7 Best Motorola One Hyper Cases and Covers

The Motorola One Hyper, without a doubt, is the best phone in the Motorola One Family. And it may very well be the best mid-range phone you can buy for under $400. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 of the Best Motorola One Hyper Cases and Covers you can get for the phone right now.

NoteMotorola One Hyper has a unique design and none of the other Motorola One Cases or Covers will work with this phone. You will need to buy a case that is made exclusively made for the Motorola One Hyper.

1) Motorola One Hyper Ultra Slim Carbon Fiber Case


If you can get past the brand name, there’s hardly anything that you will find bad about the phone. From price to the design, SsHhUu has nailed it with this Motorola One Hyper case. Sildigra http://valleyofthesunpharmacy.com/sildigra/

This soft Motorola One Hyper Case is made out of rubber material and is offered in three color options. The soft rubber is great because it provides a good grip and feels really good in the hand. In addition to that, it is a great material for shock absorption.

The case itself is quite slim and doesn’t add too much bulk.

What’s more? You get a free Stylus and a vertical stand with this case. While the Stylus isn’t all that useful, the stand is a great addition which will let you use the Moto One Hyper as a desk clock.

This specific carbon fiber design case for the Motorola One Hyper is available in 3 color options. Personally, I would go with a Blue color option.

Get this Carbon Fiber Motorola One Hyper Case at Amazon>>

2) Qoosea Motorola One Hyper Transparent Case Cover


I am personally a big fan of transparent cases. This Qoosea Motorola One Hyper Transparent Case is the best you can buy at the moment. The transparent case showcases the design of the Motorola One Hyper while providing protection to it.

You may assume that this transparent case for the One Hyper cannot protect the phone in case of a drop. But it’s clearly not the case. The sides of this transparent case are reinforced which means when you drop the phone with the case on, the sides of the case will be able to absorb the shock. Generic Ambien online http://kendallpharmacy.com/ambien.html

Sure, the protection this transparent case provides isn’t as good as the one provided by rugged cases, but I feel that it is a good balance between design and protection.

Unlike thick rugged cases that add bulk while hiding all the design cues of the phone, this transparent case for the Motorola One Hyper barely adds any bulk and doesn’t hide the phone design features.

And the best part about this Qoosea transparent case has to be its price. Priced at under $5, you really cannot go wrong with this case. For me, this is one of the Best Motorola One Hyper Cases you can buy right now.

Check out the Transparent One Hyper Case here>>

3) PULEN Motorola One Hyper Soft TPU Case


The Pulen Motorola One Hyper Slim case is another slim case worth the look. This case, in particular, has a unique design that you won’t find in other cases that are priced under $10.

This case is specifically made for the One Hyper and all the ports and cutouts are perfect. Ths side buttons are tactile and provide really good feedback.

Even though this is a slim case, the sides of the case are raised which gives the case an added protection. In case you drop the phones on your sides, you can rest assured that the phone won’t be scratched in anyways. And, to be honest, a phone dropping on the side is what happens the most. It’s great to see the company takes care of the most common kind of drop that happens in case of a drop.

This case, as of now, is available only in Black color. If you want this case in any other color option, you are unfortunately out of luck.

The best thing about this Motorola One Hyper case has to be its pattern on the back. For a case that costs under $10, it’s great to see such a good design. And it’s not just the looks, the case feels just as good on the hands. This is undoubtedly the best constructed Motorola One Hyper Case that you can buy for under $10.

Get this Soft TPU Motorola One Hyper Case here>>

4) DagoRoo Motorola One Hyper Rugged Case


The DagoRoo Motorola One Hyper gets the crown for being the BestRugged Motorola One Hyper phone case you can buy at the moment. If you are someone who is rough with your electronics, this Motorola One Hyper case is the way to go.

The case is as rugged as it looks. While it doesn’t get any military certification, I am confident that the case can take a major beating before it gives out. When you slap a quality screen protector on top of this case, you really don’t have to worry about destroying your Motorola One Huper.

Priced at under $15, I doubt you will be able to get any phone case that offers such heavy-duty protection.

And when you look beyond the tank-like construction, there’s more that is praiseworthy. This Motorola One Hyper rugged case has a really good design on the back. The design also adds to the grip-factor which is very important on a phone case.

Lastly, the case can be had in either Black, Red or Blue color option. If I were you, I would get the case in the Black color option. The red color option is too flashy and something I wouldn’t personally recommend.

Get this Rugged Motorola One Hyper Case at Amazon>>

5) Motorola One Hyper Flip Cover Wallet Case


While flip cover cases are among the dying breed of phone cases, I realized that this Motorola One Hyper flip cover case is worth a look. Unlike most cheap flip cover cases that don’t feel good on the hands, this PU Leather One Hyper leather case feels substantial and feels to be made from quality material.

The case is not just about the looks, as you can expect. The inside of the cover houses 3 slots where you can store some cash and credit/debit card. The Motorola One Hyper flip case can also be used as a kickstand when you have to watch a movie or binge-watch on Netflix.

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This case cover is available in a whopping 13 color options. And you are likely to find the design you love.

Since the cover protects both the front and the back of the Motorola One Hyper, you won’t need to invest additionally on a tempered glass screen protector. There’s also a magnet on the cover which snaps together with the two parts of the cover. This is the best flip case cover I could find for the Motorola One Hyper at the moment.

View this Flip Case Cover for Motorola One Hyper here>>

6) Osophter Motorola One Hyper Soft Silicone Case


While I agree that a phone case has to serve its primary purpose to protect the phone, I also firmly believe that the phone case has to look beautiful. Sure, the Motorola One Hyper looks good when there’s no case is attached to it. But the moment you slap on a cheap case on it, it can look very generic.

To solve this- you can either get a clear transparent case (like the one featured in No.2 of this list) or get a designer phone case like this one.

Sure, this case doesn’t provide rugged protection to your Motorola One Hyper but it’s good enough to protect the phone from getting scratched. Also, the case should be able to handle small drops on the floor.

With that said, if you are buying this case for the Motorola One Hyper, I recommend you to get a tempered glass for it. When you drop the phone face down, the phone is unlikely to survive. But if you have a tempered glass on, the phone will definitely survive.

Check out the Designer One Hyper Phone Case here>>

7) Motorola One Hyper Tempered Glass Screen Protector


You may be wondering why this Motorola One Tempered Glass Screen protector is on this list of Best Motorola One Hyper Cases and Cvoers. The answer is simple. If you are buying a phone case for the One Hyper, it’s going to be a smart move if you buy the case too. Si.

A phone case may protect the back and the sides of the phone. But it will certainly not be able to protect the screen on the phone. This is exactly where the Motorola One Hyper glass screen protectors come in.

If you ask me, I would suggest you get both the case and a tempered glass screen protector for a phone. Buf f you have to buy just one of the two, I would recommend you get the screen protector first. It’s the front screen that is the most expensive repair on most phones. So, protecting it is a must.

 Get the Motorola One Hyper Tempered Glass on Amazon>>

Which is the Best Motorola One Hyper Case you can buy today?

The Motorola One Hyper Carbon Fiber Case featured on the top of the list is what I recommend to most users. It is slim and fits the Motorola One Hyper exceptionally well. In addition to that, the case is priced really well. In fact, at the moment, you can get the very One Hyper case for under $10.

The design on the case is sleek too. With the case, it also worth getting a tempered glass screen protector for maximum protection.

So, that’s all for now. These were the Best Motorola One Hyper Cases you can buy right now. Which one is your favorite? Let us know down below.

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