Apple Leather MagSafe Wallet Review [Long-Term Review]

This is my Apple Leather MagSafe Wallet Review after having used it for over 1 year. I have used the Apple Wallet with my iPhone 13 Pro Max daily, and have taken it everything. It has been on beaches, in the bathtub, in the kitchen, at the office, and everywhere else I went. I didn’t baby the wallet and definitely have used all of its features.

So, without wasting anytime, let’s get to the Apple Leather MagSage Wallet Review.

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Durability – Results after 1 Year of daily use


The sides have started to disintegrate because of rough use throughout the year

While I normally start my reviews with design and features, for this one I am going to start with durability. Unlike most reviewers and Youtubers who use the Apple leather wallet for iPhone for a day or a week, I have used my Apple Wallet for over a year now. And I want to provide insight on the durability first.

The MagSafe Apple Leather wallet did ‘fine’ in this regard. As you can see in the photo above, the sides of the wallet have started to peel off a bit and minor scratches can be seen in the leather throughout the body of the sleeve.

I got the wallet in Black color and I am very thankful that I went with this color. I have seen photos of other color Apple MagSafe wallets and they haven’t aged well. The patina on the other wallets don’t look at all! Fortunately, the black doesn’t show aging in terms of color change.

I do want to reiterate that I didn’t baby the wallet all it. It has been in contact with water countless times and has faced grease and oil in the kitchen.

Also, because I use the Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charging stand, I daily took out the wallet to keep my phone charged using the MagSafe charger. Every time I tried to separate the Wallet from the Apple Leather phone case, I pried into the leather, slowly disintegrating it over time.

Design and Materials Used

Apple Leather Magsafe Wallet Review

I have both the Apple Leather MagSafe Case and the Apple Leather MagSafe wallet. But the quality difference in between them is night and day. Even though Apple advertises both as genuine leather products, the MagSage wallet uses thicker, higher quality leather. The feel on the hand of the MagSafe wallet is also much better.

Even when looking at the MagSafe wallet in isolation, the texture and the feel of the wallet is exceptional! It compares well with dedicated leather wallet from other brands. The stitching on the sides is also of very high-quality.

I also want to mention that, even though the sides of the wallet has started to fall out a bit, the wallet is still intact. There is no sign of the wallet breaking to half or anything like that.

Price – Is the Apple MagSafe Wallet Worth the money?


There’s no two ways about it – this wallet is expensive! I am sure this will be one of the most negative things I will say in this Apple Leather MagSafe Wallet review. Priced at $79 in Canada and $59 in the US, the wallet is priced higher than all its competition. The only thing that the authentic Apple wallet has over 3rd party iPhone MagSafe Wallets is the inclusion of Find My. And it is the reason why I got the MagSafe Wallet in the first place.

If it wasn’t for that particular feature, I would have definitely gone with other alternatives which you can find for 1/2 or even 1/3rd of the price.

I personally feel that the MagSafe Leather Wallet should have bee priced at $49 in the US if not lower and $59 in Canada.

How many cards does the MagSafe Wallet hold?


You can fit exactly 3 cards on your Apple Wallet. If you want to carry less cards- certainly, you can have 2 of your cards in there. However, you won’t be able to store more than 3 cards regardless of how thin your cards are.

At all times, I have the following cards on my wallet:

  • Health Card
  • Driving License
  • Bank Debit Card

I don’t need to carry physical credit cards as every one of them is stored in my phone and can be easily accessed by double tapping the power button on the iPhone.

Accessing the cards is easy thanks to the opening on the back of the wallet that you can use  to slide out the card.

Find My – How does Find My track the Apple Wallet?


This is one of the main reasons on why I got the Apple MagSafe Wallet over everything else. I want to talk about it in detail in this Apple Leather MagSafe Wallet review.

When you attach the MagSafe wallet to your iPhone, you have to initially setup the wallet for the iPhone to know it is your Wallet. And after the initial setup, each time you attach the wallet to the back of your phone, the system knows it’s your wallet.

I tried attaching my Leather MagSafe Wallet to my wife’s iPhone and in a few seconds, her iPhone let her know it is “Not her Wallet”.

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We can also setup Lost Mode in case the wallet is lost. When a stranger finds the wallet and attaches it to his/her iPhone, the phone will give my callback number so that it can be returned to me.

You can also see in your “Find My” app the last known location of the Wallet. And if you left the wallet, let’s say on a table, and walked away, your phone will notify that the wallet isn’t attached either and shows the last location where you detached it. It’s very neat and has saved me losing the wallet a few times already!

Using the Apple Wallet with other MagSafe Accessories

Apple-wallet-with-other-magsafe-accessoriesApple-wallet-with-other-magsafe-accessories Large

This is where it gets tricky! You can only have one MagSafe accessory at all time. And I have more than 1 MagSafe accessories. At home, I have the following:

  • MagSafe Leather Wallet (of course!)
  • MagSafe Popsocket
  • Belkin MagSafe Wireless Charging Pad

This selection forces me to switch between MagSafe accessories. Whenever I have to charge my phone, I take off the wallet and place it in the Belkin charging stand. Whenever I know I will be on a long call with family back home(Nepal), I put on the MagSafe PopSocket.

While I wouldn’t say it is a hassle swapping between MagSafe accessories, it would be nice if we could daisy chain these accessories. Unfortunately, we can’t.


I love the Apple MagSafe wallet and if I was asked I would buy it again knowing everything I know about the wallet, my answer would undoubtably be a big yes! And I am not just saying it while I make this Apple Leather MagSafe Wallet Review. It really does fit my requirements well. I never have to carry more than 3 cards and this wallet fits exactly 3 cards. I like the fact that is is a first-party wallet without any corners cut and I like the quality of the leather.

One of two things that I am not a big fan of is the price of the wallet. It is priced higher than all of its alternatives even though the competing wallets of similar quality. The other thing that I don’t like a lot is the colour of the patina for MagSafe wallets that aren’t black.

I do see the wallet go on sale on a lot of times on Best Buy and on Amazon. So do check out the authorized retailers to see if any of them are providing some discounts.

Dipesh Timilsina
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