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10 Best 2020 Kindle Cases Worth your Money 10th Generation

It’s hard to believe but the Kindle is now in its 10th generation. And thank god, unlike smartphones of today, the prices of each successive iteration of the Kindle hasn’t gone up. The 2020 Kindle is the cheapest Kindle in the Amazon Kindle lineup of e-book readers. If you really aren’t tight on budget, we still strongly suggest going with the Kindle Paperwhite which has twice as sharp screen. Anyways if you have already bought the 2020 Kindle and are looking for the best case for your e-book reader, you have come to the right place. Here are the 5 Best 2020 Kindle Cases worth every penny!


This article covers the 10th Generation Kindle (Not the 8th Generation Kindle or the 10th Generation Kindle Paperwhite). The cases aren’t inter-compatible across devices. So, make sure you have the 2020 10th generation Kindle before you make your purchase.

I have arranged this list of Best Kindle Cases according to the price of the case. The cases on the top are the most expensive and the cases at the bottom are the cheapest. So, without wasting your time, let’s get right into the list.

Table of contents:

Official Amazon Kindle Fabric Case


Amazon always releases a Kindle cover when they release a new Kindle device. But unlike other Kindle covers, you can’t get official Leather Case for the 10th Generation Kindle.  But it makes sense as it is. I don’t know if anyone would want to shell out $59 for a leather case, especially for an e-book reader that costs $89 to boot. Fortunately, this Kindle Fabric Cover costs a reasonable $29.99.

With this cover, you don’t have a choice of materials. However, there are four colors to choose from. You get to choose the Fabric case in the following colors:

  • Sandstone White
  • Punch Red
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Charcoal Black

I would recommend you stick with Charcoal Black or Cobalt Blue since the cover is made from Fabric and it can get dirty real quick.

The official cover, although more expensive than third-party covers for the Kindle feels and looks much more premium. In addition to that, the case features a magnet that unlocks the Kindle when you open the cover and puts it to sleep as soon as you close the cover. This is one feature I really love about this case. However, you will see that a lot of other covers for the 2020 Kindle include the same feature too.

The Fabric 10th generation Kindle Cover is priced at $30 and can be purchased at Amazon directly. 

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ACdream 10th Generation Kindle Leather Cover

Although Amazon doesn’t officially sell a Leather cover for its 10th generation Kindle, there acdream-10th-generation-kindle-leather-coverare plenty of third-party options out there. One of the best we found is the ACdream leather cover made specifically for the new Kindle. The cover also houses a small pocket where you can keep a credit card or a small note file. The feel of the cover in the hand is really good and can be considered the best feature of the cover. Apart from that, just like the official Kindle cover, the e-book reader automatically closes/opens as you close/open the cover.

The color options for the plentiful if you decide to purchase this wallet cover case for your Kindle. You can choose from the following colors:

  • Brown (as shown above)
  • Black
  • Glitter Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • Glitter Purple
  • Glitter Rose Gold

If you are a girl and looking to buy a new case for your Kindle, the Glitter color options are something you should definitely check out. Then, there’s the price. You will be glad to know that this leather cover for the Kindle costs less than the official Fabric cover offered by Amazon.

You can check out this leather Kindle 2020 cover here>>

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MoKo All-New Kindle Synthetic Leather Cover (10th Generation)

moko-design-cover-kindleIf you have been shopping a phone case or a tablet case lately, chances are, you have come across MoKo at least once. The products MoKo makes are all of high-quality and the 10th Generation Kindle cover is no different. The cover is available in whooping 8 colors and there are different designs available too!

You can get the cover in Black, Indigo, White and Red color options. You also get to choose designs such as Blossom Tree, Starry Night, and Vintage Style.

MoKo clearly mentions that the cover is made from synthetic leather material on their website unlike some of the competitors who just mention ‘leather’ is the material used in the making of the case. This Kindle cover too has a magnetic closure and puts the e-book reader to sleep when you close the cover.

One specific feature that is worth mentioning about this Kindle cover is its weight. It’s super lightweight and is just as thin and barely adds bulk to the Kindle. If you are someone who doesn’t want to carry about a bulky bulk while reading, you should definitely check out this Kindle cover.

Also, the MoKo cover for the new Kindle comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all kinds of manufacturing defects. If you want a case that is constructed well and doesn’t cost a leg or an arm, this has to be one of the best 2020 Kindle Cases you can get today.

View this 10th Generation 2020 Kindle cover here>>

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Ayotu Slim Cover for 10th Generation Kindle e-Book Reader

ayotu-10th-generation-kindle-cover-2019If you are looking for a cover for your Kindle that isn’t generic, you will love the cover selection offered by Ayotu. While you can get this cover in plain colors such as Black, Blue, Red, and Green, there are some fancy designs certainly worth checking out.

‘The Horoscope’ and ‘The Boy and Fox’ designs of this Ayotu Kindle Case is something that really stood out to me. The case looks non-generic and something that can really personalize your Kindle.

This 10th generation Kindle cover too is made from PU leather material and feels good in the hand. Sure, this Kindle cover doesn’t feel like the official genuine leather cover that you can buy for the Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis but when you see the price of this cover, you will definitely not complain. This undoubtedly is one of the Best 2020 Kindle Cases you can buy for the money.

Check out this Ayotu Slim Cover for 2020 Kindle here>>

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TiMovo Vertical Flip Cover for Amazon Kindle 10th Generation


The TiMovo Kindle cover is specifically made for the 2020 Kindle and doesn’t fit any other older Kindle including the 8th generation Kindle. Unlike most of the other covers which flip sideways, this one flips up and down. While it may look like a gimmick, this Kindle cover has one advantage over all the other Kindle covers.

The TiMovo Case can be used as a vertical stand which will come in handy when you want to read your book hands-free. You can set the Kindle on the table vertically and read your desired book without having to hold it all the time. Also, like all the other Kindle covers in the list, this cover too has a magnetic closure that locks your Kindle when you close the cover.

You also get to select from 4 color options which include Black, Blue, Green, and Grey. If you want to get fancy, there are also interesting design patterns. I found the Almond Blossom particularly interesting.

Check out the TiMovo Case for 10th Generation Kindle here>>

There you go. This completes the Best 2020 Kindle Cases article. Hope you found this post useful. Do let us know which case you ended up purchasing. Did we miss any good cover for the new Kindle? Let us know about it in the comments section down below.

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