10 Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers [2020]

Dell has just unveiled the 2020 Dell XPS 15 and this iteration of the laptop is more than just a refresh. The design may look similar but there is quite a bit of change. The aspect ratio of the laptop has changed and so has its dimensions. You also get 10th-gen SoC and up to Core-i9 CPU. With this change, let’s check out the Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers for 2020.

The 2020 Dell XPS 15 not only has aesthetic changes but also changes under the hood. So, design-wise there are a lot of notable compared to its predecessor. The chassis, the weight, and the dimensions are all different. So, if you rock an old Dell XPS 15 sleeve that was specifically made for it, the new one laptop may not fit perfectly with your old sleeve or cover. So, with that out of the way, let’s dive into the Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers that you can get today.

Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag for Dell XPS 15

Let’s start with the Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag. This laptop shoulder bag fits in laptops ranging from 14-inch all the way up to 15.6 inches. So, for the Dell XPS 15, it’s a perfect fit. This bag comes in 4 color options which include: Deep Teal, Pink, Black and Gray.

This Dell XPS 15 Shoulder bag comes with a padded shoulder strap which can be used for carrying it as a side bag. If you don’t like/want it, you can easily remove the shoulder straps. And instead, use the dual sturdy handle which too is padded. If you don’t want them either, you can have them tucked away in the pockets.

Another thing to love about Mosiso bags is the fact that all their bags come with a 1-year warranty. So if there is any defect in your copy, the company will happily replace it for you.

There are a total of three compartments in this bag. One is a small compartment which snaps easily which can be used for placing small items including keys and wallet. The second one is a little larger and can be used to keep notebooks and pens.

The compartment on the top is where you put in the Dell XPS 15. It’s a padded compartment which means that the laptop will be secure even if you bump the bag into things.

Check out this Mosiso Shoulder Bag here>>

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Chalk Factory Dell XPS 15 Leather Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for a premium sleeve for the Dell XPS 15, this has to be it. This is a premium sleeve for the Dell XPS 15 made by Chalk Factory who are well known for producing high-quality laptop sleeves.

This Laptop Sleeve isn’t cheap at around $80 ($60 right now!) but it definitely is worth the money. Made from real Lambskin, the sleeve feels great in the hand. The layer beneath it is made from a waterproof material which will resist water in case of rain. The layer beneath it is made from a padded material which will protect the Dell XPS 15 in case of an impact.

There’s also Velcro flap which is invisible from the outside. With the flap in place, the XPS 15 will not slide out of place. Even when upside down, the flap is strong enough to keep the laptop in place.

You can get this Dell XPS 15 Sleeve (specifically made for this laptop) in 3 color options which include: Brown, Black, and Red

Get this premium Dell XPS 15 Leather Case here>>

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Mosiso Protective Laptop Sleeve for Dell XPS 15 (2020)


This is my personal favorite sleeve on this list of Best Dell XPS Sleeves and Cases simply because it costs very little and is really well made. Available in 7 striking colors, this Dell XPS 15 case is made from high-quality polyester.

This Mosiso Protective Laptop Sleeve is divided into three layers for maximum protection. The innermost material is a soft foam cushioning with fluffy fleece fabric which makes sure that your laptop doesn’t get scratched up inside the housing.

The layer above it is a shockproof sponge which reduces the impact in case of a collision or drop. Above it is a spill-resistant Polyester surface which resists water to a certain degree. The sleeve can resist light rain without any issue. You can get this case in Gray, Black, Pink, Purple, Green, Wine Red, and Purple in color.

View this Dell XPS 15 Laptop Sleeve here>>

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Lacdo Water Resistant Sleeve Case for Dell XPS 15


The Lacdo laptop sleeve has a minimalistic design and looks really good. The laptop sleeve fits the Dell XPS 15 comfortably and is slim. The Blue lining around the zippers adds to the premium feel of the sleeve.

This Lacdo Dell XPS 15 sleeve is available in 4 exciting colours which include Gray, Hot Pink, Blue, and Black. The sleeve definitely looks the best in this Gray colour option. There’s also Lacdo embossing to know you are carrying around a Lacdo product. This is one of the best selling laptop sleeves at Amazon. With over 883 Amazon Reviews, you just can’t go wrong with this sleeve. There are two storage compartments on the front and one large open pocket at the back of the sleeve. 

View this 15-inch laptop sleeve here>>

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Winrock Laptop Sleeve Case compatible with Dell XPS 15 2020


The WinRock Laptop Sleeve Case is another excellent Sleeve for the Dell XPS 15 2020. In this list of Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers, this sleeve got an easy entry. This sleeve costs under $15 and has so many features built into it.

