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Best Waterproof Camera Bag for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Camera gears are without any doubt the most expensive pieces of equipment one can carry on a backpack. Put 2 lenses and a full-frame camera on a bag and you will be carrying $2000+ worth of gear in no time. I always recommend carrying quality camera bags from known brands especially if you are running around with your camera gear all the time. And if it’s raining- carry a water-resistant bag. In this article, I will be covering the best waterproof camera bag for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras.

There are tons of waterproofing camera bags for your DSLR and mirrorless camera. However, very few are worth your money.

Camera gears cost a ton of money and manufacturers know that customers are willing to put in a load of cash to protect their gear. As such, it’s not unusual to see brands to overprice their offerings.

Here, we have gathered some of the best water-resistant/ waterproof camera backpacks that are durable and are worth your money. So, let’s dive into the list of Best Waterproof Camera Bags and Backpacks list without wasting much of your time.


Best Waterproof Camera Bag for Large DSLRs

Matador Freerain24 2.0 Backpack


It is the size of a cup of coffee when not in use. After you pull the Matador Freerain 24 Backpack from its pouch, you will have an ultralight, waterproof, 24-liter pack for your camera. Its key feature includes 30-denier Cordura fabric reinforced with siliconized waterproof coating on the outside.

And Hypalon rolls for the top closure, with internally sealed seams. A weather-resistant zipper on the front essentials pocket is like the cherry on top of the cake. There’s no doubt about keeping your gear dry in wet conditions.

As they say “The success of a product depends on the attention paid to detail”.  Matador has nailed it with this product. The weight-distributing shoulder straps won’t absorb water which is quite a unique thing to have.

Compression straps squeeze your cargo for stability, and an adjustable chest strap makes it easier to carry the load. The adjustable chest strap can be removed if it’s not your thing.

The thing that I love about this bag, in particular, has to be its style. It’s quite a bit of disappointment when they provide only one color option for this bag.

Large mesh water bottle pockets on either side make it easy to stay hydrated. At the end of your adventure or commute, the Freerain24 packs down to 5 x 3″ in its attached carry pouch.

Highlight Features

  • Waterproof 30D outer fabric
  • 24L carrying capacity
  • Excellent Built quality
  • Priced Reasonably well

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OverBoard Classic Waterproof Backpack


The  20-liter Classic Waterproof Backpack from OverBoard is a bag with a 1,200-cubic-inch capacity that is able to float and keep its contents dry. Even when briefly submerged to a depth of three feet. Utilizing a fold-seal closure that is secured with a snap buckle. This bag features an IP66 rating.

This makes it is suitable for use while on a boat, raft, or whenever there is an elevated risk of the wearer or their backpack falling into the water.

Aside from providing protection from accidental immersion and the ability for later retrieval, the classic waterproof backpack may also be used, for instance, where some exposure to water is anticipated, such as while crossing a stream or river.

To help ensure that this Classic Waterproof Backpack is comfortable to carry, its shoulder straps feature both padding and ventilation in addition to a ventilated back panel that further cools the wearer. An adjustable sternum strap provides stability and built-in lumbar support reduces pressure on the lower back.

Should the need arise to retrieve this bag under darkness or low-light; reflective external patches are included on the front surface and on both shoulder straps. Three external D-rings allow for direct and secure attachment of accessories and an external mesh side pocket provides a visible and easily accessible compartment.

Highlight Features

  • IP66 Water-resistance rating
  • 30-Liter Capacity
  • Proper shoulder strap padding
  • Bags floats in water

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Waterproof Large Lens Bag Camera 


Similarly, we have another product from lovelifejoy. They have built the perfect case wildlife photographers who mostly use a larger telephoto lens. Fit For Canon 300mm/F4mm,For Canon 400mm/F5.6mm; For Nikon 300mm,200-500mm; and for Tamron 200-500mm,  150-600mm; and finally for SIGMA 50-500mm. 

The inner size is 35*14.5cm/13.8*5.7 inch which would be ideal to put most of the camera lenses. It is padded in order to protect from accidental hits while carrying it. The shoulder strap is an absolutely awesome thing to have. Like other waterproof camera cases and camera bags, this one is waterproof as well. The extra layer of thick padding is best to protect the Camera lens! Its priced at 60 dollars which is a great value for money if you are using for with a bigger lens. 

This product has a perfect rating of 5 from different customer reviews. Most of the people are quite happy with the manufacturer because of how professional they are. You can put your longest lens in here. That’s why people love it so much! Also, the design and the build quality of the product is fantastic. As one customer had said, “It fits like a glove”.

Highlight Features

  • Designed to resist water in extreme situations
  • Can fit a DSLR and a large lens (eg 70-200mm Canon lens)
  • Constructed with high-density sponge and rubber
  • Comes with a shoulder belt
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Best Waterproof Camera Bag for Mirrorless Cameras

Endurax Camera Backpack


Endurax backpack camera bag [Amazon Link] is equipped with padded customizable dividers to make you well organized. These pockets can fit in all your photography gears.

