JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review [Long-Term Honest Review]

This is an article on the JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review where we go through the good and the bad about the Tote Bag from JW PEI. More importantly, we will let you know if JW PEI FEI Tote Bag is worth your money.

JW PEI has been taking over social media for making designer look-like bags for masses. They are Los Angeles based fashion company that make bags, shoes, and jewelry exclusively for women. In this JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review, we will see if the company leaves up to the expectation and the promise it makes on its website.

Shipping and Returns – JW PEI FEI Tote Bag

Quite an odd way to start a review of a bag, right? Well, I just wanted to start with one of the biggest gripes I had about the ordering this bag- the shipment time.

I live in Canada, and because it is a ‘Los Angeles’ based brand, I was hoping that the bag would be shipped from somewhere in North America. Oh boy(or girl should I say) was I wrong! The bag was being shipped from China and it took over 2 weeks for me to get my hands on the bag.

In the website, they mention shipment time is 3-20 days. If you decide to get this bag, condition yourself that it will take closer to 20 days and not 3 days.

The tracking system was generic too. I felt as though I was ordering something from Aliexpress. There were very few updates on where my package had reached. And the worst part is, you have to pay for returns in case you end up not liking the bag. This was a shock to me as 99% of products that I buy online are easily returnable either in store or online.

It was definitely a bad first impression of the JW PEI FEI Tote Bag, and of the brand in general.

Design – JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review


Okay, on to the positives now. The design of the Bag is good. If you couldn’t tell already, it is a replica of the Goyard Tote Bag. Sure, JW PEI have put in their own touch here and there but from a bit of distance, it is not difficult to mistake it as a Goyard.

The design is minimalistic and the size of the bag is good. It’s bit enough to carry all my makeup items, my MacBook inside a leather MacBook sleeve, and a few more items.

It has got an open top without any zippers. The bag is made out of PVC material and has Cotton lining. The bag doesn’t feel or look cheap. I take it to work everyday (have used it for the last 1 month) and it has been holding great.

Also, unlike most of my other bags which are made out of leather, I don’t have to worry about this bag being damaged by rain. It’s nice to not worry about damaging this bag.

Quality and Materials Used – JW PEI Bag Durability?


While I can’t comment on the long-term reliability of the PEI Tote Bag, I can say that it is fairly well-built. I have had this tote bag for just over a month now and the bag is still good as new. I have been using this bag as my daily driver and I have no issues with the bag so far.

In this JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review, I also want to mention that the bag is water resistant and doesn’t scratch easily. The chain on the inside of the bag has also held up well. I have used the compartment for at leas a few time everything and there has been no issues with the chain or the mechanism.

Since the bag is made out of PVC material, buyers don’t have to worry about wear or tear all too much. This bag can certainly be used as a daily-driver for most women.

Storage and Compartments – How big is the bag?

JW PEI Tote Bag Size and Storage

The photo I took above should give a good a good idea on how the JW PEI Tote Bag is! You can see MacBook Air sleeve, Apple Wallet, and a phone with plenty of space to spare! If you are looking for a bag that you plan to tkae to work, you will love this bag. I can take all the items in the phone, and a large notebook without any issue.

The one thing that I don’t like about the bag is the fact that there’s no primary zipper to lock everything down. When you are not carrying the bag, the bag is always wide open! I don’t like this design. It would be nice if there was a zipper or some kind of clasping mechanism.

Thankfully though, there’s a small compartment where I put in stuff like some cash and my AirPods.

Exclusivity – Who is JW PEI?


Let’s talk about the brand JW PEI in this JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review. You may or may not have of this brand. If you spend a considerable amount of time in social media and follow fashion brands, changes are you already know who they are.

JW PEI, at least on paper, is a Los Angeles based fashion brand who make high quality designer fashion accessories in a reasonable bag. And I tend to agree with them on this. The price of the bags are reasonable and they do look high-end. Sure, the fit and finish and attention to detail isn’t as good as that of luxury handbags. But for the price, I have to admit that they aren’t bad at all.

It appears that they design their bags in the US and all the manufacturing is handled in China. Most brands do the same- the only difference being that they don’t seem to have a warehouse in North America. Because of this the shipping time is too long.

Price and Value – Is JW PEI Handbag Worth the Money?


I don’t think I have to tell you this – but I wouldn’t get this or any other JW PEI Bag for the full retail price. JW PEI is running ‘deals’ and ‘offers’ all the time.

I got the FEI Tote Bag for approx 35% off. If you sign-up to their newsletter, you get additional 10% off. So make sure to make use of all other available options to get the price down.

Is the JW PEI FEI Tote Bag worth the money? Well, it all depends on how much you end up paying for it. If you are paying under $100 for this bag, I would say it is a great deal! If you are paying in between $100- $120, it is a fair deal and if you are paying anything over that, I wouldn’t consider this bag worth your money.

Conclusion – JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review


I have a mixed feeling about this bag. I love the design, and the quality of the bag. However, the shipment time, the return policy, and general lack of customer support is a big turn off for me.

Since I had already placed my order and received the bag, I am not going to bother sending it back(paying return fees). I like how the bag looks and feels. It’s spacious and can fit most stuff that I carry on a day-to-day basis. However, if I knew how the company operates and how the company treats its customers (reviews in Trustpilot), I doubt I would have purchased this bag.

To conclude the JW PEI FEI Tote Bag Review, I think this tote bag is a decent buy. If you are 100% you love the design of the bag and can wait for upwards of two weeks, you can go ahead and purchase this bag. If not, I would look elsewhere.

Samikshya Poudel
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