On the top, you get a handle that makes it really easy to carry the Dell XPS 15 around. There’s 1 side Zip pocket that can be used to carry a charger, mouse, and other fancy accessories. On the other side, there’s also a small compartment where you can store in keys and earphones.

Unfortunately, this sleeve only comes in Silver Gray color as displayed on the image above.

View this Dell XPS 15 2020 Sleeve Case here>>

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ProCase MacBook Pro 15 Sleeve for Dell XPS 15


If you want a sleeve that is cheap, well constructed and feels solid to solid, you need to have a look at this ProCase Slim Pouch Cover for Dell XPS 15. This laptop sleeve is either available in Black color or Teal Colour. I personally found the Teal color look better in person. This has to be one of the Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves you can get for under $15.

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The high-quality top-loading zipper closure is what makes this sleeve stand out. The opening and closing of the zipper give a really good feeling. Also, like many of the other sleeves on this list, this sleeve is water-resistant. To make things even better, the case is slim and which makes it possible for you to carry it inside other bags.

Get this ProCase Dell XPS 15 Sleeve here>>

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Polare Soft Real Leather Laptop Briefcase compatible with Dell XPS 15 2020


As I was looking for Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers, I came across this laptop briefcase and just couldn’t stop posting it.

The Dell XPS 15 2020 perfectly fits in this Leather Laptop Briefcase. This briefcase bag has a lot of compartments can easily house more than just a laptop. There are two large compartments each with their own small divisions.

One of the compartment can be used for placing the computers, files and work papers while the worth can be used for keeping all your wires and cables.

The best part about owning this laptop bag has to be its after-sales service. All the Polare business bag comes with 1-year Quality assurance warranty. If the leather doesn’t hold up as it should, the company will provide a replacement for free without any fuss.

Check out this premium Dell XPS 15 Briefcase here>>

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LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case for Dell XPS 15


This is another premium Dell XPS 15 case that you just can’t ignore. And this case, although very premium, doesn’t cost all that much.

As of now, this Dell XPS 15 compatible sleeve costs under $40. And before you screaming that $40 is too much for a laptop sleeve, this sleeve is made from the finest material. The sleeve has two magnetic snaps, which makes it really convenient to open and close the sleeve. At the same time, it secures the Dell XPS 15 from falling off.

You can get this Lention Split Leather Sleeve for Dell XPS 15 in 5 exciting colors which include: Brown, Black, Red, Black with Gray and Brown with Gray color options.

See this Lention Leather Sleeve Case here>>

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EVA Laptop Sleeve for Dell XPS 15


Targus is a premium base, case and sleeve manufacturer who has been making bags for over a decade no! This Targus 15.6″ Pro-Tek EVA Laptop Sleeve offers excellent protection in a slim design.

The thing to love about this Dell XPS 15 compatible sleeve is that it is really slim and can fit into any other bag you wish to carry with it. The sleeve provides three-layer protection. The soft, plush linings on the inside help prevent scratches and scuffs on the laptop itself.

The semi-rigid EVA is formed into expressive ridges which makes sure that the XPS 15 is safe and secure even in case of an impact.

Unfortunately, this Dell XPS 15 Sleeve/Slipcase is only available in Black color. If you would like to have it in any other color, you are out of luck.

Check out this EVA laptop case here>>

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Dell XPS 15 Luxury Laptop Sleeve Case


If you are on a lookout for a cheap yet premium looking sleeve, you will be very happy with this Dell XPS 15 Sleeve. With over 20 reviews with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, you just cannot go wrong with this laptop sleeve. Thie sleeve comes in 5 color options including Black, Red, White, Gray, and Brown.

This Dell XPS 15 Sleeve comes in under $15. Made from high-quality materials, this case will protect the Dell XPS 15 in case of a bump with other objects. However, keep it mind though that this case will not be enough to protect the laptop in case of a drop to the floor.

View this Dell XPS 15 Luxury Laptop case here>>

So there you have it. These are the best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves, cases and Covers that you can get today. We will make sure to update this list of best sleeves when new and better cases come out for the laptop. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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  1. I liked the 3rd case the most. Is it water resistant?

    • Sorry but the 3rd one isn’t water resistant. If you are looking for a water-resistant case, you better look at the Case No.4. Thanks.

  2. Will the sleeve fit the 2019 Dell XPS 15? I am buying the 2019 model. Which one is the leather model?

  3. Does Macbook pro 15 sleeve work on the xps 25?

    • Do you mean Dell XPS 15? If then, yes, it will work because the XPS 15 is smaller than the MacBook pro 15.

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