A small tiny pocket is also included for you to keep smaller accessories. The main compartment is enough to fit 1 camera body with lens attached along with 4 extra lenses and a flash. The small pouch is specially made to carry a tripod. A strap is also included in the bag in order to protect a small travel tripod. 

Pockets inside the front flap can fit up to 14″ laptops. Therefore, The 13-inch Macbook pro/air 2019 and some dell portable laptops wouldn’t be an issue to carry around.

An additional pocket is included keeping in mind a 10″ tablet which most of the people these days own. In addition, there is a tripod mount with a zipper that you can place an SD card or battery. A side pocket for a water bottle or umbrella.

Small camera backpack Provides great carrying comfort with padded shoulder straps and chest strap, ventilate back padding and torso-length adjustment let you travel comfortably at any weight load. It comes with a strap that lets enables the camera bag be attached to the handle of a rolling suitcase. A great choice for any on-the-go photographer.

Endurax waterproof camera backpack made from high-density water-resistant polyester material and features a PVA armored front panel to provide extraordinary protection for your valuable gears, it is built for outdoor rugged use for years. I am quite surprised that the company is providing a 30 Days free of return.

That too along with a 1-year warranty to boost up the owners’ confidence. In conclusion, there is no doubt in this bag being one of the best ones currently available in the market.

Highlight Features

  • Very well received by customers with 4.7-rating on Amazon (from 70+ customers)
  • Constructed to survive with even with rough handling
  • Priced exceptionally well
  • Made from high-density water-resistant polyester
  • 1-year warranty

MOSISO Camera Sling Bag


This water repellent bag contains several compartments for camera, phone, accessories and personal belongings. One bag is enough for your travel and outgoing. The soft foam layer surrounded can well protect your camera and accessories from accidental shocks and scratches.

The design makes it quick to turn from your back to the front for easy quick access to the camera. The dimension of the bag is 15.7 x 9.06 x 4.8 inches (L x W x H).

The water repellent bag contains several compartments for you different accessories like camera, phone, and personal belongings. One bag is enough for your travel and outgoing.

The soft foam layer that surrounds protect your camera and accessories from accidental shocks and scratches.

The larger storage case (inner dimension: 10.1 x 7.87 x 4.33 inch) is separated with removable modular inserts. This is to fit the various size of lenses and flash units. Also, the tripod holder is the best featured on the bag side.

The available flexible shoulder strap varies from 19.3 to a maximum of 38.7 inches. It can be adjusted per personal preference. This bag is perfectly suitable for men and women – camera enthusiasts. The sling design makes it quick to turn from your back to the front for easy quick access to the camera.

This multifunctional sling bag [Amazon Link] is professionally designed for DSLR / SLR / Mirrorless cameras of different brands. For example,  Canon, Nikon. Compatible with Nikon D5300, D5600, D3400, D3200, D3300. MOSISO gives a 1-year warranty on each bag. It is one of the most affordable waterproof bags on our list priced at about 30 dollars. As a result, it wouldn’t be shocking to see if this product sells quicker than the others.

Highlight Features

  • Water-resistant design
  • Flexible shoulder strap
  • Unisex design with multiple color choices
  • Sling bag design with good strap padding
  • Priced Reasonably well

DCRYWRX Photography Backpack


The DCRTWRX is one of the nicest looking camera backpacks [Amazon Link] you can buy today! But it’s not just the looks- it’s constructed really well too.

With multiple dynamic compartments, you can keep your cameras, accessories and other personal items in a safe and convenient place! It’s made from durable, weather-resistant nylon with sturdy, reinforced stitching for everyday carrying purposes. A digital SLR camera with a standard zoom lens can be used to mount an additional lens or flash.

Likewise, the interior is made from very high-quality material. The bag is padded with adjustable partitions, mesh pocket for small accessories like tripod/monopod. The overall dimensions of the bag are 30*16*44 cm (length x width x height) which is similar to the size of a backpack.

This bag has a similar design of a traditional backpack. As a result, the sling bag design allows for quick rotation from the back to the front of the body. This allows you to get into your gear quickly and easily with little or no effort. All these features combined, this camera bag is one of my personal favorite in this list of the best waterproof camera bags. 

There are three color options to choose from: green, gray, and brown. Since it provides color options, a lot of people would definitely love this.

Highlight Features

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Made from weather-resistant nylon
  • Padded adjustable partition with mesh pockets
  • Available in several color options
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Best Waterproof Camera Bag for Compact Cameras

Vi Vante Baby Driver Waxed Canvas and Leather Compact Camera Bag with Rain Cover


If you are fond of messenger bags, you will definitely have to check out the Vi Vante Baby Driver Waxed Compact Camera Bag. This messenger bag is waxed making it water-resistant.

However, if it starts raining heavily, you can pull out the included rain cover which will make sure that the water doesn’t get in the messenger bag and damages your camera gear.

