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Frequently asked questions

Targus, InCase, eBags, LowePro, Timbuk2, and The North Face are a few brands you should be looking out for when you are purchasing a new backpack for your laptop. You can learn about the Best Laptop Bags Brands here.  

OtterBox, dBrand, Spigen, Incipio, Poetic are the top case manufacturers. However, it is not unusual to see new phone case brands come up with better phone cases at a lower price. 

Camera bags from brands like Manfrotto, Think Tank, Lowepro, Thule, Case Logic, Peak Design, and Pelican have our recommendation. While buying a camera backpack, you should definitely not cheap out. You should look for a camera bag that is durable and comfortable to carry. More about Best Camera Bag Brands here. 

Unless you are buying a laptop bag with sufficient padding in the laptop compartment, it’s best to get a separate laptop sleeve to protect your laptop. ProCase, AmazonBasics, MoKo, Mosiso, Targus, InCase, and Thule make excellent laptop sleeves. You can check out our laptop sleeve recommendations here.

Luxury designer handbags are expensive and certainly not for everyone. Unless you are into fashion and what you carry reflects who you are, it’s best to go for cheaper options. But if you can find a deal on limited edition designer handbags that appreciates in value, you shouldn’t hold back from your purchase.  

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