dbrand vs Slickwraps: Who makes better Skins?

When I bought an iPhone 11 Pro back in October, covering that premium design into something else was not part of the plan. But as premium as the glass body on the iPhone 11 Pro looks, they are just too fragile. I’d like to quote one of my favorite Tech Youtubers here- Zack from JerryRigEverything “Glass is Glass, and Glass breaks”. And it was no short of words of wisdom. And since Apple is too stingy to include a case in their $1000 phones, you’ll have to get yourselves one.


But I chose to go with skins this time instead. A skin will protect your phone from unsightly scratches but I admit they do not offer protection against any damage from impacts or falls. Nevertheless, I wanted to show off – something you cannot do with a case. And after using different skins, I get why they are as popular as cases, if not more.

Skins offer you personalization, a better look, and the grip without adding to the thickness! Phone skins are precision-cut to perfectly fit a particular phone model – down to the curves, ports, and any holes there are. And in the event that you drop your phone and it cracks underneath the skin, just leave the skin on! (Pretend it does not exist – just like I do with the problems in my life ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Or you could use a clear case on top of a skin, like a crazy person, but then again, that is crazy and defeats the purpose of the skin. So, it’s a matter of preferences – a careful analysis of benefits and compromises of either one. Me? I just wanted to show off (don’t judge me, it’s a $1000 phone).

And speaking of phone skins, there are a whole lot of manufacturers out there offering their own forms and levels of personalization and all that – just like cases. I’ve so far used two of the most popular- dbrand and Slickwraps, and thus, decided to compare the two.

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Slickwraps is a US company specializing in phone skins, laptops, tablets, headphones, gaming devices – you name it. But probably similar to most other skin manufacturers. Offering a variety of finishes like metal, stone, wood, matte, leather, etc., the company makes its wraps from vinyl mostly, which is the more popular material, and also claims how their product is top-notch, made from the finest materials.

Strict quality and state-of-the-art machinery action are claimed, and each skin is American made. Plus, some of their products are widely popular, such as the iGlowPhone wraps – a “glow-in-the-dark” skin for your iPhones. The thing is, Slickwraps is definitely a name you can hear a lot whilst looking for phone skins.

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If you have not heard the name dbrand, then, you might seriously be living under a rock. I say this due to the fact that this company is one of the major sponsors of the most popular Tech Youtubers including MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee. But that is not the only reason for the company’s popularity.

dbrand is an electronics accessories manufacturer based in Canada, and it makes skins mostly for portable electronics like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, earphones, and more. And it also offers a wide range of choices for finishes – matte, metal, wood, stone, marble, true color, leather, carbon fiber, etc. Of course, like any other company, it, too, claims unrivaled precision and the highest quality assurance.

One thing that sets dbrand apart from Slickwraps is that dbrand has also diversified to making cases and screen protectors for some phones and accessories. And we have seen collaborations with various influential tech-personnel to come out with unique and interesting skins as well. For instance, dbrand is currently making transparent skins for phones, with collaboration with Jerry Rig Everything.

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My Experience with Slickwraps


Like any sane person would, I searched for the best skin manufacturers, and from the list, selected Slickwraps – mostly because the name is appealing. Then came shuffling through some customer reviews to see if they really were any good. And despite a considerable number of negative reviews, I went through with ordering a skin for my iPhone 11 Pro. I ordered the metal finish because, partly, I miss the old metallic constructions phones used to have.

And just like the stated time-frame, my regular order shipped on the 5th day. And luckily for me, the instruction to wrap the skin seamlessly on the iPhone 11 Pro was right on their website. They also have such videos for other phones, which is nice. Now, there is an option to either order only the back, or the full wrap – but I’d recommend the full wrap, because the back-only looks somewhat asymmetrical, in a sense.

Slickwraps also allows you to customize your own skin – with your own pictures, texts, stamps, etc. Although you can get lost like a child trying to customize the paint for your car in Need for Speed. It is a great option to have – something I learned (later) dbrand does not provide. But the catch is – if you do not like this one, you cannot return this, which seems standard.

