7 Brands that make the Best Laptop Bags

If you are in search for a good laptop bag and have dozens to tabs open in your computer to find your perfect pick, you may just close them all. Our detailed guide to buying the Best Laptop Bags from the best brands in the business will definitely help you find the laptop bag.

Enough with the talks, let’s check out the brands that make the best laptop bags. Here, you will find brands that sell dirt cheap bags but also brands that are willing to sell you bags upwards of $500. So, let’s dive right in.

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best-laptop-camera-bags-targusDebuted as a laptop bag brand in the market back in 1983 in California, Targus is now one of the leading global brands for laptop and smartphone accessories. With over 45 offices worldwide and distribution in over 100 countries, it’s easy to see why they are the No.1 in the business.

Now, they claim to make advances in the mobile accessories category with cutting edge and quality-made tech accessories and peripherals. We aren’t sure how good the cases or any other accessories are, but we certainly know that they make one of the best laptop bags in the industry.

The company manufactures all kinds of bags – from travel backpacks to messenger bags and more! And you will be able to choose from a wide range of options if you go with Targus.

That’s not all. You will find that Targus also makes bags in various sizes and different color options.

Their most popular range includes messenger bags and fitness backpacks – these are the slim ones with the best amount of protection.

Targus, as many people think, is not a premium bag brand. It’s more or less like Samsung. You can get Targus bags that cost literally $15 but at the same time, there are bags that will set you back no less than $200.

Since it’s a brand that is reputable and has made a name for itself, it’s also got excellent aftersales support. One of the team members at Bagskingdom once had an issue with a camera bag made by Targus and when he contacted the company with some images, they were good enough to send a replacement free of cost. All the products from Targus come with a limited one year warranty.

You can buy their products from their official website Targus.com or from Amazon official store as well. You can also find them on Facebook too.

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best-laptop-camera-bags-incaseThe other brand that makes excellent laptop bags has is InCase. Founded in 1997, the company is all about bags and backpacks, for laptops as well as cameras. They also make sleeves for laptops.

Now, InCase is somewhere in the premium segment as most of their products are priced mostly above $50. But the company does justify the price with its innovative products that provide its users with an uncompromising and elevated experience.

The InCase product range is mostly focused on MacBooks, but of course, it’s not like you can’t fit in any other laptop in those bags. They manufacture bags that are premium and that appear premium on looks and aesthetics.

The company offers iconic designs, convenient access, durable materials, and striking colors in their products, which is why they’re popular even with their relatively high price tag.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs to suit your needs. Also, depending on your budget, you can buy from messenger bags costing as low as $60 to high end and luxury bags costing up to $300! Warranties vary from product to product and depend on the price tag as well.

You can either buy from their official website Incase.com or you can check out InCase  Amazon Store. They also have a Facebook page which is quite active. You may want to check it out too.

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Timbuk2 is a San Fransisco based bag manufacturing company which was founded in 1989, and the company is one of the pioneers of the messenger bags. Interestingly enough, the company was actually founded by a bike messenger.

And now, the company produces a variety of pre-made and made-to-order bags. It is well-known for its legendary durability and custom manufacturing options.

The company offers bags, backpacks and also travel gears and such for bikers. But they do have a separate range of bags and backpacks for laptops as well.

They offer a wide variety of bags with good protection but at the same time have great aesthetics and design. They offer unique retro-designed backpacks to regular protective work ones. But their most popular range is the messenger bags for laptops.

They also play with luxury items like leather and also durable nylon materials. But the best part is being able to customize your own backpack with all the features you think you need and you also get to put in a whole bunch of colors in them.

They have all ranges of bags on offer. You can get one that costs $20 and if you have money lying around, you may want to check out their bags which cost well over $200. You can check out their products on their official site Timbuk2.com  or you can check out their official Amazon Store. They have an active Facebook Page too.

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eBags is one of the largest online retailers of handbags, luggage, backpacks and laptop bags, and travel accessories based in Colorado. While they also sell bags and accessories from more than 650 brands, they also have their own private label of products.

Founded in 1998, the company has its headquarters in Colorado, and eBags also owns and runs some other websites. With 20 years in operation, the company claims to have sold over 32 million bags!

eBags is into the mid-range and the premium market segment, and the brand actually addresses customers of all kind. If you visit their website, they have quite the number of categories to choose from, even in the laptop bags segment.

You can choose from a wide range of products, from regular laptop bags to messenger versions or business laptop bags or even ones that are made for traveling. Their designs are a mixture of modern with classic looks, and while there are many kinds of designs to choose from, their professional slim laptop bags seem to be the most popular ones.

Prices range from less than $60 to $250. One of the reasons I love the brand so much is the fact that they ship their products internationally.

You can either buy from their official website eBags.com or use eBags Amazon Store. You can find eBags on Facebook too.

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best-laptop-camera-bags-loweproWith the objective of building high-quality gear for portable electronic devices, for every climate and condition, Lowepro started its journey in a small garage back in 1967.

The company is mostly focused on manufacturing travel bags for photographers, but it’s not limited to that only, though. It is now a brand of carrying bags for cameras, laptops, imaging accessories, and portable consumer electronics. And it might be focused on camera bags, but their laptop bags are best selling bags all over.

