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15 Best Zipper Pulls [Replacement Zipper Pulls 2020]

It is never fun when a fully functional zipper pulls gives on you. But, as you will see in this article, it may not be really as bad as you think it is. We look at the 15 Best Zipper Pulls that look cool and are a great replacement to your original bag zipper. Without wasting your list, let’s get to it.

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Hermes AVIGRO Zipper Pull Charms Pendant Set

hermes avigro charm zipper full funky

Let’s start with some funky looking Zipper Pulls. This is a set of 20 rubber figurines of one of the best video game characters! You can have a whole set of Mario characters on the zippers of your bag!

The rubberized materials are soft for comfortable holding yet firm enough to be pulled for daily usage. The PVC rubber construction helps against color fading as well as making it washer safe – so, no need to be afraid to dunk your clothes or bags in the washing machine.

The set of 20 is also currently available with a discount upon the usage of a coupon.

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Aylifu Clip-on Crystal Dangle Pendant Charms

aylifu crystal dangle pendant charms lobster claw

If you like to have a bit of bling on your outfit, then, these designer zipper pulls shall go right with your jacket or backpack. This crystal-look-alike zipper pull will totally compliment your jewelry or outfit with bling. It will act also as a fashion accessory and not only a zipper pull – serving a dual purpose.

The crystal zipper pull is made up of bright metal and crystals – which, there are 24 colors, in the set. The zipper claw is a lobster styled harness, which makes it super easy to clip on and off. It can also be used in your other DIY projects!

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Maxpedition Small Finger Zipper Pulls

maxpedition small zipper pulls single finger functionality

Now, this next one in the list of 15 Best Designer Zipper Pulls is something that focuses on functionality and ease of use primarily. None can deny that there have been times your hands are not totally free when you have to open your bag’s zipper. This eliminates such problems with a single finger-pull function.

The zipper pull is made out of TPU and nylon. The nylon-string attaches to your zipper while the TPU serves as the puller. Simply insert your finger and pull the pulls! How easy and convenient is that? These come in a pack of 6. If you want more, there is also an option of getting in larger packs.

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Senfai 26 Alphabet Letters Name Charms Zipper Pulls

senfai alphabet zipper pulls name charms

This is for those wanting to get creative with words! These Alphabet Letter charms will allow you to make up words with them on your bag, or on your jacket, or wherever you choose. Even though these are name charms, you don’t have to limit yourself to your initials or names. Why not write a word that defines you?

Made up of Copper Alloy with crystals, these are also available in Rose-Gold plated color or just silver. The claw is lobster styled making it easy to clip on or off as well. Personalize your stuff with these.

The best part is- you can get it in any alphabet of your choice. And, yes, this custom zip pulls isn’t all that expensive.

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SecretGarden Beaded Zipper Pull Charms

etsy secret garden zipper pull charms decorative

Here’s something that is bound to catch your attention – an assortment of colorful beaded zipper pull charms! This secret garden collection comprises of a set of 10 color combination choices, ranging from sky blue with bronze to amber brown with gold.

Each pull is made up of a variety of Czech glass beads fitted with a lobster claw clasp which makes clipping up and off pretty easy. Other than a zipper pull, it can also be used as decorative pieces due to its large size – even on your Christmas tree!

It should be noted, however, that this zip pull is priced on the higher side and isn’t for everyone. Unless you are here for the funky designer look, you should be looking elsewhere.

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Heygoo Boho-Inspired Colorful Abstract Paint Pendant Zipper Pull

heygoo colorful abstract pain zipper pull pendant

If you’re some kind of art lover and want to decorate your bags or clothes with little art pieces, this is as close you’ll get. With these boho-inspired colorful abstract art pendant zipper pulls, you will look like an art appreciator! Also, these button-look alike round zipper pulls are pretty easy to grip due to their wide bases.

With snap clip hooks, you can be sure these aren’t coming off anytime soon. These come in packs of 3 and there are plenty of abstract art pieces to choose from.

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Willbond Paracord Zipper Pull Rope Keychain Zipper Extensions

willbond paracord zipper pulls rope zipper extensions

Want a bit of tough look on your jackets or backpacks? Well, even your zippers can help – with these paracord rope zipper extensions. Made up of quality paracord and steel buckles, these rope zipper extensions are as sturdy as they’re stylish, while the knotted rope styles also help for gripping. With these zipper pulls, it gives you the explorer or traveler tough-guy vibe on your clothes or bags. Simple, yet effective!

The rope knots are not easy to get off, and also the lobster clips make it secure. You can add this zip pull to your jackets, backpacks, boots, duffle bags, or other items. You can buy these in packs of 10.

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Driew Simple Zipper Puller Extensions

driew zipper puller extensions colorful simple pullers

Here’s something simple and functional for those who aren’t looking for anything fancy. These simple zipper pulls serve as a replacement to your current pullers or if you’ve lost your zipper pullers, or simply work as extensions. With a variety of colors, you can also give your bags a simple minimalistic colorful do-over.

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Made out of Nylon and Plastic, these are pretty durable and will fit most of your daily usage. The nylon thread serves as the attachment while the plastic helps you grip these pulls. You can get these in packs of 22. And since there’s nothing fancy going around with these zipper pulls, you can get it for dirt cheap price.