My skin was pretty good – it was serving my purposes. However, you should know that the skin won’t look as good as in the pictures. Nevertheless, it protected my phone from scratches while inside my pocket when I accidentally put keys in the same pocket. It looked good, and it provided me a good grip, too. And I was also kind of impressed with this skin on my phone, so, I decided to order one for my MacBook Pro 15 and my AirPods as well. But, I regret doing the latter.

While the Macbook Pro 15’s skin was mostly okay, the AirPods’ skin was too complicated. Even with the Macbook Pro, you will only get to wrap the top, bottom, and middle but not the sides, or bezels. So, it might look a bit off – unsettling, even, for those with a bit of OCD. But it does its job for the most part. However, with AirPods, if you are not needlepoint precise with them, it’ll just get ruined – and that’s that. When you’ve already used it, they won’t refund you, so, I did not even bother with them. But I took that as a lesson learned, and moved on.

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My Experience with dbrand


The thing with skins and cases, though, is you get tired of them. Soon, you’ll be wanting to switch looks. And due to the very reason, I found myself looking for another skin when the New Year hit. Until then, my old Slickwraps was doing okay. But when you want something new, you want something new.

But this time though, dbrand was the talk of the town, finding its way to all these YouTubers endorsers. Hence, another cursory sifting later about reviews, I jumped on dbrand site and ordered a trio – skin each for my MacBook Pro 15, iPhone 11 Pro, and AirPods. And yet again, like someone who repeats his mistake, the regret for getting the AirPod skin was there.

This time, I’d gone for the Wooden Skin for all three devices. But dbrand also allows you a bit of customization, i.e. some mix-n-match options where you can play around with different colors for different parts of each device.

But that is too much work – even with over 30 iPhone 11 Pro skins, mix-n-match gives you an overwhelming amount of color combinations. And that is as close to your own customization as you will ever get, unlike Slickwraps.

So, I just went for a single color/finish. The same goes for laptops. As for delivery, you are provided with a couple of options and that determines how long you’ll wait. I chose the standard, and after 5 days, I got all the dbrand skins.

It was nice to know that dbrand includes two types of wraps for phones – a full-body wrap and a back-only wrap in a single package. It was a nice option to have – something, in the case of Slickwraps, you need to choose before ordering. And after the whole 9 – the instruction videos and application fiasco – the skins on my iPhone 11 Pro and MacBook Pro 15 looked great. I felt as the dbrand definitely was worth the money I paid for.

But, as for the AirPods – even though they include 2 skins (one for when you’ll eventually mess up), I could not get it done. If you’re not rocket science precise, you’re done for. However, it is worth noting that dbrand’s skin for AirPods only comes for the case and not the AirPods while Slickwraps includes skins for the actual bits that go in your ears too! And even though, I could not do it very well, I’d still like to have the option to wrap my AirPods.

Another day, another lesson learned, move on.

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Comparison between dbrand and Slickwraps

Why am I doing comparing dbrand and Slickwraps- two of the largest skin brands in the world?

Well, I may be someone who wants to change the phone skins regularly – I have been thinking about it. FYI – my dbrand is holding up, great, until now. But most of you may not do that – once you stick up a skin, you’ll go with it for a long time, which, is kind of an investment.ย  So, I’m hoping my experiences will help you choose one of them.

Price Difference: dbrand vs Slickwraps

As for prices, I wouldn’t like to go there, really. It’s because it depends on the type of skin you’re ordering, and there are a whole lot of options on both. However, I will say this. Dbrand, since it provides 2 types of skins for your phone, and 2 for AirPods, in a single package, could be a better value for money. As for shipping, you’ll have to pay extra shipping for both – $4 standard for Slickwraps and $5 standard for $Dbrand. It is subject to change, depending on the type of delivery. But Dbrand does provide free shipping on orders over $25!

