Is it Safe to Keep a Laptop in a Backpack inside a Hot Car?

Most of the time, the safest place to keep your laptop is inside a car. You lock it down and you are good to go (unless you live in an area where thieves are breaking in cars all the time). But how does a regular laptop hardware fare inside a car that is parked out in the sun? Is it safe to keep a laptop in a backpack inside a car that is bound to run very hot?

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Let’s start by breaking a piece of bad news for you. While modern electronics like smartphones and laptops can work in extreme temperatures, it’s not good for them at all. There are numerous studies backing this fact. And I have a similar experience myself.

I had this habit of always keeping my 2015 MacBook Pro 15 inside my car during my college days. And sure enough, it wasn’t good for my laptop. After just reaching 600 Battery Cycle Count, I got this message when I clicked my battery status.


The battery needs replacement well before the average 1000 Battery Cycle count

Sure, it could be a number of reasons why my laptop needed a battery replacement before the average 1000 battery cycle count. But one of the factors definitely is the overheating of my laptop all the time inside my car.

While not unsafe, It’s a Good Idea to keep your Laptop Away from a Car Parked under a Sun

Unless you are keeping your laptop on top of a car dashboard all day long, don’t have to worry about destroying your laptop completely.

But even when you are keeping your laptop on the back seat of your car, your laptop components can wear out faster. Particularly, the battery inside a laptop doesn’t like heat and definitely not extreme heat inside a car.

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How to Protect your Laptop from Overheating on the Sun inside a Car?


Don’t ever leave out your laptop uncovered inside a sun-exposed car!

If you have no option but to keep the laptop inside a car, there are several things you can do to make the best out of the situation.

Better than leaving your laptop exposed to the sun, it’s a far better idea to keep your laptop inside a laptop bag or a laptop sleeve and tuck it under the seat of your cover.

That way, you will keep your laptop away from the thieves and also from the sun.

The other thing you can do is roll down all the four windows down just a bit. The gap can be so small that no hand can get inside. And if you have a rain visor installed, no one will even know that you have your windows rolled down. When you do this, air can pass through these windows which will lower down the inside temperature of the car significantly.

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Make sure that your Laptop is Shut Down when Locked inside a Car

laptop-inside-hot-car-backpackThanks to the introduction of SSDs and efficient OS on our computers, there is really no need to shut down the computer anymore. Heck, I don’t even remember when I last shut down my computer.

But if you are planning to keep your laptop inside the car for an extended period, make sure to SHUT YOUR COMPUTER DOWN. Even in sleep, laptops generate heat. And with the heat inside the car, it can really screw up your system.

I had instances where I had my MacBook Pro shut when I tried to open it when I reached home. It was all good thanks to Apple’s overheat control mechanism. If it were some other computer, things could have been worse.

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Conclusion: Is it safe for me to keep my laptop inside a Hot Car parked outside under the sun?

While not recommended, you can get away by keeping your laptop inside the car. If you didn’t read the entire article, here’s what you need to know about keeping a laptop inside a car:

  • You need to make sure that your laptop is turned off while inside a closed car parked under the sun for an extended time
  • Roll down the windows a little to make sure that air passes through
  • Keep your laptop under the seat to prevent the sun exposure and also prevent thieves from breaking in
  • Keep your laptop inside a backpack and not under direct sunlight exposure

So there you go. There’s your answer to the question. Is it safe to keep a laptop inside a hot car? Hope the article was helpful.

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