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Purebuttons Custom Zipper Pulls

purebuttons custom zipper pulls custom sample

This is not exactly a definitive product per se but more like a place where you can order your custom zipper pulls. Just like in the image, you can choose your own designs to personalize your stuff or create something that represents you! Even more useful for those companies wanting to promote their brand via their employees or making small gifts to their customers.

These zipper pulls are made out of plastic backs with chromed metal zipper hook toped with high-quality face print with weather-resistant finish. You can also choose your own clip style as well, and even the finishes like soft-touch matte or acetate metallic.

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Xpeciall Universal Replacement Zipper Pull

xpeciall simple zipper pulls parts replacementNow, this one right here is not anything fancy or functional zipper pull. It’s a pretty basic zipper pull for regular usage. It might be better than the one currently in your bag or jacket, due to its high-quality environment-friendly zinc alloy, also making it pretty durable. Also, the surface is electroplated through hanging gold craft, full of gloss and stereoscopic feeling – it gives you a better grip as well.

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Mostly, these will work as your zipper pull replacements rather than adding to the style and funky looks. But these 12-pack regular zippers will come in handy.

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MSR Universal Reflective Zipper Pull

msr universal reflective zipper pulls highly functional

Next up on the list of 15 Best Designer Zipper Pulls that are Funky but Functional is also something mostly built for convenience and functionality, but these do manage to have a style of their own. These are a better, quieter, and lightweight alternatives to your regular zipper pull on your bags or jackets. Plus, the special feature here is the reflective materials that glow in the dark. So, if you have to, by chance, look for your bag in the dark, these might be useful!

Made up of nylon and plastic with a reflective coating, these are pretty durable as well. A pack contains 4 zipper pulls.

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Salare Durable Zipper Tag Extensions

salare nylon cord zipper tab durable pulls

Designed to mostly meet your daily needs and functionality, these are another set of basic zipper pulls that could make for a better and lightweight replacement to the regular ones. Or maybe simply use these as extensions because longer zipper pulls mean more convenience right? The nylon ropes are highly compatible with most zippers to slip in, and hence, you can use it on anything – bags, jackets, boots, etc.

And if you have a habit of breaking stuff, like, zipper pulls, these come in a pack of 50!

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Dazzling Czech Glass Beads Zipper Pulls

dazzling glass beads zipper pulls stylish

Another one of those glass beads in this list of 15 Best Designer Zipper Pulls that are Funky but Functional. But these are a bit smaller ones in size if you prefer them to be. Nonetheless, these can prove to be quite the fashion accessories to complement your looks – whether it be on your bags, or clothes or even DIY modify into earrings!

Made out of Czech Glass, the beads are available in a variety of color mixes. And since these are handmade, each one is beautifully crafted. Hence, a slightly heftier price tag. But well worth it, if you’re into such fashion!

Take a look at these bead zipper pulls here>> back to menu ↑

Wocraft Handmade Inspiration Charm Pendant Zipper Pulls

wocraft handmande charm zipper pulls inspirational

Now, these ones here, are not about word plays, but sending a message…through your zipper pulls. These zipper pulls are engraved with single words that are inspiring and styled with funky looking fonts as well. You can select one that best represents you…or something you want to relay a message about.

With zinc alloy construction and lobster clasp harness, these are durable and easy to snap on/off. So, use these in your clothes, bags, or any accessory, or any DIY project to add some inspiration.

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Hanks Surplus Heavy Duty Zipper Pulls

high strength zipper pulls rugged heavy duty

Last ones in the list of 15 Best Designer Zipper Pulls that are Funky but Functional, are these – heavy-duty, built mostly for the strength. The ropes are woven paracord, and pretty thick so that they won’t break easily. Also, these are single-finger zipper pulls, meaning, they are super easy and convenient to use as well. And in addition, these are reflective – ones you can find in the dark easily.

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Do Zipper Pulls work on every Bag and Backpack?

Definitely. As long as you have a zipper in your backpack, all zipper pulls will work for you. All of the zipper pulls have a design that fits all kinds of zippers. You attach the zipper pull to your bag by either tieing it around the zipper or by using the metal hook design. And since most of the zipper pulls come in a pack, you don’t have to worry if one or two getting damaged over time.

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Can you repair Zipper Pulls at home?

Unfortunately, not. Most of the zipper pulls are disposable. If if they are broken, your only choice is to replace it with a new one. You can’t repair them at home (or anywhere else for that matter). On the flip side, the zipper pulls aren’t expensive at all. You can usually get simple designed zip pulls (pack of 5) for under $5.

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Where can you buy Custom Zipper Pulls?

You can buy custom zipper pulls on websites such as purebuttons.com. They design all kinds of custom zipper pulls. However, if you are looking for a zipper pull with your initial written on it, you can check out pulls on Amazon. There, you will get zipper pulls of every alphabet. The other option for you is etsy.com. This is also the website I recommend if you are looking for fancy designer zipper pulls. They definitely have the largest collection of highest quality zipper pulls.

If you found none of the Zipper Pull quite to your expectations, we recommend you get one that is custom-made. There are a lot of companies that make a custom zipper pull for their customers. Also, have you found a zipper pull that is worth a recommendation? Let us know in the comments section down below. We will make sure to update this article of Best Zip Pulls with your recommendation.

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