10 Best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves and Covers [2020 Model]

Imagine taking your shiny new 2020 $1000+ XPS 13 to the office and dropping it on the floor. Or imagine tossing your bag with your laptop on it and remembering about it just a moment later. Not that I wish such thing to happen but hey, most of us have such an experience in the past, don’t we? It’s about time we change it. In this article, we will be looking at the Best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves and Covers so that you don’t have to worry about damaging it.

While some may think carrying a case is a burden, trust me, it clearly isn’t. It will take only a drop with a case on for you to realize the importance it possesses. Here, we present you the best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves and Covers which all protect the laptop while serving other purposes.

Nowadays, sleeves and covers not only provide protection but also act as a stylish bag for laptops. So, without wasting much time, let’s dive right to Best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves you can get today.

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Tomtoc Original 360° Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

Let’s begin with the Tomtoc Original Laptop Shoulder Bag. It can fit laptops ranging from 13 to 14-inches. So, the Dell XPS 13 is a perfect match. The bag has seven color options: Black, Dark blue, Dark red, Silver gray, pink, red, and teal.

The bag comes with 2 extra compartments where you can keep your smartphones, kindle, keys or mouse. Also included is a shoulder strap that is detachable and a leather handle to match your style and situation.

Its lightweight but at the same time constructed really well. What’s also worth mentioning is the soft lining and cushioning inside which makes sure that the laptop is safe in case of a drop.

The best feature of the Tomtoc Original is that it is water-resistant. It uses a nano-coating which can resist drops of rain in case of light rainfall. The material they use on the outer covering offers 360° protection to your belongings from rain, drops, and bumps. It’s also from where the bag gets its name.

The company gives a two-year warranty on every purchase. There’s really no reason for you not to like this bag. It’s an excellent companion to the Dell XPS 13 2020.


  • Priced well
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Excellent protection to the Dell XPS 13
  • Lots of compartments for accessories


  • Large in size

You can check out the Tomtoc Laptop Bag here>>

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WATERFIELD Sleeve Case for Dell XPS 13 2020


If you are looking for a more premium Sleeve case, then you may want to have a look at the Waterfield Sleeve case for the Dell XPS 13. The case is made specifically for the XPS 13 and it shows.

The sleeve is cushioned with higher grade neoprene-a material which is resistant to oil and heat. Also, it is wrapped in waxed canvas or ballistic nylon shell so that it would last longer than a normal sleeve case.

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The Sleeve Case is appealing to most of the people because of its style. What’s also cool is the fact that this sleeve is quite slim and you can fit it inside a proper bag. By doing so, you get double protection for the Dell XPS 13.

Also, there’s no need to take your laptop out of the bag’s compartment when going through airport security. The company claims that it is TSA checkpoint friendly.


  • Premium design
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Custom-made for Dell XPS 13
  • Good protection to the laptop


  • Priced over $50

View the Laptop Sleeve at SFBags Official Website>>

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Evecase Dell XPS 13 Sleeve Case

The EveCase Laptop sleeve for the Dell XPS 13 is the most affordable Sleeve in this list. Priced at under $15, you would expect the sleeve to provide not-so-great protection, right? If that’s your assumption, you would be wrong.

While not fancy, it gets the basics covered. It is made up of neoprene which is the material used in most of the cases and sleeves you will find in the list. It has quite a bit of padding to absorb any external impacts and drops.

It too has a nano-coating which prevents the XPS 13 from getting water damage in case of rain. Spilling a drink on the Dell XPS 13 with this sleeve on should also prevent any water from going through.

There are also external pockets for you to carry the XPS accessories. That’s not all. It also has a very good quality zipper enclosure to keep your things in place.


  • Priced competitively
  • Durable
  • High-quality zippers

Cons-No shoulder strap.

View the Evecase Dell XPS 13 SleeveCase here>>

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LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case

dell-xps-13-sleeves-coversIf a high-quality sleeve is what you are looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Lention Split Leather Sleeve Case. This also happens to be my personal favorite sleeve for the Dell XPS 13.

This leather sleeve is of very good quality and feels supremely good in the hands. The sleeve gives a luxurious feeling and you will definitely not feel ashamed of carrying it around.

The design of the sleeve case stands out because of its perfect stitching. With the two magnetic snaps, it’s easier to close and open the sleeve and at the same time keeping your XPS in its place securely.

The soft velvet lining on the case guards your XPS against minor hits and scratches, offering the best protection in everyday use. This company also makes this bag exclusively for Dell XPS 13 2020. The company offers four color options for the case: Red, Black, Brown, and Black with Gray.


  • Priced extremely well
  • Keeps the XPS 13 Secure
  • Can quickly insert and take out the laptop
  • Good build and construction
  • Premium Design
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Slippery

View the LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case here>>

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Dell Premier Sleeve 13

dell-xps-13-sleeves-coversIt’s the official Dell Sleeve. So, the first thing you won’t have to worry about is its build quality. It’s constructed really well and should protect the Dell XPS 13 fairly well in case of a drop.

It is slim and the contemporary design has attracted many of the customers since its launch. Initially, it was priced at $49.99, but now you can get $10 off on every purchase. So, we can get it at $39.99.

It’s made up of thick rubber and tight stitching giving it a solid build quality but at the same time giving it a flexible characteristic.

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The official Dell XPS 13 Sleeve definitely uses a superior material compared to the typical crushable style fabrics. On the downside, there are no color options to choose from.


  • Durable -It Won’t leave a scratch mark even if scratched
  • Quality of materials used top-notch
  • Fits the Dell XPS 13 perfectly


  • Expensive

Get this XPS 13 Official Bag at Dell Website>>

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Roxie Shoulder Bag for Dell XPS 13 2020

Roxie makes some really good quality bags. This one for the Dell XPS 13 is no different. It is made up of top quality material with heavy-duty stitching making the bag more durable, weather resistant, protective and portable. So, it helps you can carry and protect your devices in style and comfort.

