5 Best Waterproof Pouch for Swimming [2020]

Doesn’t matter whether you are going swimming at the pool or planning to visit the beaches, a waterproof pouch will definitely come in handy. Here, we will be looking at the Best Waterproof Pouch for Swimming for 2020 that is durable and will keep all your things secure.

Lets us start with some fun facts. According to water safety record, each year there are over 310 million visits to public swimming pools and 75 million people visit beaches. And over 15% of the people either lose some of their belongings or have it damaged.

Here are the 5 Best Waterproof pouches which you can buy right now.

Earth Pak

earth-pak-waterproof-pouchThe Earth Pak bags is one of the nicest waterproof pouches you can get today. When you purchase it, you not only get this big pouch which will fit in a lot of things, it also comes with a small waterproof pouch you can use to carry your cell phone with you.

And the great thing about the waterproof pouch for your phone is the fact that it is transparent. So, you can have your phone inside the pouch and still do things like take a quick snapshot or even a video. This bag is made with extra tough PVC material to remove people’s skepticism about the durability of this bag.


Also, the bag is available in a lot of colors including Black, Blue, Green, Clear, Red, Orange, Pink, and Yellow. We recommend you

to get the Clear Waterproof Pouch as you can easily see what’s inside the pouch and what isn’t. But again, if you plan on

carrying anything that is valuable, it might be wight to look for another color option.

This is one of the best waterproof pouches you can take for swimming or to the beaches. It is lightweight and very convenient to carry. It can fit into lockers quite easily leaving space for shoes as well.

The manufacturer offers this bag in two sizes 10L and 20L. All this at about $17 for smaller 10L and $20 for the larger 20L is an excellent deal.

Versatile would be the best word to describe this bag. It’s not only good for swimming but it’s also widely used by hikers, campers, and skiers.

Check out this Earth Pok waterproof pouch here>>

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Flykul Waterproof Bag

best-waterproof-pouch-swimming-beachThree layers of protection and a seal on the top of the bag ensure 100% waterproofing of the Flykul Waterproof Pouch. It is the best waterproof pouch for swimming for more than just the aforementioned reason.

It also prevents dirt, dust, and snow from getting in the bag. And the best of all, you can have it for under $15. So, it’s a budget-friendly bag that won’t break the bank.

The bag is made up of high PVC with a large size capacity to hold your belongings like towels, water bottles, swimming goggles, costumes, and even a DSLR. It also comes with a small pouch which you can use to keep mobile phones, earphones, a wallet and some of your go-to makeup items. This bag can be folded and rolled for saving the unused spaces which is one of the key features of this bag.

This bag comes with a year of limited warranty and a 30-day money back guaranty ensuring that the brand only sells the best of products.

View the latest pricing here>>

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If you are planning to take your phone underwater, I highly suggest you get Timme waterproof bag for phones. The triple seal protection gives water resistance capabilities up to 10m underwater. The bag is made from soft high-density PVC material which delivers the waterproofing feature.

You get two bags in a pack. One is a black one the other is a transparent one. The black one serves as privacy protection of your valuable items whereas the transparent one is perfect for use of mobiles and tablets underwater.

The size of the bag is 8.66-inch x 6.00-inch. So there should be any problem fitting in large phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max.

You can buy these two packs for $20. Sure, you can get pouches that are a lot cheaper than this, but you really can’t fault the quality of this pouch. I have been using this bag for several years now and haven’t had a problem.

But then again, if you are all about the style then this bag is definitely not for you. It doesn’t look particularly impressive in terms of design and certainly won’t grab people’s attention.

Get the Timme waterproof pouch here>>

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best-waterproof-pouch-swimming-beachesTheones bags are a great way to protect your mobile phone or any other accessory from the water this summer. If you are the person who doesn’t have protection for your mobile phone against water, then this is definitely for you.

The company offers three different colors: Black, Transparent and blue. These colors are offered to suit your style. One of the main thing that separates this particular bag from the rest is its design. Its one of the slimmest pouches on your list. This bag can fit any phone under 6.4 inches including iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

This bag has the highest rating of waterproofing at IPX8. Four-layer lock design ensures that no dust, dirt, and snow gets inside. One of the coolest features of Theones is that its made of TPU material which means you can run your iPhones perfectly from the outside the cover. Which by the way also means you can take pictures underwater.

