Are dbrand Skins and Cases Worth the Money?

With every tech Youtuber promoting dbrand like crazy, when you talk about skins for phones, laptops, and tablets, dbrand is the brand that comes to mind. Their products have great reviews all over the internet too. So, does that mean dbrand skins are worth your money? Should you buy them? Well, it depends.

Disclaimer:This is not an affiliate post. All of the views about the topic are my own and may not apply to everyone. In this post, we share no affiliation with dbrand.

I won’t beat around the bush and answer the question you are here for right away. Yes, dbrand skins are worth the money and you should get it. But it’s important to remember that skins don’t offer drop protection like most of the cases do. On the flip side, skins by dbrand don’t add bulk to the phone and protect the phone from scratches and dents quite well.

So, it boils down to your personal preference on whether you care more about protection or more about the design and the aesthetics.

My personal experience with dbrand skins


I will be honest. I am a case guy and as you can imagine, I prefer cases over skins any given day. However, I do have used dbrand skin in 2 of my phones(iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9) in the past and one on my MacBook Pro 16.

With the phone, I think I got what I paid for. Installation was fairly easy and the quality of vinyl used in the making of the skin was of high-quality. I had no issues installing the skin on the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9.

However, my experience with the dbrand skin for my MacBook was a different story, altogether. To boot, the skin for the MacBook Pro is expensive. Sure, there’s a lot more vinyl used to cover the entire surface of the MacBook but I still find the price a little difficult to swallow.

Installing the dbrand skin on my MacBook Pro 13 wasn’t as easy as it was to install the skin on either of my two phones. However, once it was installed, it stayed in place without any issue.

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How much does a dbrand skin cost?


dbrand skins aren’t all that more expensive than a phone case. A normal dbrand skin costs $13 apiece. If you look up on Amazon, you will find that a generic case will cost you around $10 apiece. So, you really aren’t paying all that more just because it’s dbrand.

If you have more money to spend, you can also check out limited edition skins for your phones. At the time being, you can get JerryRigEverything torn-down skins for many popular phones. These limited edition skins usually sell for around $20. Not bad. If you look from the value side of things, the dbrand skins are certainly worth the money.

When you look at skins for laptops, it can get a little too expensive. You will have to buy separate dbrand skins for the top, bottom, palm rest, and the trackpad. For my MacBook Pro 16, I had to pay $60 approximately in total.

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What are the major dbrand products?


dbrand is wildly popular for its skin. But you may not know that the company offers more than just phone skins. dbrand makes laptop skins, laptop skins, and also skins for laptops. On top of that, they make accessories for special electronics from time-to-time.

At the moment, here is all that dbrand has to offer:

  • Phone Skins
  • Tablet Skins
  • Laptop Skins
  • Gaming Console Skins
  • Phone Accessories Skins
  • Phone Cases
  • Glass Hybrid Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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Phone Case vs dbrand skin

Phone Cases and Phone skins are completely separate things. However, it’s common for people to assume they serve the same purpose.

Phone Cases are designed with protection in mind. The cases protect the phone from a drop and other kinds of impact. Needless to say, they also help with avoiding scuffs. There are also rugged cases that offer protection both to the front of the phone as well as the back. While it sounds great, phone cases have their own shortcomings.

One- they make the phone bulky. The phones that we use today are already oo big for a lot of people. Installing a phone case makes the matter worse. On top of that, when you put on a phone case, you also lose the premium feel and the design of the phone.

dbrand skins may not offer the same kind of protection as a phone case but they don’t ruin the original design of the phone. Nor do they affect the feel of the phone in the hands. They look great- thanks to the numerous designs dbrand offers.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether you really want a phone case or a skin. If you have a messy hand you drop things all the time, it may be wise for you to pick up a phone case, else go with a dbrand skin. And in case you didn’t know already, dbrand offers phone cases too. So, you may want to have a look at that as well.

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Do dbrand skins offer drop protection?

Unfortunately, not! As much as I wish they did, skins don’t offer drop protection. dbrand skins are made out of 3M premium vinyl. While the skins look great and have an amazing texture, they really can’t absorb impact in case of a drop.

So, in case you drop your phone, a dbrand skin will not be able to withstand it. I have heard many instances on which even the back glass on iPhones and Galaxy phones breaking even with a dbrand skin on.

What you can expect, however, is protection from minor scratches and scuffs. The 3M vinyl protects the phones from such types of damages really well. This kind of protection will certainly help with the resale value of your phone when you really decide to sell it off in a few years’ time.

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dbrand Skin Warranty and After Sales Service

While dbrand doesn’t offer a warranty on its skins and cases, there have been many instances in which the company has sent out free replacements and even refunds. I personally haven’t had any problem with the skins I purchased so I really cannot comment on the after-sales service. However, dbrand can be trusted when you receive a defective unit. The company happily sends out replacements when the skin has manufacturing defects.

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Should you buy dbrand skin for your phone?

Unless you have got very slippery hands, you can just go ahead and get yourself a brand skin. And along with that, it will be wise to buy a tempered glass screen protector as well. With this combination, you really won’t need anything else to protect your phone.

dbrand skins aren’t all that expensive and help increase the resale value of the phone in the long-run. And if you purchase limited-edition skins, it will make your phone stand out from the crowd. If you ask me, you get your money worth with a dbrand skin.

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