This messenger camera bag is ideal for carrying compact cameras such as the Sony RX100. Also, if you have got smaller mirrorless cameras like the Sony A6700, you can comfortably carry it in this messenger camera bag. Just make sure that the lens you are carrying is of larger focal length.

The Vi Vante Compact Camera Bag is really well constructed and has a good design too. In addition to that, the bag has a really good plush red interior. So, the bag looks premium both inside out. It’s not just fancy looking, though.

The bag comes with 3 removable dividers that can be removed in case you want to slot in a larger camera lens.

Highlight Features

  • Priced on the expensive side (over $100)
  • Full leather Shoulder Strap
  • Comes with City Slicker Rain-cover
  • Waxed Canvas for water resistance
  • Messenger Bag Design

Gitzo Century Camera Compact Messenger Bag (Black)

The Gitzo Century Compact Messenger Bag is one of the most expensive camera bags on this list. At $170, it’s undoubtedly not for everyone. However, if finance isn’t something that restricts your purchase decision, you can go ahead and buy this messenger bag. You will certainly not regret your purchase decision. This is one of the best waterproof camera bags you can get today.
The messenger bag can hold a mirrorless camera and up to 3 lenses. In addition to that, it has a padded compartment to store your iPad. All the pockets on this camera messenger bag are padded. So, in case you drop it, you don’t have to worry about destroying your camera system. Just make sure not to drop it from a significant height.
The Gitzo Century Compact Camera Messenger Bag is water-resistant and should protect your camera from rain pretty well. You also get a rain cover with a storage pouch when you buy this messenger bag. The ergonomics of this bag is great and you will appreciate the design of the bag especially if you carry this camera bag for an extended period.

Highlight Features

  • Constructed like a tank
  • Padded slot for storing iPad
  • Can fit a mirrorless camera with three lenses
  • Priced on a higher side
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Best Waterproof Camera Bag for Underwater Shooting

SODIAL SLR Camera Waterproof Case


One of the best quality of this SLR Camera case is its compatibility. You can use it with most digital and film SLR and DSLR cameras. It provides reliable protection from water, dust, sand, and weather elements.

The downside of this case is its limited color options to choose from. Thee is only one color option available- orange. The case itself is transparent and flexible. It gives greater convenience of camera buttons control. Soidal has used PVC as the manufacturing material for the case.

It’s ideal for lenses of length 10cm, suitable for lens between 0.8cm-10cm. Inside the box, you shall receive a 1x camera Case. This camera bag will set you around 30 bucks. The price isn’t cheap but it’s affordable when you compare it to most of these kinds of bags.

You might be a little disappointed with the case. The light shooting and different displays that may cause the color of the item in the picture to distort. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Highlight Features

  • Casing designed for underwater shooting
  • Fits most of the full-frame DSLRs
  • Can be used up to 20m underwater
  • Drop resistance protection

Buy it at Amazon>>



The DiCAPac waterproof housing case [Amazon Link] is a serious all-weather vinyl case for digital SLR cameras for hardcore photographers who don’t mind shooting on extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t come cheap at a Priced of 89 dollars. The casing is absolutely waterproof up to 16 feet (5 meters) deep. It is a great thing if you are going to use it for underwater photography. The high-grade vinyl with a UV-coated polycarbonate lens cover accounts for its robust durability.

The best part about this bag is the Spare EN-EL14a Battery for Nikon. Along with that, you get an Intova Sea Squirt Waterproof Underwater High Power LED Torch. Also, complimenting it is combined with UW Torch Hand Strap which would be an awesome tool for photography and navigating underwater at the low light condition.

That’s not all it is the perfect tool for underwater photography, camping, fishing, safety, and more. This waterproof torch offers 5 super-bright LED lights for even illumination, and is waterproof down to 100 feet.

I personally am a fan of the Cameta microfiber cleaning cloth that comes in the kit. It is an essential item to have for keeping camera and lenses smudge-free. It has a rating of 3.8 on amazon and is best for Nikon D5100.

Highlight Features

  • 6-product complete underwater shooting kit
  • Priced well taking into consideration all the accessories included
  • Good design with a 1-year warranty
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Are Waterproof Camera Bags really Waterproof or just Water-resistant?


Yes, and No. It depends on which bag you are buying. Most of the companies provide a water-resistant coating whereas, some are actually waterproof. You should watch out for the resistance level certification of the bag itself. In this case, the higher rating is always the better one. This is because the IP certification follows an ascending order. The chart above should give you a better idea about the water-resistant Ingress Protection (IP) rating.

We would like to consider IP greater than x6 when buying a water-resistant/ waterproof bag for your camera.

IPx6 certification is provided only when a camera bag (or any other material as a matter of fact) can be sprayed with jets of water from any direction without getting inside the camera bag. However, do note that you cannot submerge your camera bag inside water. IPx6 certainly isn’t resistant to submersion.

If you are looking for a bag to take on water, I recommend you read our article on Best Waterproof Pouch 2019. These bags can be submerged in water with no risk of water getting in.

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