10 Best Samsung Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers (2020)

Samsung has just launched the entry-level smartphone for 2020- the Samsung Galaxy A01. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 Best Samsung Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers you can buy for your new smartphone.

This list of Best Samsung Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers includes slim transparent cases, rugged cases as well as flip cover cases. Since the Galaxy A01 is an entry-level phone, we won’t be focusing much on cases that cost upwards of $20.

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Soft Rubber TPU Cover


I am someone who likes the use of transparent cases very much. Transparent cases are cheap to buy and don’t ruin the design of the phone. At the same time, they offer great protection to a phone especially if you have applied a tempered glass screen protector on the front of the phone.

This Samsung Galaxy A01 transparent case is priced under $5 and is certainly good value for money. While it is cheap, the manufacturer hasn’t skimped on quality.

The Galaxy A01 case has raised corners with extra cushioning to absorb shocks in case of a drop. Also, this TPU cover is quite thick which provides better protection in case of an impact.

But as it is the case with most other transparent cases, this Galaxy A01 transparent case too is prone to go pale and turn ‘yellowish’ after several months of use. If you don’t mind buying a new transparent case every few months, this case is certainly worth a look.

One thing to note, however. If you are buying this case, make sure to get yourself a tempered glass screen protector specifically designed for the Galaxy A01. The glass screen protector is necessary in case you drop your phone from a substantial height.


  • Slim Profile
  • Priced Well
  • Doesn’t ruin the design of the phone
  • Corner Protection


  • Tends to get yellowish after a few months of use
  • Doesn’t offer protection against drops

View this Transparent Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Flip Cover Wallet Case


Flip case covers may not be as popular as they were just a few years ago but I still think they look good on phones. This Feitenn Samsung Galaxy A01 is the best flip case cover you can buy for the phone. Priced at $10, this Galaxy A01 cover is made from synthetic PU leather material. Not only does it look good but it also feels in the hand.

You can get this Galaxy A01 Flip wallet case in 3 colors- Black, Grey, and Orange. Personally, I think the Brown PU leather color option is the way to go. It perfectly mimick genuine leather. Unless you hold this cover in your own hard, you will have a hard time distinguishing it from real leather.

This cover is not only about the design. It can be used as a kickstand for watching movies or while playing games using a controller. There are also slots in the inner part of the cover where you can store ID cards or any other cards.

And since it’s a flip case, you don’t have to worry about dropping your Galaxy A01 face-down. The front part of the phone is protected by the cover too.

All-in-all, this is a great flip cover for the Galaxy A01. If you are looking for a case cover that folds, this case from Feitenn is the way to go.


  • Protection on both the front and the back
  • PU leather looks and feels great
  • Card slot built-in
  • Kickstand feature


  • Bulky compared to other cases
  • Limited color options

Check out this Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Rubber TPU Case


ADroid is a new name in the smartphone case and cover industry. However, in just a few years of its establishment, the company has grabbed people’s attention for delivering quality products at a reasonable price.

Look at this Samsung Galaxy A01 TPU case, for example. You get this Rubber Case with 2 Tempered Glass Screen protector for under $10. At this price, what you are getting is a steal! And neither the case nor the tempered glass screen protector is of garbage quality. The company is so confident that they are providing 3 months warranty on this cover.

This Soft slim case for the Galaxy A01 is specifically designed for the phone and features reinforced corners that protect the device from scratches, drops, and bumps. The cover resists grease quite well too.

Unfortunately, this case for the Galaxy A01 is only available in Black color. So, if you were looking for some other funky color options, you will have to look elsewhere.


  • Comes with free Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Doesn’t add bulk to the Galaxy A01
  • Corner Protection


  • Dull design

View this Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Heavy-Duty Rugged Case


If you are looking for a rugged case for the Galaxy A01, you should have your eyes set at this Heavy Duty Rugged Case. This Galaxy A01 case is a dual-layer case with a hard case on the outside and a soft silicone case on the inside of the case. The outer part of the case protects the phone from scratches and scuffs while the interior of the case absorbs this shock in case of a drop.

This rugged Galaxy A01 case also features an integrated kickstand. This is a great feature while watching movies and other kinds of videos. In addition to that, you can slide your fingers inside the case and use it to securely hold the phone.

The best thing about this extra-protective Galaxy A01 has to be its price. You can get one for under $5 at the moment. It’s available in 2 colors- Black and Red. I personally think the Red color option is the way to go.


  • Exceptional drop protection
  • Integrated kickstand
  • Priced under $5
  • Corner Protection


  • Bulky
  • Design not for everyone

Check out this Rugged Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Here is another Samsung Galaxy A01 Slim case that comes with a free Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The comes courtesy of Idea Line. The case is made out of TPU material with a soft rubberized coating. The case feels great in the hands thanks to the rubberized finish.

As with the earlier case, this case too is only available in Black color. You get both the case and the tempered glass for under $10. All the four sides of this Galaxy A01 cover are reinforced which should withstand a drop. And if you apply the included glass on the screen of the phone, you can be covered against most impacts and scratches.


  • Slim Design
  • Comes with free tempered glass screen protector
  • Great rubberized feel in the hand
  • Reinforced corners for added drop protection


  • No color choices

View this Rugged Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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NageBee Samsung Galaxy A01 Glitter Liquid Case for Girls


This NageBee Samsung Galaxy A01 case is designed specifically with the girls in mind. The case looks pretty and has liquid between the outer and inner housing of the case. There are hundreds of glitters floating in the liquid. When you face this case towards the sun, the glitters sparkle making the case even more attractive.

