7 Best Camera Bags Brands for Durability and Comfort

You will be surprised to know how many brands make camera bags. There are so many options out there but only a handful make robust bags. Here we check out 7 Brands that make the best camera bags. Period.

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Manfrotto needs no introduction in the camera space. They make excellent camera gears and accessories. And it’s no surprise that they make great camera bags too.

They make all kinds of camera bags including backpack style, holster style, sling bags as well as Rolling Cases. Since the company offers a wide variety of cameras, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The Manfrotto bags have a certain quality to them they make them immediately distinguishable.

You will find that most of the Manfrotto camera bag bottom half is made of nylon that resists water and is also very durable. It also gives you a peace of mind not having to worry about water getting into the camera bag.

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Think Tank


This company makes a mini version of the suitcases we see on airports around the globe. And they make excellent camera bags too. There is a big community of photographers who think that Think Tank makes the most rugged camera bags in the business.

They make shoulder bags as well as rolling cases as well. Also, they do offer a wide range of selection of camera bags. So, we can say that they have something for everybody. The shoulder bags are very stylish. The mini suitcase(HeliPack) is for drones while the shoulder bag and rolling cases are for the camera.

Those who want a smaller bag can go with shoulder bags and those who want to carry all their gears than it’s obvious that rolling cases would be perfect.

These bags are also padded and very well built. The big Helipack can fit a 17-inch laptop as well. Almost all of the bags that they offer comes with a water repellent coating so a little bit of rain could do no harm. One of the major downsides is that it is a hard case so it won’t be that easy to carry around.

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Lowepro produces a wide range of bags. The laptop bags and camera bags are particularly popular. They are known for their backpacks camera bags. It is one of the most comfortable ones.

They have a lot of padding to secure your items in place. These bags can even fit in 2 Pro DSLRs. Most of their cases also fit a 15-inch laptop. This would be handy to most of you guys who have to edit on the go. So, it’s safe to say they make bags especially for people that go on a travel expedition.

The backpack style really does help you provide the comfort you need while traveling, climbing up and down the hills and so on. Also, these bags have a lot of compartments for quick and easy access to your camera gears.

Not only that it also has pouches that you can use to keep things like keys and small batteries. One of the things that I love about the bag is that it isn’t a bulky one yet it can carry almost all of the camera kits. It’s easy to customize the compartments in these bags which is a plus point for many customers.

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Thule is a company that produces some excellent quality shoulder bags. It looks quite small and seems like it also would be like the holster bags as well as backpacks. But don’t be fooled by the small form factor. It can fit quite a bit of a thing.

On one demonstration video on youtube (Company’s channel); it showed how easy it really was to fit in a lot of items. In that particular video the small shoulder bag fit in a DSLR, 3 lenses, an iPad, an iPhone, some keys and even a tripod; how crazy is that?

The soft padding on the inside is absolutely nothing like we usually see. It seems very soft and instead of cotton, they have used soft fabric-like material. That not only protects but also prevents any scratches that might be a result of rubbing against the paddings.

Also, the zippers aren’t of cheap quality. The sound of the zipper closing and opening shows how sturdy the built quality of the bag really is. The shoulder bags that they offer are also kinda stylish for its kind.

If you ask me what people would it be best for then my answer would be for everyone because of its versatility features like style, can carry a lot of things, provides awesome protection from external hits.

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Case Logic


Case Logic has a wide variety of camera bags but the most talked about are the Holster bags. These cases are very good for DSLR Cameras. These camera bags are very good for the ones who are starting photography as they are very much affordable than most of the cases that we can find.

The camera bag is very portable and small so it won’t be a bad idea to take it out on your travel. Also, these bags come with shoulder straps so that your hands aren’t occupied if you want to capture a perfect shot.

There’s only one downside to this bag and that is it can’t carry your entire camera kit. It’s only for those people who want to carry a camera body and one or even two lenses. These bags are quite padded so it won’t be a problem if it gets hit on the table or to something while walking.

So, you don’t have to worry about any damage. These bags also have some extended compartments which are perfect to carry an extra pair of batteries and SD cards. The zippers are also promising. So there’s nothing to worry about the built quality of these camera bags.

