KAVU Rope Bag Review: Worth the Money?

If you search for Rope bag at Amazon, the first bag that will pop up is a KAVU Rope Bag. This rope bag is seriously popular and has over 4000 user reviews (most of which are rated at 5 stars). I really wanted to see what this KAVU Rope bag is all about. Is it as good as all the other reviews suggest? Today, we will find out in this in-depth KAVU Rope Bag Review.

Notice: This article isn’t sponsored by KAVU in anyways and is an honest independent opinion.

KAVU Rope Bag Sling Backpack Review


First things first, the KAVU rope bag or like many people call it ‘Sling Bag‘ isn’t a utility backpack. Instead, it’s a funky bag that works great when you have to carry less number of things with you.

KAVU claims that their Rope Sling Bag is the industry-first but it clearly isn’t. Sure, they have been in the industry for quite a while now  (founded in 1993) but rope bags have been in the industry for over 50 decades now!

Fun FactKAVU stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited

But that’s not to say that the rope back from KAVU is bad. In fact, it’s the opposite. I have been using the Cactus Bloom KAVU Rope Bag for 8 months now and I love it!

If you know what a rope bag is what it is designed for- there’s no way you will not like the KAVU Rope Bag.

It’s designed really well and is made mostly out of cotton. It’s got a rope strap that’s really comfortable. I sometimes wear the KAVU rope bag for several hours without any strain on my shoulders.

I normally carry my iPad, a Kindle, a lunch box, and a small water bottle on my Cactus Bloom KAVU Rope bag and it fits all of the items comfortably.

And during my 8 months of use, I haven’t noticed any discoloration even after washing it thrice. There is very minimal wear and tear to the bag and even that is because of how roughly I use my bags.

The other thing I really liked about the KAVU Rope Bag is the materials used. Everything feels soft yet durable. From the zippers to the velcro straps, everything seems to be put together really well.

There are two compartments on the bag. One is a large compartment where you will be storing most of the things. Inside, there’s a small compartment that is perfect for carrying things like tissues and keys. It’s also great for carrying chargers and earphones. The two compartments make the organization of stuff really easy.

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What is the KAVU Rope Bag Good for?

The KAVU Sling Bag works great if you are going for a hike or for camping. It’s lightweight and holds enough items for such travel. Also, it’s comfortable which is an important characteristic of bag especially one you will be carrying for an extended period.

You can also take the KAVU Rope Bag to a beach. However, do note that KAVU Rope Bag isn’t water-resistant. There are some really good messenger bags which have water resistance but this one doesn’t.

This Sling is not a good choice if you are planning to take it for it. It’s funky and fancy and something I wouldn’t suggest you carry every day as a backpack. It’s also not great if you plan to use it to store your laptop. Instead, check out our review of the best leather laptop bags for a daily commute.

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Is KAVU Rope Bag worth the money?

Absolutely! If you are looking for a rope bag, I don’t think it can get any better than the KAVU Rope Bag. Sure, it is a little pricier than the competition but if you consider the comfort and design of the bag, you will be more than happy to pay a premium.

You can find KAVU Rope bag at various price points depending on the design and the fabric used. KAVU Rope bag is worth the money if you look at the materials used and the designs in offer. In addition to that, the brand name itself adds to the value of this sling bag.

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Where are KAVU Rope Sling Bags made?

KAVU bags are made in the factory of China. The company has been making all their bags in the same company for the last 10 years! However, all the KAVU backpacks including the rope sling bags are tested for quality before they are dispatched from the factory to the warehouse at Pacific Northwest. KAVU makes sure that all the workers are treated well and are given enough holidays. The company also makes sure that the employees don’t work overtime and have a good quality of life.

There are also tons of companies manufacturing Fake KAVU bags and claiming to be original. Here’s a video that will help you distinguish between the original and the fake.

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Are KAVU Sling Bags Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

As of today, KAVU doesn’t manufacture any rope bag that is entirely waterproof. However, the company does make sling bags that are water-resistant to some degree.

Many of the KAVU bags which are made out of cotton aren’t water-resistant. You can test how resistive the bag is to water by pouring water when the bag is empty. In the case of heavy rain, it isn’t recommended to carry your cotton KAVU bag with items on it.

KAVU also produces sling bags out of polyester and nylon. These sling bags are water-resistant to some degree as these materials naturally resist water. Just make sure not to plunge your bag into the pool.

Can you store a laptop on your KAVU Sling Bag?

The KAVU Sling Bag can store a laptop that is 11-inch in screen size or smaller. Laptops like the 12-inch MacBook will fit too. But don’t expect to fit anything larger. The KAVU Sling Bag also comfortably fits iPad 11. However, a 12.9-inch iPad won’t fit inside the bag comfortably.

If you were hoping to carry a 13-inch or larger laptop on your KAVU Rope Bag, you won’t be able to do it. For that, you may want to have a look at the Best Laptop Bags for Laptops.

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