10 Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags & Travel Cases

If you are looking for a good camera bag for the Nikon Z6, you have come to the right place. The Z6 is Nikon’s first mirrorless full-frame camera and there are a lot of bags already available for it. Here are the 10 Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags and Travel Cases you can get today. 

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Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro Backpack 2.0

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsThink Tank is the first manufacturer that comes to mind when we research on camera bags for mirrorless and DSLRs. They have been in the camera bag business for over 2 decades now and they certainly know how to make reliable and durable bags.

The Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro is now in its second generation and includes a host of new features which makes it a worthy upgrade.

The bag has compartments for various items, and the front one also has the tripod mount. It also includes tripod cups for larger tripods, and smaller netted compartments for everything else. You can easily store small cables, your phone, or pens too.

This backpack combines the best materials from the industry: ballistic nylon construction, YKK RC Fuse Zippers, high-density velex and closed-cell PU foam coating on the insides. Everything to protect your camera and accessories inside and out!

The Streetwalker Pro 2.0 features a slim, contoured, and body-conforming design for a good and snuggly fit on your back. In addition, the extra padded shoulder straps are comfortable enough even for a full day walk with the backpack on.

Also, the bag is designed so that you can roll out your components very easily. You don’t get a 5-star rating on Amazon.com just like that, do you?

The best feature about this bag is probably its premium material construction. With all that said, here’s what you need to know. The bag may have the all the features you will ever need and quality to match, but it’s not cheap.

Check out the latest price of Think Tank Streetwalker 2.0 Bag here>>

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Evecase Hard Shell Protection Backpack

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsEvecase not only makes great laptop bags, they also make high-quality bags for cameras. If the protection of the Nikon Z6 is your top priority, you won’t go wrong with this bag.

This backpack sports specialized compartments for the Z6 and also has compartments to house 3 additional lens. In addition to that, you can keep accessories like a flash and battery charger in this bag without any issue.

There’s also a dedicated compartment where you can keep your laptop safely. It is felt-lined which means you won’t have to worry about the laptop being scratched either.

And what’s more? The camera compartment is protected by a hard shell on the outside so that it doesn’t get in any kind of impact accidentally. You don’t have to be extra careful on your commute anymore!

This backpack features a separate holder on the side for a tripod. And it also has a top compartment for storing your quick-access accessories- like a memory card. The bag is also water-resistant. While you can’t take the bag in for swimming, it will definitely hold up against rain.

With easy access to all your camera accessories, ergonomic design with weather protection, and enough compartments for everything, this backpack could be the answer for all photographers. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Nikon Z6 camera bags you can get right now.

You can take a look at this backpack here>>

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Altura Photo Camera Backpack “Wanderer” Version


If you are looking for a camera backpack that will fit all your camera gear and accessories, the Altura Photo Mirrorless Backpack is the one to go for. It’s priced well and comes in 3 color options.

With the bag measuring 12″ x 6.5″ x 17″, you have enough compartments in this thing to store you Nikon Z6 with an attached lens, plus 3-4 additional lenses, a shoe-mount flash, and a tripod or a monopod.

In addition, there’s a separate compartment that can fit in a 14-inch laptop as well. I really wish it was a little larger. If you own a larger laptop, say a 15-inch MacBook Pro, it will barely fit.

This camera backpack is made out of weather-resistant nylon with tough reinforced stitching making it quite durable. Also, with weather protection, you really don’t need to worry about rain.

So, your camera and all the accessories are safe from all kinds of weather while traveling. Furthermore, this backpack is designed in such a way, you can get access to all your gear quickly.

You can get this Altura Photo Camera backpack in various versions, but this “Wanderer” version is what most people are likely to buy.

Not only does this backpack come in various colors, but you can also get it in different designs too. You can get it as a shoulder travel bag, a sling backpack, a light traveler backpack, a wonderer backpack as well as a great explorer backpack.