Two well-padded main compartments with inner pockets to hold your laptop, tablet, iPad, documents, books, notebook, clothes, wallet, headphone, power bank, and other necessities. The front magnetic flap pocket can hold extra accessories like cable, stationery, earphone keys, water bottle and other essentials.

The back luggage belt can be fixed to your trolley freeing your hands for pushing the trolley. With an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, this serves as a multifunctional laptop messenger bag, which is perfect for business, work, school, travel and other outdoor activities.


  • Good quality material
  • Lots of compartments
  • Good Padding
  • Shoulder strap provided out of the box


  • Expensive
  • Available in limited color options

Check this Dell XPS 13 Sleeve Cover here>>

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Pro-Tek™ EVA Laptop Sleeve

The Targus Pro-Tek™ EVA Laptop Sleeve provides excellent protection with its ultra-slim design. The semi-rigid EVA is formed into ridges in order to secure your XPS during impact and drops. The fur-like plush inside assists to prevent scratches.

The tough borders safeguard your XPS corners in case of drops and hits. The hook and loop closure provides a snug, secure fit to your XPS 13. It is also lightweight, so the sleeve won’t feel heavy when you’re carrying it in your hand or in your bag. This laptop sleeve can be yours for under $40.


  • Great design
  • Perfect fitting for the XPS 13
  • Good after-sales service


  • Only available in black color
  • Not cheap

Check this Pro-Tek EVA Laptop Sleeve here>>

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Evecase City Laptop Briefcase Messenger Bag

The exterior material of the case is water resistant protecting your XPS from accidental water spills or sudden rain effectively whereas the inner padding protects your device from scratches.

Extra padded inner layer absorbs accidental shocks and bumps, reduces damages caused by impacts. To ensure smooth glide and quick way to access or secure the laptop and accessories its E-Zippers are tested over 2000 times. Its metal pulls designed to last longer than ordinary metal pulls. Multiple pockets provide additional storage for your other small accessories. All this in just $24.99.


  • Water resistant
  • Comes with straps
  • Lots of compartments
  • Well-constructed


  • No color option

View this Evecase City Messenger Bag for XPS 13 here>>

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D&M Studio Genuine Leather Sleeve

This is also one of the premium product on our list. It is priced at around $45 because of its premium quality leather which is Hand cut and sewn. It provides a snug fit so your XPS stays securely in place. The leather that they offer is beautiful and very thick.

You are paying more for this sleeve but once you get your product in your hand, you will exactly know where the money went. The quality of this sleeve is definitely better than that of the competition.

Unfortunately though, if you are someone who absolutely hates the brown color, you will have to look elsewhere. As of right now, it’s only available in this specific color.


  • A perfect fit in terms of design and quality for the Dell XPS 13
  • Premium feel in the hand
  • Fits the XPS 13 snugly


  • Doesn’t have a proper closing mechanism

Get this leather Dell XPS 13 Leather Case here>>

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UCCHARMING Laptop Leather Sleeve Case Pouch

This is a premium quality product and the company claims that it is water-resistant. This sleeve perfectly houses the Dell XPS 13 and the good thing about this sleeve is the fact that it isn’t that expensive. You can get one of these for under $30.

The Uccharming XPS 13 laptop case has soft paddings to ensure no scratches. It has grabbed quite a bit of attention due to its outstanding sued leather. It is also light weighted than most of the products mentioned here.


  • Keeps the Dell XPS 13 secure
  • High-quality construction


  • Slippery

Get this leather laptop sleeve here>>

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How to choose Sleeves for the Dell XPS 13


Its one of the basics while choosing a sleeve. This usually depends on the size of your laptop -in this case, it’s 13.4 inches. A smaller sleeve would give more room for the laptop to move and to keep something extra. But, when we drop the bag the result would be harsh as the laptop would separate from the case while dropping. If it had a perfect fit then the impact would have been less severe compared to the loose one. When you get a smaller size sleeve than your laptop won’t fit. So, that’s basically useless.

2.Padding and thickness

These days padding and thickness are what most of us consider while buying a cover or sleeve. Padding and thickness would provide an extra bit of protection during impact. Padding would absorb most of the impact of saving the XPS inside.


Style can influence one’s first impact on you as it reflects your personality. We usually recommend users buy XPS 13 2020 sleeves that fit their style. It’s only you who can determine what best suits your taste. As a matter of fact, style can give a boost to your confidence.


Today, laptop sleeves are typically made of polyester, suede, microfiber or nylon. If you are willing to shell out more, there are also companies that are making genuine leather cases. It depends on the usage of an individual that determines the kind of sleeve you should be investing in. If the sleeve is likely to get through tough conditions, look for a sleeve that has a more durable exterior material such as leather or nylon. These sleeves would cost more but are most likely last longer serving their purpose.


It’s basically choosing between a zipper enclosure or not. When you get the one with zipper do check for a small gap between zipper and laptop. This would save the laptop from being scratched when opening and closing. And if you’re using a sleeve then we recommend opting in for one with this feature which is able to hold the XPS in its position if it falls.

One thing you should note is- sleeves that have zippers on them are also, to some extent, water-resistant. So, you should be on lookout for that as well.


When we get a strap we can use the case as a separate bag. Using this sleeve ad on you can give a rest to your hands that carry you 2.65 pounds XPS. We recommend getting a bag with Strap it can be removed or placed depending on your preference.

So these are the Best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves and Covers that you can buy in 2020. Which one did you like the best? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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