10 Best Canon 90D Camera Bags & Backpacks

The Canon 90D seems to be a worthy successor to the 80D. The 90D is the company’s flagship APSC DSLR camera and comes with a new 32.5MP CMOS sensor. If you had the 80D or any semi-professional DSLR in the past, you may very well use your old Camera Bag. But if you are looking for a Camera bag for the 90, you have come to the right place. Here are the 10 Best Canon 90D Camera Bags and Backpacks you can buy right now.

If you are not a Youtuber who uses your camera only inside the studio office, I recommend you go and get a solid camera bag. Trust me, cameramen need a high-quality camera more than anyone else. If you are an outdoor photographer, it’s not unusual for you to bang your camera bag on the trees, drop them on the ground and carry it on the rain.

A good camera bag has to be able to do all that and more.

Best Canon 90D camera Bags

1) Canon 1EG DSLR Camera Case Gadget Bag


Who can make a better Canon 90D camera bag than the manufacturer itself? It might not be the typical backpack you’re looking for but this hand carrier is actually quite…handy (pun intended). It is fully compatible with all Canon SLR cameras from the Rebel series to Mark series and everything in between.

Every bit of space inside the bag is well utilized. The main compartment has been further compartmentalized to store the camera body, lenses, and flash separately. You can actually store up to 5 lenses and one Flash besides the 90D camera body.

Also, the bag is full of storage space on the side pockets, the front and even on the top cover. While you cannot store a camera-mount or a tripod on this one, it does include space for your camera cleaning accessories, batteries and for the memory cards.

Furthermore, you even get an LCD Screen protector for your camera, a LensPen Lens Cleaning Kit and a Precision Design 6-Piece Cleaning Kit along with this bag. So, I guess, everything is pretty much covered. Also, it is quite affordable, costing less than $100!

Check out this hand-carrier bag here>>

2) Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-50 Camera Backpack


Next up on the list of 10 Best Canon 90D DSLR Camera Bags and Backpacks is a backpack from Manfrotto. Backpacks are more practical when you have to travel as a photographer.  Not only can you fit the camera with its accessories but also a laptop.

This large backpack is from Manfrotto – a popular camera accessories manufacturer. So, you can be sure that there are no compromises on quality, either.

The backpack has space for the main camera body with a large lens attached, plus four other lenses.

In addition, there’s space for a secondary camera on the top as well as another lens for your secondary camera. So, if you require different kinds of cameras for your work, then, this is the backpack you’ll want.

Furthermore, there’s also a dedicated compartment for a tablet, or a small laptop, not to mention other smaller compartments for your accessories and water-bottle.

Also, another good thing about this backpack is the flexy camera shell protection it has on its inside space, which protects your camera gear. So, you can say, this is a proper travel photographer’s backpack.

You can take a look at this traveler camera backpack here>>

3) Case Logic SLRC-206 Camera Backpack

caselogic-canon-90d-camera-bagCaseLogic not only makes excellent laptop backpacks but also really high-quality camera bags. This one, while not specifically designed for the Canon 90D fares quite well as a camera bag.

So, this one from Case Logic is a backpack with a dedicated laptop compartment and a separate one for your camera and accessories. You can fit up to a 16-inch laptop in the front compartment while your camera gear goes to the back.

And with the hammock system, the bag delivers better impact protection. Also, this bag features a water-proof EVA base that makes for better protection against weather elements as well.

Inside, besides the dedicated space for your laptop, the camera compartment is also pretty comprehensive. You get a space for one camera body, space for one large lens, and for 4 smaller ones. In addition, there’s also space at the back for your audio equipment like a Rode Video Mic.

Furthermore, there’s a side strap to carry your camera tripod as well. So, you’re well set with this.

I guess if you cannot wait to see how your photos turned out, and absolutely need your laptop, then, this is the one to go with.

Have a look at this backpack here>>

4) AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack


Now, the Amazon Basics DSLR is a good 90D camera backpack especially if you are tight on the budget. This is one of the more affordable ones on this list of Best 90D Camera Bags and Backpacks.

Costing less than $30, this backpack certainly looks tempting for photographers who don’t need to carry their gear outside very often.

While the backpack costs less, it certainly isn’t bad. This is also a full set backpack with a dedicated laptop compartment and another one for your camera gear, along with an outer strap for your tripod.

The backpack can store up to a 17-inch laptop, 2 DSLR camera bodies and 4 lenses, depending on the size of them, of course. The interior is padded, but is customizable, so, you can store things based on your requirements. And you also get all the supporting straps to make it easier to carry.

You can get this in two color choices for the interior while the outer is always black.

Take a look at this affordable camera bag here>>

5) Lowepro Photo Classic BP 300 High Capacity Camera Backpack

10-best-canon90d-dslr-bags-5This backpack from Lowepro is slightly smaller than some of the above ones. For instance, it does fit all your camera gear, but there’s no dedicated space for a laptop, though. However, you can fit something like an iPad 10.2 in there without a problem. Besides that, it can fit the main camera body with a lens attached and up to 3 lenses. There’s also a strap on the outer side to strap in your tripod.

And since the internal padding is adjustable, you can also use it to store other camera accessories like maybe a GoPro camera or an audio gear. Also, the internal layer is fully padded to ensure protection against impacts. In addition, the waist belt is fully adjustable for comfortable carrying.

Available in 2 different colors you can get this for less than $120 if you can grab one of these on sale.

Have a look at this backpack here>>

6) LowePro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera Backpack

10-best-canon90d-dslr-bags-6Among all the camera backpacks in this list of 10 Best Canon 90D DSLR Camera Bags and Backpacks, this one looks like a military tank backpack! With its contour design, it looks somewhat different and cool.

