Is eBags Worth the Money? Case Study

eBags sells all kinds of bags including luggage, backpacks, suitcases and more. While they are exceptionally well made, they are not easy on the pocket. And there lies the question you want to be answered: Is eBags Bags worth the money? Let’s find out. 

I will answer the question real quick. Yes, eBags products are worth the money 90% of the time. Try avoiding the most expensive models and you will be fine. Sure, the more expensive bags are filled with features but most of them are gimmicks that you will never use.

Since it’s establishment in 1998 in Denver, Colorado, eBags has been manufacturing and selling travel bags. After selling nearly 30 millions of bags, it was completely acquired by Samsonite. It has been a year since eBags has been completely owned by Samsonite.

Samsonite, on the other hand, was also originally founded at Denver, Colorado in 1910. So, we can say that eBags is in good hands. eBags has been successful in establishing itself as a No.1 online retailer for travel bags and accessories.

How much do eBags cost?

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There are various categories of bags specified for various purposes. Hence, the price differs as there are many varieties to choose from. The price range also differs for the materials used in manufacturing the bags.

The bags are more expensive if it is handmade. There are numerous categories of bags available such as laptop bags, luggage, hand carry, handbags, backpacks and so on. The cheapest one starts at $30. The expensive ones go for around $300 and a few go as high as $900.

My experiences with eBags backpacks

To talk about my personal experiences with eBags, it has nearly been a year since I have been using their bags. I have bought two of the eBags products: the Professional Slim Laptop Backpack and the Professional Weekender w/Lifeboat Battery backpack. The second backpack also works great as a camera bag.

Firstly, the most comfortable factor of eBags is the straps. Due to the lightweight of the bag, you won’t even feel like you have been carrying a bag, even when you are carrying stuff inside. Secondly, the bag is so easy to carry around. It easily converts from a laptop to a briefcase. It includes a vertical and horizontal luggage handle. The back panel is well padded and vented for comfort.

The backpack strap is contoured with adjustable shock-load sternum strap. The thing I liked the most is that it has a removable ac adapter garage. Security-wise, it has security on all fronts. It also consists of separate compartments for the iPad and the laptop which protects both of the devices.

So, up to the date, both of them have been a good backpack. Not only that, the padding has held up really well. The only gripe is that neither of the bags is waterproof.

Is eBags really worth the money?

You will be really surprised to find out that there are eBags backpacks you can get for cheap if you are on a tight budget. While many consider eBags to be a premium brand, there is a range of bags that can be have had for less.

Also, it’s expensive doesn’t automatically mean it’s not worth the money. eBags generally last a long while. So, even if you are paying a bit more, the quality of the bag makes up for the cost.

If you are that type of person who is willing to pay a bit more for comfort and quality, eBags will definitely be worth your money. The way they manufacture bags is a lot better than the competition. Also, you can find all of the bag models online. They run an excellent website where you can find all their bags including luggage and laptop bags. Most of their backpack can be found at Amazon (at an even cheaper price).

In conclusion, we think that you should give eBags a try. If you are careful with your bag, it will last for years without any service or maintenance. It is definitely worth the money.

eBags competitors

If you are not convinced that eBags indeed makes good bags, you can also check out the competition. Here are a few.

1) Targus

Unlike eBags, Targus only makes suitcases and laptop bags. However, recently, we can see them making iPad cases too. It has some of the laptop bags that are eco-friendly. It offers various types of laptop bags based on material and style.

The price range is wide but generally, Targus is cheaper than eBags. So, if you are really don’t have too much money for a new laptop bag, Targus is the way to go.

2) Timbuk2

Timbuk2 is also an American bag manufacturer from San Fransisco. They manufacture only backpacks but varieties of it. The designs of their bag are quite different from the competition and are their unique selling proposition.

While some of their bags are cheap, most of the time as just as expensive as eBags.

The thing that differentiates the Timbuk2 from other bag manufacturers is that you can customize your own backpack. If you go to the company’s website, you can fully customize your own design for a laptop backpack starting from 150 US$. So these backpacks are worth a try!

3) InCase

Incase is also an American company that manufactures bags and cases for iPhones, MacBook, and iPads. It also manufactures camera bags and cases for drones, GoPro, and apple watch.

They offer all kinds of bags such as backpacks, laptop bags, shoulder bags, sling packs, active bags, luggage, travel backpacks, roller luggage, duffel bags and so on. Like all the manufacturers mentioned in the article, Incase bags come at different price points.

Where can I buy eBag backpacks?

eBags manufacture all categories of bags suitable for traveling. Some of the available bags are carry on, checked, lightweight, hard side, spinner, kids luggage, laptop, school, rolling, traveling backpacks, packing cubes, lunch bags, cooler bags, packable travel bags and so on.

You can use (official website) which features all of the eBags products but not limited to bags from other manufacturers.

You can place your eBags order online using Amazon. Do note, however, not all eBags product can be found there.

What is your opinion on the eBags backpack? Do you have prior experience using it? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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  1. Good read. I have used ebags for a while and love them.

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