Are Timbuk2 Bags Really Worth The Money?

Out of all your everyday items, I think your bags are one of the most underrated. Now see, even when you get yourself a nice, expensive laptop, we tend to cheap out on a good laptop bag. Because we have this concept that bags are just bags…they carry stuff, no need to spend a ton of money on them. See, that’s where you’re wrong. Bags have to not only carry stuff but also protect what’s inside, all the while giving the carrier comfort, along with a bit of style, and of course, there’s durability. In this article, let’s find out if Timbuk2 bags are worth the money.

are-timbuk2-bags-worth-moneyI like to see bags as an investment. And when I bought a Timbuk2 Messenger bag some 5 years ago, my friend laughed at me. It was because I was willing to spend more than $100 on it. Fast forward to now, when the bag is still usable but is showing some wear-n-tear, I think it was worth every bit of money. Currently, the same kind of bag costs about $50 more, but after having used a Timbuk2 messenger bag for 5 years, I’d not hesitate to spend the same kind of money again for a good bag.

Where are Timbuk2 Bags Made?

Timbuk2 is one of the many good bag manufacturers. It is not as popular as the likes of North Face or such. But still, it has its presence. The company is American, but they ship their products to quite a few international markets. And so, they have factories in a few corners of the globe. Also, they make two kinds of bags: custom and pre-designed.

Custom bags are for those who want their own personal touches on their bags. Ordering a custom bag will allow you to decide the materials, the design, the colors, and even the number of compartments your bag will have. However, since they are hand-made, your order will take longer to process, and is costlier as well. But thank god, they aren’t as expensive as some designer handbags that cost upwards of $1000. And even if you don’t possess the necessary knowledge about the best material for your custom bag, they will help you.

All kinds of information that you need are readily available on their website. And those are the bags that are made in their own flagship factory at San Fransisco.


As for the non-custom bags, they are manufactured in factories across China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. However, all products ship from the US, so you don’t need to worry about quality or durability either way. Furthermore, these kinds of bags are relatively cheaper than custom ones, which is a given.

How expensive are Timbuk2 Bags?

Now, bear in mind that Timbuk2 bags don’t really come cheap. They do have quite a wide product range, so, you will be able to find something ranging from around $40 to over $120 for non-custom products. However, the cheapest ones are mostly utility products like Fanny Packs and Cross-body messenger bags. The price goes higher up with the type of bag.

So, if you’re looking for a good laptop messenger bag, it will cost you over $120 at current prices. And similar it the case with backpacks – they can go up to $250! The point is, they don’t come cheap.

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As for custom made bags, they start at $100, depending on the type of bag you want. Then, it will incur some extra costs here and there, like the type of zippers you want or maybe different types of straps. In addition, you can also add a personal Monogram of up to 3 letters to make it stand out even more. So, customizing your bag gives you the freedom to carry whatever type of bag you want – be it an all matte black backpack or a funky looking colorful satchel. And these are not cheap either.

My experience with Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

As I was saying, Timbuk2 bags don’t come cheap, so, buying one will take some motive. But again, bags are an investment, and even with my friend laughing at me for spending over $100 for a laptop messenger bag, I went for it. And for more than 5 years, I have had nothing to complain about. Now I don’t remember the exact model name of my bag, but similar-looking bags cost $50 more now.

However, my messenger bag is as functional as I want it to be. Since it is a laptop bag, it has a nice fitting compartment for the laptop. But the only problem is there is no zipper for that, only the top flap. But it made little difference to me. My laptop fit snuggly inside the compartment, so, it felt secure. Of course, a zipper would have made it much better, but it was good enough without it, too. On the opposite side of the laptop compartment is a smaller compartment for a tablet or anything of similar size, like a notebook. In between, you can tuck in your chargers or anything else. There are also a few smaller pockets upfront for my other items.

I had purchased a waterproof bag, so, had no problems carrying it even while raining. And of course, during my commute to work and back, the bag did occasionally suffer from some scuffs here and there, but it held its own. To this day, there are no damages of any kind on the bag’s surface or insides. All of my belonging were safe inside, and I never had to worry about damages to my stuff inside.

In terms of comfort too, I found the bag pretty comfortable. Since I had a waterproof laptop bag, it was a tad bit heavier than your usual messenger shoulder bags, but nothing so bothersome. The shoulder strap is also comfortable enough to be carried around for an hour or so easily. But just for your physical well-being, I advise you to switch between shoulders.

And even if your bags get a bit dirty, you can always clean it with a bit of wet cloth and some detergent. You can scrub it or hand wash it lightly, but don’t put it in the washing machine. The company strictly warns against that when you purchase it. And my bag has gone through plenty of scrubbings, yet, it remains strong to this day.

So, are Timbuk2 Bags worth the money?

Definitely! I wouldn’t have gone all the way and share my experience if it was not. Now look, the amount you want to invest in a bag is up to you. There are some $40 bags out there that can hold up great as well, but I doubt that any of them will look as good after 5-6 years of use as Timbuk2s. Yes, these bags are fairly expensive, but they are very high quality and can withstand quite the beating. Despite being made of soft materials that are comfortable to carry around, Timbuk2 bags are highly durable.

And you’ll find them even more worthwhile if you custom designs your own bag. Their customization options are nice, and the odds of you finding the same kind of bag is…well, very low. Plus, the customization options help when you’re looking for a bag that fits your laptop exactly – cm for cm! And maybe I’m going on and on about laptop bags, but they have such a wide variety of products that you can get what you desire. Timbuk2 is a great place to get seek quality bags. If it is quality you seek and don’t mind paying extra for it, then, this is the one to go with.

Where to buy Timbuk2 Bags from?

timbuk2-where-buy-cheap-priceWell, Timbuk2 is a brand that has a good presence almost everywhere. You can easily buy it from many online stores like, and However, the actual best place to buy them is their official website, They update their product lineup frequently, so, you’ll get to see their latest – both products and price. And that’s the only place you’ll get to order your custom bags.

Plus, the website has answers to any queries you will have- including various suggestions and instructions about cleaning and repairs. Also, they have this great initiative of “Break Up with your bag” that helps you donate your used bags. This prevents them from ending up in a landfill as waste. And with my current bag getting old (still pretty usable), and me wanting a new one, I think I’ll donate it as well.


Okay, maybe you don’t see Timbuk2 bags as your daily companion. That’s fair. It’s not for everybody. And if you want to explore other options, there are quite a few in the market.

If you want custom made bags, you can try out Seagull bags. There’s Mission, which is an apparel company, but bags are also a part of its lineup. Also, you have a Crumpler that has a wide variety of them. Then, there are bigger brands like Targus, Griffin, and Modern Edge. And of course, if you want something mainstream, then, anyone knows North Face and Reebok!

Honestly, you’re not short on options – there are tons. But now that I’ve tried Timbuk2, I don’t really want to switch to any other. Maybe you feel the same if you’re using a premium brand as well. But if you want to invest in something like this, you won’t go wrong with Timbuk2.

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