It’s also well priced. You can get it for $5 or so. If you want something that is dirt cheap and still manages to provide protection just as the same as the more expensive options, this one is a no-brainer.

View this Theones Pouch here>>

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Venterior Waterproof Pouch

smartphone-best-waterproof-pouchThis is a bigger version of the Theones bag. This can house more items than just a mobile phone. In the advertisement, we can see watches and some keys in the pouch. But we don’t recommend you putting these objects because it can substantially harm your screen on your mobile device. You can, however, keep wallets and other accessories (such as an earphone) that won’t be leaving scuffs on your phone.

The bag is IPX8 certified which means that it can last up to 1m depth of water. One handy feature of this case is that you can wear it around your waist like a fanny pack. It ensures that your valuable items like phones and license are totally dry when you get wet.

This bag has the most warranty time period among all the devices on the list with a warranty of 2 years. It is offered in four different colors- jet black, blue, black, and gray- to match your taste. This bag costs around $15 which in my opinion is a good deal especially if you are a fanny pack lover.

Check out the updated price on Venterior pouch here>>

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Top Pick

The Earth Pak bag stands out at the top of our list. It is constructed well and can last for a really long time. It also comes with a phone case ensuring extra protection for your phone. Not only that the shoulder straps are just the icing on the cake which makes us easier to carry.

Size of this bag is perfect for a wide range of swimmers. It can fit in a lot of stuff inside and keep them tight and snug. And the best part is that it is compact enough to fit in many of the lockers in swimming pools. You also get a transparent pouch for your smartphone which is an added bonus. You can use it underwater without damaging your phone a bit.

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Best Waterproof Pouch for Swimming: Buying Guide


Size is one of the major factors when it comes to selecting the best waterproof pouch for swimming. If you are going for a bigger size waterproof bag, then I would definitely recommend you to buy the Earth Pak bags or Flykul bags. But if you are someone who only wants a bag to keep your mobile phones then Theones will be a great choice.

Usability of a phone when in the case

There are only some manufacturers that allow you to use a phone underwater. Cases that support this feature is made up of TPU material which allows you to run your iPhone or any other smartphone perfectly from the outside the cover. Theones and Timme both perfectly support this feature.


Look, while a big waterproof pouch or a bag may be tempting, they are really cumbersome to carry around. I personally never liked big waterproof pouches. And if you buy a bag that is really big, it may not even fit in some of the lockers. In our list, Venterior and Timme are the best options if you are looking for a good portable option.

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FAQ about Waterproof Bags and Waterproof Pouches

Here are some of the answers to the frequently asked by hundreds of readers.

Are waterproof pouches fully water-sealed?

While I would love to say yes, most of the waterproof pouches aren’t fully waterproof. And it’s to be expected. You can’t expect anything to be fully waterproof. However, without any doubt, most of them are water-resistant enough to take for a swim and come back with no water inside.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t plan to submerge your bag for more than 30 minutes underwater, you really shouldn’t worry.

Water-resistance of a particular bag depends on the rating that it has. These ratings range from IPX0 to IPX8. IPX0 being the least water-resistant to IPX8 being the most water-resistant.

Do waterproof pouch float in water?

Well, it depends. The circular pouches DO float in water but the smaller ones where you keep your smartphone may not. Any type of waterproof pouch will float in water when it is empty. However, when you put things on it, things may change. However, a good waterproof pouch will without any doubt float in water.

What are the chances of a waterproof pouch leaking?

It’s highly unlikely that any of these bags will leak. We even experimented poking the pouches for a while and couldn’t puncture them. So, unless you have got a defective unit, you really don’t need to worry about getting a hole in your waterproof pouch.

Which brand makes the best waterproof pouch for swimming?

Having tested more than 15 waterproof pouches, I personally think Earth Pak is the brand that makes the best waterproof pouch. Earth Pak was able to get this position because of its compact size and multi-purpose functionality.

There you go. These are the Best Waterproof pouch for swimming you can buy in 2020. Which one did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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