Skin Quality: dbrand vs Slickwraps

As for the quality of the skins, I’ve got no complaints about either. The skins will not look as good as in the pictures for both of them, but they will come pretty close. The texture is good and the color won’t fade. Both come with instructions and necessary additional assisting accessories. But Slickwraps comes with a phone holder to help apply the skin as well – it’s just a nice little addition.

Shipping and return policies seem pretty much the same and standard to me. You can return both, provided you have not used them – except for customized skins. And you will have to pay return shipping for both as well. Also, if you receive a defective product, you can contact customer representatives with the proof (pictures & videos), and you can get replacements (no refunds) without any additional shipping charges. You can read more about their policies on their websites. (dbrand) (Slickwraps)

But, that being said, I investigated further. What about other customers who’ve had bad experiences? And upon checking on the customer reviews, further, I hope I can shed some light on the matter. I used three different sites, basically the ones that came up first – Trustpilot, Reviews.io, and Sitejabber. You can find the respective reviews of dbrand and Slickwraps below:

dbrand vs SlickWraps Customer Satisfaction



In summary, Sitejabber does not have many reviews for reference. A 3.5-stars (out of 5) rating from 10 reviews for Slickwraps and 2-stars rating from 4 reviews is dismissable.

Reviews.io seems to be more inclined towards Slickwraps – with a 4.1-star rating out of 689 reviews. And that is saying something. However, on Trustpilot, out of 678, reviews, only about 52% are on the brighter side. The rest – not so much.

dbrand vs slickwraps rating reviews.io slickwraps

Reviews.io rating for Slickwraps

Dbrand vs Slickwraps rating Trustpilot slickwraps

Trustpilot review for Slickwraps

As for dbrand, Reviews.io does not look like a place for it. With only 66 Reviews and a 2.12-star rating, it is neither totally dismissible nor totally considerable. On Trustpilot though, it fairs better than its counterpart. With 891 reviews, and about 80% good ratings (a combination of 5-stars & 4-stars), it appears to me as Dbrand lives up to its name.

dbrand vs slickwraps rating reviews.io dbrand

Rating on Reviews.io for Dbrand

dbrand vs slickwraps rating trustpilot dbrand

Rating on Trustpilot for Dbrand

And one thing I noticed on these sites was that none of the customer complaints were about the products themselves- except a few. These few were related to those AirPods or EarBuds skins for being too tricky and so on. But almost all of the negative reviews were about Customer Service! It included complaints about not getting their shipment on time, not getting any replies when asked, dissatisfaction related to returns and replacements, non-responsive customer service, shipment deliveries, etc.

One thing is clear. The products of both these skin manufacturers are top-notch, or great. But customer service, on the other hand, get a major hit! It is admittable that both these companies have had their blunders in Customer Service Slip-ups. However, if you check on these review sites, you will find that Dbrand is actively following up on customer complaints – whether it is providing a solution or simply trying to justify their mistakes. Slickwraps, on the other hand, seem nonchalant about this. There are no responses from the company to its customers.

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Conclusion: dbrand vs Slickwraps- Which brand skin should you buy?

It is evident that as far as products go, you will not go wrong with either dbrand or Slickwraps. Both of them have their own advantages over the other. dbrand, offering two types of skins in a single package gives you better value for money, and allows for mix-n-match options for your skins. Slickwraps allows you to create your own customized skin, as many choices, and some unique products.

Customer service on both is meh. For those customers who are lucky enough to get their orders correctly and on the first time, it’s a 5-star or a 4-star rating, no questions asked. For others, well, both these companies need to man up to their customers and be better.

But speaking of customer reviews, I found that Slickwraps was banned from the popular Reddit following accusations of using bots to downvote negative reviews and upvote positive ones about their products.

That may or may not be a matter of concern. However, a major blunder on the side of Slickwraps on their security came to light in February. Apparently, a data breach led to the data leak of over 800,000 customers. The company also faced a class-action lawsuit regarding the same.

All things considered, I am fully satisfied with both their products and I have not had any bouts with their customer service either. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was something else, but it didn’t happen to me. But with all these other concerns, I think I will be choosing dbrand over Slickwraps. And I will let you be your own judge.

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