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Peak Design

The company started off from kick starter and now they have created quite a bit of hype for the company and its lineup. The main focus on shoulder bags and backpacks. Their backpacks look like a normal backpack but it’s feature kinda forces it to tilt towards the camera bags section.


The best thing about these backpacks is that the compartment can be assessed. from the top as well as the bottom. The side compartments on the left and right are great places to keep batteries and SD-Card.

Not only that it can also accommodate water bottles by stretching the outer layer. The compartmentalization in these bags is easily customizable as they are put together with velcro.

The zipper on these bags has a cool feature that provides extra security. The leather can be de-attached and locked on to the bag so nobody can access it. Even if someone is determined to get something you would notice it by the time they break the lock system. The top flap uses a latches system to allow access to items.

This is also a feature when the bags need to expand the latches can be extended to the maximum height available and be able to keep a lot of items.

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They are the company that sells the military standard kinda protection the kind you see in movies where guns and bullets are kept. There’s no doubt, it is surely going to get a lot of attention. They make their cases from a Super-light proprietary HPX²™ Polymer that provides 360 protection for your camera.

It also keeps external dust from entering the case. Pelican Air is one of the famous lines of products that attract many customers from around the globe. Also, Pelican™ injection molded cases are guaranteed to be water-resistant up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes. So, you don’t have to worry about a little bit of rain or water splash.

As the motto of the company suggests “Built to protect” and in my opinion, it is indeed a bodyguard for your camera gear. They’ve been doing this business since 1976 so you don’t have to worry about their quality and the brand name.

That’s not all the manufacturers provide a lot of variation of color to choose from. If you are going to buy cases from this brand then it would be a very good investment that would last a very long time.

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Camera Bag Buying Guide

1. Type of camera bags

There are basically nine types of camera bags that are popular right now. You need to decide which one suits you the best. In fact, you should think of it in this way, which one is more practical and suited for you rather than going for the cool looking one or the most expensive one.

After you decide which one you are getting it would be easier to narrow down the options to increase the probability of getting an ideal one for you.


The size of the bag depends on what you are going to carry. If you are going to carry a camera kit along with some accessories then you most probably need a bigger bag. You probably won’t be able to fit in a lot of stuff including multiple lenses in a small camera bag. So, before you go and randomly search for big bags ask yourself this question first.

What am I going to carry in this bag? Am I being practical, would I really carry these many items every time I go out and shoot. When you’re done answering these question then I’m sure you got your ideal type of bag for you.

3.Price and warranty

Prices are one of the major factors that hold you back from buying expensive bags. But it’s not necessary that greater the price the better product. There are lots of affordable bags that have excellent quality and will last for years.

Also, we think the warranty is crucial in camera bags. It basically tells you how durable the bags really are. It will also give you the confidence to go out without having to worry about the bag breaking down.

4.Build Quality and Comfort

No matter how good a camera bag looks, if it isn’t comfortable, it’s not a good buy. Also, you will want to have good build quality in a camera bag. That way, you can rest assured that all the accessories will be in place.

If you plan on traveling a lot, the comfort part becomes really really important. You don’t want to stay back and rest because the camera bag is too uncomfortable to carry.


When it comes to camera bags, you may want to look at the options that have the most numbers of compartments. More importantly, you will want to get a back that has resizable compartments. When you need a larger space, you can remove a compartment to make a larger compartment.

It’s also a good idea to decide beforehand how many compartments you will practically require today and in a few years’ time. You can shop accordingly. So you need to actually try it out before you buy or at least have an idea about how much space your gear will occupy.

6. Laptop compartment and Water resistance

If you are are an outdoor photographer, you will definitely want to check out backpacks that are water-resistant. Some backs have a water-resistant coating on them while others will have a dedicated cover for you to protect your camera bag. Either way, you know all your expensive camera gear is safe.

Also, check and see if your camera bag has a compartment where you can store on your laptop. If it does, it’s a sweet bonus. Having a camera bag that has a laptop compartment makes editing on the go so much easier.

There you go. These are the best brands that make top-notch camera bags. Which one did you like the best? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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