It’s not just about the looks, though. Since the case is quite thick(as you can imagine), it provides great protection against drops and bumps. Not only that, you get a free tempered glass screen protector designed for the Galaxy A01.

The great thing about buying this case from NageBee is the customer support you get after the purchase. If you happen to not like this case after it is delivered to you, you can have it returned no questions asked. This fancy Samsung Galaxy A01 girly case also comes with a 30-day money-back warranty.


  • Great catchy design
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Great protection against drops


  • Bulky
  • Other TPU cover tends to get yellowish after months of use

Check out all the Designer Samsung Galaxy A01 Cases here >>

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GSDCB Samsung Galaxy A01 Air Cushion Carbon Fiber Cover


The Faux Samsung Galaxy A01 Carbon Fiber case may not be for everyone. But, personally, I find this case to be really well designed. It’s not plain jane like many other cases in this list of Best Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers. It also doesn’t feel cheap in the hands. On top of that, the rubberized texture makes gripping the phone a lot easier.

This Galaxy A01 Air Cushion Carbon Fiber Case is available in 3 color options. If you are going with a stealth look, you should certainly check out the Black color option of this case.

Anyone who is looking for a cheap case for the Galaxy A01 and doesn’t want to break the bank should have a look at this case. It’s priced at just $4 and is certainly worth the money.


  • Priced exceptionally well
  • Feels good in the hands
  • Corner Protection


  • Generic design
  • Doesn’t offer protection against drops

Check out this Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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Banzn Slim Fit Samsung Galaxy A01 Case


The Banzn Galaxy A01 is my top pick in this list of Best Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers. This case for the phone is minimalistic and feels great in the hands. What’s more? You can get it for under $10.

The sleeve is available in 4 colors. I personally think that everyone should go with the Green color option. It isn’t flashy and looks really good with the design of the phone. The case itself is everything and just adds 0.8mm to the thickness of the phone. At under 20g, it doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone either.

This Galaxy A01 also has a raised front lip which protects the screen of the phone in case of a drop. The camera cut-out is raised too. So, your camera glass will always be protected from scratches from the surface of the table.


  • Slim Profile
  • Great feel in the hands
  • Available in different color options
  • Minimal design


  • No corner protection

View this slim Samsung Galaxy A01 Cover here >>

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Case Thin TPU Cover


There aren’t many designer cases available for the Galaxy A01. However, if you are fond of designs like the one above, chances are we have got you covered. You don’t need to like the particular design shown above. The brand DagoRoo has multiple designs in offer for the Galaxy A01. I personally like the Emerald Marble design cover.

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Unlike other cases which are either TPU cases or PU leather cases, this one is made from dual-layer material. The inner layer of this case is made from TPU leather while the other later of this case is made out of glass. Even with this much sophistication, the company has been able to price it under $10.


  • Dual-layer design
  • Feels great in the hands
  • Excellent protection to the phone in case of a drop


  • Tempered Glass back has a tendency to break in case of a drop
  • Not available in plain color options
  • Not very slim

View this cool Samsung Galaxy A01 Cover here >>

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Designer Slim Transparent Case


If you want a transparent case for the Galaxy A01 with some flare, you may want to have a look at this TPU cover. This is a slim TPU case that is available in multiple color options. You can get it in Pink, Purple, Teal, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, and a lot more.

This case cover has a slim profile and doesn’t add too much bulk to the Galaxy A01. The best part about this cover has to be its design. While the cover is slim, it doesn’t skimp on protection. All 4 sides of the cover are reinforced. Thanks to the reinforcement, it provides better protection in case of a drop or an impact.

This Samsung Galaxy A01 cover is priced under $10 and comes with a 2-month warranty.


  • Slim design
  • Comes with 2-month warranty
  • Available in different designs and colors
  • Corner Protection


  • Could be priced better

Check out this fancy Samsung Galaxy A01 Case here >>

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Mr.Shield Samsung Galaxy A01 Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Pack of 3]


Unlike most premium smartphones that have either a glass back or a metal casing, the budget Galaxy A01 has a plastic back. While the phone may not feel all that premium, it certainly is more durable than a glass back phone or a metal casing phone.

With the Galaxy A01, if you like, you can get away without putting on a case. If you are someone who doesn’t want to make the Galaxy A01 make bulky, you can get away with just this Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

This Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Galaxy A01 comes in a pack of 3. If this is your first time installing a tempered glass screen protector, you may one to use Tempered Glass Screen Installation tool. However, even if you make a mistake or two, you will still have a spare tempered glass to apply on your phone.

Mr. Shild screen protector is made in Japan with 9H hardness. The glass doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the screen in anyways. Installation of the glass is also fairly easy thanks to the use of silicone adhesives.


  • Comes in a Pack of 3
  • Priced Well
  • 9H Hardness for added durability
  • Easy to install
  • Great aftersales service


  • Doesn’t come with easy installation kit

Get this Samsung Galaxy A01 Tempered Glass Screen Protector here>>

We that, we come to the end of this list of Best Samsung Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers. Do you think we missed mentioning any great Galaxy A01 cases out there? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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