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Qipi Sling Style Modular Camera backpack

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsFor those of you who think a two-strap backpack is to the mainstream, here’s a single-strap bag for you Nikon Z6. This is a sling-style camera backpack which definitely does look good.

It’s not just about the cool looks though. It also allows for quick rotation from the back to the front. Very convenient to get access to your camera gear, isn’t it? And it’s also quite comfortable on your shoulders. However, if you plan on a long trip which includes a lot of walking, consider getting a backpack with two straps.

The bag has enough space to store a camera body with a lens attached. In addition to that, you can throw in an additional lens as well as an external flash before filling up the bag.

Also, the modular interior can be adjusted to fit things according to size. You can also carry a tripod stand on the outer side of the backpack. This bag also features a hidden anti-theft compartment to store your valuables. Furthermore, this bag comes with a rain cover included.

The best thing about this sling style backpack might be its convenience. The included rain cover is a nice touch too.

The Qipi Camera Bag is available only in Black color. It’s also one of the cheapest bags in this list of Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags.

Get this sling style modular backpack here>>

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Arco Video Dr. Bag 40 Camera Bag

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsIf you were only expecting backpacks in this list of Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags, you would be very wrong. Here, we have the Arco Video Dr.Bag which is one of the rolling cases that can accommodate both DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras as well as Video Cameras up to 22.8″ long.

Even though this bag is big, and has quite a number of compartments with a divider for each. It’s designed to easily let you access all your gears, with a wide-opening zipper enclosure. Also, the inside consists of a removable bucket designed compartments.

And in case those compartments don’t suit your needs, you can also remove them easily. The interior features soft nylon lining so as not to scratch your camera accessories.

This large bag is constructed out of durable and tough materials. In addition, it features a large hard exterior shell to withstand any kind of impact on it while traveling. You have many convenient choices to carry it – the bag includes top and side handles or a shoulder strap. It even has a bottom trolley strap, if you want to wheel it around if it’s too heavy! Quite convenient, isn’t it?

However, all this convenience comes at quite the price as well. This highly convenient bag will set you around $200 but the prices are always changing.

You can check the updated prices here>>

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Ruggard Journey 44 DSLR Shoulder Bag

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsNext up on the list of 10 Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags is this medium-sized shoulder bag for you to store your Nikon Z6. This bag is made out of weather-resistant polyester with soft polyester lining on the inside.

The front flap is made out of ballistic nylon for that extra-durability. The bag is big enough to fit your main Nikon Z6 body, with up to 4 additional lenses and a flash unit as well. There are four padded interior dividers inside organized for you to keep your gear safe, secure and organized.

The exteriors have side nylon pockets to store anything extra that you require. Carrying options include a padded top grab handler and a padded shoulder strap as well. In addition, the material is also water repellent, meaning that you don’t have to worry about rain getting in and damaging your camera or the other accessories.

The bag is pretty lightweight without the camera inside. Personally, I don’t prefer shoulder bags especially while I am carrying heavier stuff such as a 70-200 lens or lens such as Sigma 18-35mm. But when I am traveling only was one lens, this setup is quite suitable.

This shoulder rugged bag is also affordable and anyone who can buy the Z6 won’t have any budget issue while buying this one.

View this shoulder bag for your Nikon Z6 here>>

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Tenba DNA 15 Messenger Bag

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsMessenger bags for carrying your cameras might sound unusual, but you won’t go wrong with this one. This bag is made out of 600-denier helix material and also has a water-repellent coating on the outside. So, it can keep your Nikon Z6 body and any other accessories inside it safe.

With a ripstop nylon and brushed tricot interior, this bag also prevents any kind of scratches and scuffs to your lenses from the inside. You also get a removable pad for the inside, which you can use to organize your compartments inside the bag.

Remove the pad, and your camera bag is converted to a regular messenger bag to carry other stuff like books and such.

The bag features two elastic micro-mesh pockets on the side, four slip-in pockets in front of the bag, and two zippered pockets on the front. This will ensure you have plenty of space to store your Z6 with a lens, and additional 2-3 lenses or flash units.