Their products feature cool retro designs that are actually pretty satisfying to the eyes. How often do you see laptop backpacks that feature a suitcase design and actually can fit as many items as a suitcase, but with a small form factor of a backpack?

And not only that, but their products can protect your laptops quite well. You can choose from a wide range of laptop bags, from rugged ones to slim sleeve bags. And with a solid mid-range price tag, these bags are quite popular and have good reviews from customers all around the world.

You can find their bags on their official site  Lowepro.com or get them at Amazon. They have a really active Facebook page too. You may want to check it too.

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North Face


Now, this is a company that needs no introduction. You’ve probably been using some accessories or the other from this brand – be it jackets or even pants. The North Face is an American outdoor company specializing in outerwear, fleece, coats, shirts, footwear, and equipment like backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.

The company is all about promoting outdoor sports too, which is why all of its products are quite durable. And their backpacks are no exception.

A cool thing about North Face laptop backpacks is that they look very sporty and have a cool retro + sporty design, as they’re mostly for outdoors. Also, The North Face is a brand known for its durability.

The bags have unusual names, but that makes it sound even cooler. I mean, who wouldn’t like to own something called a Resistor Charge Backpack? In addition, the reason why North Face is so popular is that you’ve got a lot of options to choose from – from price to features, type, and all.

You can find laptop backpacks ranging from $50 to some $300 too! You can check them out on their official website TheNorthFace.com or view all their products at Amazon.

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Herschel Supply


Last but not least in this list of 7 Best Brands that make Excellent Laptop Bags, we have the Herschel Supply Co. They’re a relatively new player in the bag industry, which was only founded in 2009 in Canada.

It started out as a hipster fashion, but now, it is a lifestyle brand with products ranging from backpacks, duffle bags, totes, headwear, luggage, wallets, and more.

The company is mostly about creating small compact bags with small form factors that also serve as a fashion accessory. And so, their laptop bags are pretty cool looking and fashionable. It’s easy to see why they were known as hipster backpacks.

You can find from regular backpacks to woven bags as well, protective to fashionable, rugged to slim and light ones, too.

Also, as they make bags for the mid-range customers and their products range from some $50 to about $150. In addition, they also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their products (if they are defective, they will replace the bag for free).

You can have a look at their backpacks here Herschel.com  or on Herschel Amazon page. You can find more information about them on their official Facebook page. 

So, that was it for our list of 7 Brands that make the best Laptop Bags. Now that you know which brands to watch for while getting yourself a laptop bag, you should also consider the following things before making a purchase.

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Things to consider before buying a Laptop Bag

Size and Design:

Of course, this is all personal preference, i.e. based on your desire and your necessity. You have to examine the size of your laptop, and also if you want to store anything else into it. If it’s just a single laptop and its cables, even a slim, and compact bag will do. But, if you’re looking to store your books, and travel accessories, then, you’d best get a big rugged backpack.

Price and Warranty

Now as already mentioned, price and warranty are important factors that very much finalize the purchase decisions. And while the price depends on what kind of build it has, or the brand, sometimes, you can also find equally good laptop bags from other brands. For example, Targus is a premium brand, but Herschel Supply products are made for everyone- the common people. Also, warranties differ from brand to brand. But most of these brands have a limited warranty. So, have a lookout for that.

Build Quality and Comfort

The durability is determined by the build quality of your backpack. The best build quality would be with a large and thick base and thick padding inside with weatherproof cover on the outside. Light bags are fashionable, but rugged ones are more durable. But it’s also about comfort. So, look for something with paddings in the straps, the back, and also with a clip to secure it around your waist.


Again, it depends on what all things you’re going to carry. But make sure that the laptop compartment is well padded and protected. And if it has small compartments for other things like chargers and other small peripherals, all the better. However, if you can find one with customizable compartments, then, that would be the best.

Weather Resistance

It’s no surprise that when it rains, you will want your valuable laptop to be protected. Water-resistance is a must-have feature for laptop bags, and if possible, you should also look for one that gives protection from the dust and such. Those are great for traveling with your laptop.

But weather resistance doesn’t only mean protecting your laptop gear from the rain. It is better if the materials are also heat resistant. It’s particularly important if you have your laptop in the bag at all times including while commuting in the car. If your laptop is inside a bag for a long time, you will notice that the laptop gets significantly hot. If you want to avoid such a scenario, you should look for bags that resist heat.

Protection to the Laptop

Now, this is the most important factor of all. Laptops, being valuable devices, need all the protection they can get. While having a weather-resistant build is a part of it, the laptop must also be safe on the inside. That is, the compartments should be well padded, and tight enough to hold the laptop securely without moving. Also, the padding should protect it from any other materials inside from scratching or damaging the laptop.


You will find that some of the modern backpacks come with some kind of tech built-in. For instance, you will find that some bags come with power bank built-in. You need to charge the bag and you can use the energy to charge either your laptop or your phone battery.

Personally, I am not very keen about these technologies and find them to be a gimmick. I also suggest you avoid fancy bags with such features especially if they are charging a higher price just for the sake of it.

Make sure to consider these things while getting yourself a laptop bag. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. However, a laptop bag is also an investment and something standing between your laptop and damage. So, take all these into consideration, prioritize your needs and wants and get the one you need.

Who do you think makes the best laptop bags? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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