a best practice to avoid using keyboard cover in a laptop. Not only does the keyboard cover look bad on your laptop, but it also slows you down.

I know there will be people who will say that there are some really good keyboard covers for laptops. But trust me, even those have some cons. And I am not saying it without experience. I was using the so-called premium Moshi Keyboard cover on my 13-inch MacBook Pro and my experience wasn’t pleasant (and it wasn’t only me- check out other Amazon reviews of this keyboard cover).

Does laptop keyboard cover overheat the laptop?

This is one common question that I see people asking all the time. Does the laptop keyboard cover overheat your laptop? And I can see why people have this query. Laptops today are very compact and there are too many components that are squeezed in into one tiny space. And in this scenario, any and every kind of ventilation counts. With this said, people often assume that the air passes through the little gaps between the keyboard keys and once you put on a keyboard cover, that gap is covered. It should then lead to overheating of the laptop. But is this right?

Well, most of the time, it isn’t the case. 99% of the laptops out there don’t use the little gaps between the keyboard keys for ventilation. There are very few bulky gaming laptops that use the keyboards for ventilation. The laptop that you are using right now probably doesn’t use keyboard gaps as ventilation. So, putting on a laptop keyboard cover shouldn’t affect the operating temperature of your laptop.

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Does laptop keyboard cover leave stain marks on the laptop screen?

laptop-keyboard-cover-bad-laptopThis is an issue I would be more concerned about. If you are using an ultrabook, the best thing for you to do is get rid of the keyboard cover or even better avoid buying it in the first place.

The laptops that we use today are over-engineered. When you apply a screen protector on your screen or apply a keyboard cover on your keyboard, you are basically adding a layer between the keyboard and the screen.

And what happens is: when you close the screen, the keyboard, and the screen press hard against each other leaving a permanent keyboard cover mark on your screen. I have seen this happen in plenty of laptops and before you say, it hasn’t happened to me, I would suggest you wait for several months.

The stains (or keyboard cover mark as people like to call it) don’t appear overnight. And when it actually shows up on your screen, remember that it is permanent and there is very little you can do about it.

You can try using a slim laptop keyboard cover to reduce the intensity of the marks but over time, the chances are high that the stains will appear on your screen.

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Who should use the laptop keyboard cover?

While I strongly suggest you to avoid using a laptop keyboard cover, there are a select few to whom I think buying a keyboard cover is a good decision. If you have a MacBook Pro 13/15 (2015 or newer), you may want to use the keyboard cover to avoid keyboard failure. These keyboards are highly prone to failure and using a keyboard cover will prevent that from happening (to a certain extent).

Also, if you are extremely messy and have a good track record of spilling water or coffee in your electronics, you may want to consider getting a laptop keyboard cover.

Lastly, if you are someone who has to use their laptop in a field where there’s dust everywhere, it’s better to use the keyboard cover. For everyone else, just enjoy the laptop keyboard as it comes out of the factory.

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