You can also fit in a laptop inside. You can either carry it as a messenger bag with a padded shoulder strap or use it as a briefcase with the handle.

The best thing about this bag is its appealing design. If you don’t want to scream that you are carrying $3000+ worth of gear, it may be a worthwhile purchase.

Check out this stylish messenger bag here>>

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Lower-pro Pro Tactic AW Camera Backpack

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsAnother backpack in this list of 10 Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags and this one is a full-fledged camera bag. It can hold up to 2 pro DSLR cameras, one with an attached lens, and there’s enough space to hold up to 8 additional lenses, flash units, and other accessories.

Also, you can also fit in a 15″ laptop inside, as well as a tripod on the outside.  There are four access points: at the top,  the sides, and the back, so, you can quickly get your gear out in case you need that one great shot of the moment!

Additionally, the bag offers a built-in weather protection to protect all your precious gear from the weather elements. Inside, you have this MaxFit System of padded and adjustable interior dividers for a snug, secure fit, and easy customization, which will help you to keep your accessories neat, organized, and easy to access.

Also, with multiple interior and exterior pockets, you also have space for other necessary stuff like a water bottle, your phone, etc.

The best thing about this bag is that it provides you this “tactical” advantage with your camera and gears. But here’s the thing. This backpack isn’t cheap. Be ready to shell out over $150 to get this one.

Take a look at this tactical backpack here>>

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Manfrotto Adventure 1 Camera Backpack

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsThis backpack here is another one of those backpacks designed for the travel photographers out there. You can easily store all your photography essentials with this one. Its main compartment can hold your Nikon Z6 body and has room for two more camera lenses, or flash or other accessories.

Besides, you can also fit in a 15″ laptop which definitely is a plus. Like a few other backpacks in this list, the Manfrotto  Adventure 1 has a foldout weather cover which makes sure that no rain gets it

Besides the main compartments, the side pockets and straps allow you to store your tripod, documents or other personal accessories as well. It has padded shoulder straps and handles enabling comfortable carry as well. Weighing just over a kilogram, this won’t be a very heavy accessory for your camera.

The best thing about this backpack is its easy access to your stuff inside, but it won’t fit as many accessories as some other backpacks. You can choose from among a few colors for around $100.

Get this adventure backpack here>>

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Lowerpro Fastpack BP AW II Camera Backpack

10-best-nikon-z6-camera-bagsLast but not the least on this list of 10 Best Nikon Z6 Camera Bags, we have another well-made camera bags by Lowerpro. The backpack may look compact but it has a lot of compartment to fit all your camera gear.

With 600D Nylon construction and 600D ripstop materials, this bag is also very durable, and with a built-in all-weather AW Cover, it will safeguard all your equipment from external elements.

You get enough space inside with three interior zones to organize and store your Nikon Z6 camera with lens, and additional compartments to store quite a few numbers of additional lenses, flash units, and other accessories.

There’s also a separate padded compartment for your laptop too, while it also has a Cradle-fit compartment allowing you to store your tablet or phone as well.

The best thing about this bag is the space it provides and durable materials, but it is a bit bulkier than other bags you can find. It usually runs for under $100.

Check out this Fastpack camera backpack here>>

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What accessories should you buy for the Nikon Z6?

If you are looking to buy accessories for the Nikon Z6, we have got some recommendations that might be of help.

Here are the top accessories that you should buy for the Nikon Z6 as soon as you get the camera:

  1. A fast XQD Memory Card- preferably with write and read speeds above 200MB/s
  2. A lens hood for your lens- not to only avoid sun flares but also to protect the glass in case of a drop
  3. A neutral lens filter- you definitely don’t want to scratch your glass
  4. A good camera bag- this goes without saying
  5. An additional battery- the new Z6 mirrorless camera battery doesn’t last as long as on the conventional DSLR

When you get the Nikon Z6 or the Nikon Z7, these are some of the accessories that you really can’t miss out on.

And talking about the camera bag, which one did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments section down below. Hope this post was helpful.

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