From the inside, though, it is one of the regular well-made bags. You get space for a camera body with an attached lens, and up to 3 other extra lenses and accessories. Plus, there’s a water bottle holder and a tripod cup on the outside.

Also, for comfort, you get this Activzone system technology that delivers targeted support at the shoulder blades, lumbar and waist, if you need to carry your bag for long distances or such. And I forgot to mention the space it has to support up to a 15″ laptop upfront. In addition, there’s a built-in all-weather AW Cover to protect your gear as well.

Get this cool looking backpack here>>

7) Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack

10-best-canon90d-dslr-bags-7If you’re willing to spend something like $200 on a camera bag, then, you won’t regret buying the Thule Convert DSLR Rolltop Backpack.

Looking something like a backpacker’s rucksack, this camera bag is actually a pretty well-protected camera and a laptop bag. It can fit in thin laptops like a 15-inch MacBook Pro or an iPad in there.

Besides that, you can fir in a camera body with an ultra-wide-angle lens attached and there’s space for a DJI Mavic Pro drones (or some other lenses, flash or such). Of course, the storage is customizable as well.

The construction is highly durable, and also water-resistant as well. The two-tone Oxford material gives it a nice look and feel as well as good resistance against daily wear and tear. In addition, the ergonomic chassis provides the perfect balance of supporting and cushioning for easy carry too.

You can check out this roll-up camera backpack here>>

8) PhotoCross MindShift 15 Camera Backpack

best-canon-90d-dslr-bags-water-resistantNow, this company makes camera bags for adventure photographers mostly. And if you are one, well, then, you’ll need a tough backpack. So, here we have such a backpack with rugged materials and design. The bag is fully weatherproof, and so are the zippers, so, you don’t need to worry about getting it a little wet in the rain.

The materials are highly durable and abrasion-resistant, so, it can take quite a beating out in the wild as well. The insides are also lined with polyurethane backed velex and a taffeta rain-cover for good protection.

As for the storage, you can fit an ungripped DSLR with up to 5 lenses including a 70-200 mm lens and up to 1 slim 15-inch laptop. Plus, there are extra small compartments for other accessories like batteries, chargers and lav mic.

Get this backpack here>>

9) Pelican 1525 Air Case


Okay, this is not a camera bag per se, but something else entirely. This is actually a case for your Canon 90D if you want extreme protection for wherever you’re traveling for your work. Suitable for dirt roads, and such difficult locations, it ensures the best kind of protection for your gear.

And the good thing is that you can covert the interior of the case in a matter of seconds. So, it doesn’t always have to be camera gear that you carry in this bag – you can put your laptop in or any other tools in there for ultimate protection.

The ultra-durable super lightweight HPX Polymer material protects your gear from all kinds of things – impacts, weather and all kinds of abuses.

However, since it is fully customizable with various kinds of padded dividers, you can combine it with padded dividers for carrying a camera. And you can actually choose various forms of it as well, depending on what kind of camera gear you carry.

And if you do need it instead of a backpack for your rugged work, you will need to pay extra. The Pelican 1525 Air Case is certainly not cheap.

Check out this rugged carrying case here>>

10) Kattee Leather Canvas Vintage Camera Messenger Bag


Last, but not least, in this list of 10 10 Best Canon 90D DSLR Camera Bags and Backpacks, we have a messenger shoulder bag for your camera gear.

Now, shoulder messenger bags are not very popular for carrying camera gear, but if you don’t require a lot of space and use it mostly for casual stuff, then, this is actually a good choice. The vintage leather outer design makes it look cool and classy too.

Inside, there are padded dividers that are customizable and the soft inner lining makes for anti-scratch properties. However, as aforementioned, it only packs enough space for a camera body, and up to 2 lenses, depending on the type of lens. But there are additional pockets for memory cards, chargers, small audio equipment, etc.

Also, this Leather Messenger Camera Bag is highly affordable. So, this bag is suitable for the ones who are just starting out. You can get this for as low as $40.

Take a look at this shoulder messenger camera bag here>>

Are Canon 90D Camera Bags Waterproof?

Yes and No. Most of the camera bags on this list are water-resistant but the Pelican Case is waterproof (Featured on No.9 of the list). Not every camera bag is built water-proof or to resist against weather elements. Some just focus on storage and comfort and such.

The waterproof bags can withstand drizzle and light rains But to have a completely weatherproof backpack, the Pelican case is the way to go.

If extreme water-resistant is what you are looking for, you have to choose accordingly, like the Photocross MindShift, or the Thule Covert backpack.

Also, some other backpacks come with built-in rain covers as well while some like the Messenger bag in this list is not waterproof. So, make sure to look for the features you want while buying your camera backpack.

How to select the best camera bag for your need?

Again, it depends. It depends on what you’re looking for. There are some factors that come into play while choosing a backpack for your camera – Size, No. of lenses, Portability, Comfort, and Durability. So, whatever matters for you, you focus on that.

If you’re looking to carry your laptop, audio gear, power banks and all kinds of things, then, get the one with a good size that covers all your needs. If you’re one of those who need versatility in their shots and require to carry different lenses, then, get the one with good compartmentalization and customizable storage space.

And if portability matters the most, then, you’ll have to go with the smaller ones, which is a trade-off for what you can fit in there. As for comfort, you’ll want to look for something with good ergonomics, and adjustable shoulder pads and waist belts.

If you want durability, well, tough protection with water-proofing and inner paddings are things to be considered.

So, it all comes down to what you’re looking for. Remember, there are always trade-offs here, so, make sure you get your priorities straight. After all, your cameras are your life, aren’t they?

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