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5 Best Nintendo Switch Waterproof Cases [2019]

There are tons of excellent Nintendo Switch Cases and Backpacks available online but very few of them are waterproof.  I was looking for a waterproof Nintendo Switch case to make sure that it was safe with me on the beach. After tons of research, I got to the 5 Best Nintendo Switch Waterproof cases that are worth the money. Let’s get into it.

Note: Most of the cases listed in this list of Best Nintendo Switch Waterproof Cases aren’t completely waterproof. Do not submerge in water. They are water-resistant only.

1) MEO Waterproof Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

meo-waterproof-protective-case-coverThe MEO Waterproof case for the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly the best protective case that is water-resistant. Priced below $20, this case is constructed really well and is available in 3 exciting colors. The case is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch. It has a mesh pouch where you can store things like your HDMI cable and other Switch accessories.

The MEO Waterproof Switch Case not only protects your handheld gaming console from rain but also helps organize the accessories better. The quality of the case itself is really good. It’s protective too. You could drop your Switch with the case on and expect no damage to the gaming console at all.

You also get a protective case in the bundle which is in addition to the carry case. The company also provides a lifetime warranty which covers any manufacturing defect. This is undoubtedly a really good carry case+ Protective case combo for the price.

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2) Funlab Travel Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Console


If you are looking for a funky carrying case for your Nintendo Switch which also happens to be water-resistant, you need to check this carrying case from FunLab. Although the company claims that this carrying case is fully waterproof, it clearly isn’t. However, it is water-resistant which means sprays of water aren’t going to get your Nintendo Switch damaged.

This multipurpose carrying case will also protect your Switch in case of rain. The carrying case itself is made from PU leather which is quite good in terms of quality. There are also mesh pockets inside where you can store your Switch accessories.

There are 4 compartments inside this carrying case in total. One is for storing your Nintendo Switch (with both the joy-con controllers) and one for storing daily items like keys and credit cards. You can use the two other for storing extra joy-con, HDMI Cable, charging cable and other accessories.

If this wasn’t enough, there’s also a shoulder strap that is detachable when you don’t need it. The strap itself is adjustable. The reason it’s on this list of Best Nintendo Switch Waterproof cases is the fact that it also has a shock-absorbing pre-cut EVA form which helps in the organization while also protecting the Switch in case of a drop.

You can buy this Nintendo Switch Waterproof case for under $20 at Amazon.

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3) ADVcer Nintendo Switch Waterproof Carrying Case


This is my favorite case in this list of Best Waterproof Cases for Nintendo Switch. This cover for the Switch is compact and snugly fits the Switch with the Joy-Cons in place. You can also store a couple of cables. And that’s about it. As a person who likes to travel light, this is really a perfect choice for me. However, if you want to be able to carry more accessories-say a pair of extra Joy-Cons, you will have to look at the alternatives.

Although the title of the product on Amazon may suggest that this case is waterproof, it isn’t. The zips are such that it will let water inside. However, in case of light rain, or sprays of water jets, this case should be able to resist water from getting in. That being said, don’t ever drop this carrying case inside a swimming pool. You may have a dead Nintendo Switch when you get it out of the water.

Apart from that, there’s really not much for me to complain about. The case is compact and easily fits in my laptop backpack or even in my waterproof camera bag.

You can get the ADVcer Nintendo Switch case is either Red or Grayish-Black Color. I personally got the Grey one and am quite happy with it. I love the fact that the case is minimal and doesn’t have any labeling on it.

You can get this Nintendo Switch Case by clicking here.

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4) Mumba Protective Travel Carry Case for Nintendo Switch


The Mumba Protective Travel Case for the Nintendo Switch is the most expensive waterproof case for the Switch on the list. However, you get your money’s worth with this one. This is a rugged protective case that can take a beating and still keep your Switch secure.

The Mumba Carrying Case is offered in three colors: Blue, Black, and Camouflage. I personally feel that Camouflage is the way to go but it all boils down to personal preference.

The case has a lot of compartments which help to organize your stuff easily. There’s a deep mesh pocket and also a high-quality zipper which makes sure that items don’t fall off. There’s also a transparent card slot which can be used for storing game cards.

The outer part of the case is made out of hard EVA shell material which makes sure that the Switch and all the accessories are completely safe. If you already own a Mumba Nintendo Switch Case, you will be happy to know that this case is perfectly compatible with the case.

You can buy at Mumba Carrying Case for the Switch at Amazon.

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5) Nintendo Switch Waterproof Case


Last on the list of Best Nintendo Switch Waterproof cases, we have this generic Waterproof Case that I found on Walmart for a dirt-cheap price. You can get this case for under $10 and it’s a really good bag for the money. This storage bag can hold a large number of items including the Switch, charger, charging+ HDMI cable, multiple joy-cons, and a few other accessories.

However, do note that it’s not made specifically for the Nintendo Switch. So, there’s no dedicated compartment for any of your accessories. That also means you can use the bag to store other things apart from your Switch and its accessories. Once I used this Nintendo Switch bag as my Shaving accessories bag and it worked really well.

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Can I take my Nintendo Switch to the swimming pool with these Carrying Case?

Well, it’s really not a good idea to take your Nintendo Switch to the swimming pool even though a few of the aforementioned companies claim their case to be water-resistant. There’s no official IP-Rating on any of them and I highly doubt they will survive underwater.

I recommend you can use these waterproof pouch for swimming instead. They seal the water completely and a few of them can be used underwater too.

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